My name is Richard Cole, I am the creator of Daily Dose of Sports.

From the moment I took my first steps, I was destined for the playing field. Growing up in the US South, my childhood was filled with unforgettable memories of touchdowns, buzzer-beaters, and exhilarating games under the scorching sun. Whether it was football, basketball, or baseball, I didn’t just play sports – I lived them.

As the years went by, my fascination never dimmed. Instead, it evolved into a purpose. I observed that while many platforms chronicled wins and losses, few ventured into the tales of perseverance, ambition, and the human spirit that form the backbone of the sports world.

To fill this gap, I launched Daily Dose of Sports. This isn’t just another sports website; it’s my tribute to the souls of athletes. I focus on stories often overshadowed – narratives of underdogs, tales of legendary figures, and chronicles of unsung heroes.

Today, I’m not merely a sports lover. I’m a storyteller, dedicated to sharing tales that capture the essence of why we play, why we cheer, and why the world of sports will forever remain close to our hearts.

But I am not here alone and this is not this website’s only focus. I want to help people choose the best equipment for the sport they love. While there is nothing wrong with playing for the sheer joy of it, having the right gear can significantly elevate one’s performance and experience. It’s like pairing a musician with their perfect instrument; the symphony they create is unparalleled.

In my journey, I’ve been fortunate to be surrounded by a team of dedicated sports enthusiasts and experts. Together, we decided to expand our horizons beyond just narratives. Our collective vision became about aiding fellow sports lovers in finding the best gear tailored to their needs, making their sports journey as fulfilling as possible.

Meet Our Team of Experts

David Willey

David Willey is a sports enthusiast hailing from the sunlit state of California. Born and raised on the West Coast, David grew up with a basketball in one hand and a baseball glove in the other. He spent countless hours on the court perfecting his jump shot and on the field catching fly balls. This passion for sports was more than just a childhood phase; it shaped his character and interests.

Not limited to playing, David’s love for sports has taken him on journeys across the country to watch renowned games and meet fellow enthusiasts. His devotion to the games has made him a trusted mentor to many young aspiring athletes in his community. David has also channeled his expertise into coaching local youth teams.

He isn’t just known for his athletic prowess and coaching capabilities; he’s also recognized for his keen understanding of sports equipment and testing. He owned, used, and thoroughly tested countless pieces of equipment, ranging from protective gear to training aids, ensuring optimal performance, safety, and efficiency for athletes of all levels.

Charles Herron

Charles Herron is a proud resident of North Carolina, a state deeply rooted in basketball lore. From the rhythmic dribbling sounds in local courts to the echoes of college arena roars, Charles was enveloped in a culture that treated basketball not just as a sport, but as a way of life. This immersion, combined with his own love for the game, naturally led him towards a deep appreciation for basketball gear.

Recognizing the gap between players and quality equipment reviews, Charles decided to blend his firsthand experience on the court with a sharp analytical eye, becoming a reviewer of basketball equipment. His meticulous assessments of everything from high-performance sneakers to innovative basketballs have made him a trusted voice in the community. Off the review bench, you can find Charles perfecting his jump shot or supporting North Carolina’s college basketball teams.

Robert Humayun

Growing up in Boston, Robert Humayun had a particular love for soccer and baseball. This wasn’t just a fleeting passion; for Robert, the streets and parks of Boston were his training ground. Every twist and turn in the labyrinthine city streets became synonymous with dribbling around defenders, while the vast green expanses were his personal baseball diamonds. The rhythmic thumping of a soccer ball or the distinctive crack of a baseball bat against a ball echoed his commitment and passion.

His experiences in Boston, combined with his natural talent and acquired knowledge, made him a respected voice in the sports community. As a reviewer, his critiques are not just observations but come from a place of deep love and understanding of the games. For Robert Humayun, sports aren’t just games; they are a way of life.

Thomas Chowdry

Thomas has always been captivated by the vibrant world of sports. From dribbling the basketball on the windy city courts to scoring goals in muddy soccer fields, his athletic journey was nothing short of remarkable. Apart from basketball and soccer, he was fascinated by golf and baseball as well.

Nowadays, his connection to these sports remains as fervent as ever. Whether it’s watching a nail-biting basketball finale, cheering on his favorite soccer team, observing the precision of golfers, or experiencing the exhilaration of a baseball game, his heart still races with the same passion. His living room is a testament to this enduring love, with games always on the screen and sports magazines littered around.