To celebrate the opening of the 2018 baseball season, The Daily Dose has prepared you a sonnet.

S is for strike, of which a batter gets three.  It is also for Scully, whose broadcasting brilliance brought glee.

P is for pitcher, who stands on the hill.  The ump’s order — Play Ball! – is certain to thrill. 

R is for Robinson: Jackie, Brooks and Frank.  And for Ripken and Ruth – who held the record before Hank.

I is for infields, each beautifully groomed.  Teams that boot grounders surely are doomed.

N is for Nationals, now Washington’s team.  To capture a pennant is the franchise’s dream.

G is for Grapefruit, Florida’s spring training league.  Veterans skip the long bus rides, thus avoiding fatigue.

T is for Trout, the game’s biggest star.  The Angels hope he and Ohtani will take them quite far.

R is for rule, of which the DH is one.  It makes baseball like checkers, when chess is more fun.

A is for Astros, who took baseball’s top prize.  It seems pitching to Altuve never is wise.

I is for Isotopes, the Rockies’ Triple-A club.  The fans’ vote for a team name came down to the nub.

N is for no-hitter; also called a “no-no.”  Nolan Ryan threw seven, the most-ever in The Show.

I is for Indians, whose last title came in ’48. Tribe fans are certain 70 years is a long-enough wait.

N is for nine, most-needed to govern the game.  It’s the number of fielders and batters and frames.

G is for gold and also for glove, ‘cause flashing the leather is what all skippers love.

Play Ball!