9 Best Trampolines With Basketball Hoop in 2022

Looking for the best trampoline with basketball hoop? Look no further! We have gathered all the information you need to make an informed decision. In this blog post, we will provide reviews of some of the best models on the market along with a buyer’s guide. We will also answer some of the most commonly asked questions about such trampolines. So without further ado, let’s get started!

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Tatub Trampoline - The Best Overall


ORCC Trampoline - The Best Alternative


SONGMICS Trampoline - The Best Mid-Range Option


Zupapa Trampoline - The Best Budget Option


Merax Kids Trampoline - The Most Affordable Option


Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline


Merax 16 FT Trampoline


LANGXUN Trampoline


Kangaroo Hoppers Trampoline


Tatub Trampoline – The Best Overall

Tatub Trampoline

The Tatub Trampoline is the best choice for those that want the highest quality. It is one of the best-rated trampolines with a basketball hoop. With its 16 ft size, safety enclosure, and six U-shaped legs, the Tatub Trampoline is perfect for outdoor use. The heavy gauge galvanized steel construction with a total of 6 U-shaped legs ensures stability and added safety. Each spring is covered with a wear-resistant and anti-UV spring cover pad to avoid injuries caused by uneven strength.

The high-quality trampoline comes with a high elasticity heavy jumping pad that is wrapped in 108 high-tension steel springs, providing a very strong elasticity for the exercise trampoline. The trampoline also includes a trampoline ladder and an accessory kit. This trampoline will be shipped in three packages and they may arrive at the same or different times.

All this makes the Tatub Trampoline the best choice in the market.

ORCC Trampoline – The Best Alternative

ORCC Trampoline

The ORCC Trampoline is the second best choice – it is a bit cheaper than Tatub Trampoline but it does not compromise on quality. With a focus on safety, this trampoline features high-quality materials and construction that exceed ASTM standards. The Enclosure netting is made of durable polyethylene material, and the enclosure poles are padded with 10mm foam to protect your kids from banging against the steel pole. This trampoline is specially designed for children and is the perfect addition to any backyard play area.

The ORCC Trampoline is a great way to have fun and stay active. This trampoline includes a basketball hoop and 2 balls so you can play basketball while you bounce. This is a great opportunity to exercise and improve your balance. The fresh air and sunshine will also help keep you healthy.

This trampoline is perfect for kids and adults alike, with its extra highlights like the detachable basketball hoop. The hoop is made of soft and safe materials that won’t damage the trampoline net or pole, and it has a waterproof design to extend its life. Plus, the anti-skid ladder with newly designed flat and textured pedals prevents children from slipping when they’re climbing onto the trampoline.

The trampoline is made with heavy-duty steel that is hot-dip galvanized to make it anti-rust. It also has a W-shaped leg design that provides adequate support and comes with six wind stakes to help keep it in place. The best part is that it can accommodate up to 450 pounds, making it perfect for adults and kids alike.

This top-quality trampoline features high-quality galvanized springs for a smoother, quieter bounce, as well as a waterproof and UV-resistant jumping mat. The heavy-duty stitching means it’s built to last, while the easy assembly means you’ll be up and bouncing in no time.

With the included safety netting, you can be sure everyone stays safe while they’re having fun.

SONGMICS Trampoline – The Best Mid-Range Option

SONGMICS Trampoline

The SONGMICS Trampoline is an ideal choice for everybody that looking for a mix of quality and value. It is ASTM and GS certified for safety and reliability and features a solid steel frame for durability. The trampoline comes with a basketball hoop for even more fun while jumping, and the wear-resistant and anti-UV jumping mat ensures hours of enjoyment. The 72 galvanized springs provide good elasticity and the trampoline can support up to 331 lbs.

This trampoline is perfect for maximum safety, with rails tightly fixed to the legs with eyebolts and a superior dense mesh for enclosure net. It also creates a safe space for your kids while playing, with a wide spring cover pad with an overhang that fully covers the frame neatly. Besides, the trampoline also comes with a ladder and a floor mat. It will be shipped in 2 packages and they may arrive at the same or different times.

With its superior quality and safety features, the SONGMICS Trampoline is a great choice for family fun.

Zupapa Trampoline – The Best Budget Option

Zupapa Trampoline

Zupapa Trampoline is the best choice for everyone that doesn’t want to spend a lot of money. With its springless design and arched legs, this trampoline is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. The stretch bands provide a smooth and consistent bounce, while the flexible fiberglass rods make it safer for kids to climb on and off. The rubber leg caps also reduce noise and prevent the trampoline from slipping.

The galvanized rust-proof legs are 1.5mm thick, and the 15mm thick yellow pad is made of durable PE material that is resistant to tearing. The 47-inch surrounding net ensures your children’s safety, and the T-shaped zipper is easy to use for kids.

The manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty on the frame, a 5-year warranty on the enclosure net, and a lifetime warranty on other accessories which is great.

Merax Kids Trampoline – The Most Affordable Option

Merax Kids Trampoline

Merax Kids Trampoline is the most affordable option on our list. This is a perfect solution for everyone that doesn’t want to spend too much.

This is the perfect gift for kids this holiday season. Whether they’re energetic preschoolers, gymnasts-in-training, or just looking for some fun, this trampoline will have them bouncing for joy. And parents will love it too, knowing that their kids are getting some exercise instead of playing video games all day. With every bounce, your child will be making memories that will last a lifetime.

This trampoline is the perfect way to get your kids moving! It is equipped with a reversible basketball hoop and a rubber ball, meaning your kids can jump inside the trampoline to shoot, or practice shooting just by standing outside of the trampoline. Either way, they’ll be getting some great exercise while having tons of fun.

With a 5.5ft diameter, it’s perfect for indoor or outdoor use and features a sturdy construction that’s been designed for maximum safety. The 65″ trampoline with enclosure net provides a safe space for your kids to let off some steam and is sure to become their go-to hangout spot after school and all summer long.

Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline

Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline

Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline is tested for safety and durability to meet or exceed all American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM) standards, ensuring a safe environment for children to play in. Their patented no-gap enclosure eliminates dangerous gaps between the enclosure net and the jumping surface, protecting children from pinch points and openings.

The Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline is built to last with a galvanized steel frame that is weather and rust-resistant. The trampoline features reinforced T-sockets at each leg and enclosure joint, increasing frame stability. The maximum recommended user weight for this trampoline is 200 lbs. Per ASTM standards, our trampolines are tested to four times the maximum recommended user weight.

On top of that, this trampoline comes with a 3-year limited warranty on the frame and a 1-year limited warranty on all other materials.

This trampoline is perfect for hours of family fun. With its sleek design and easy assembly, the Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline is an ideal addition to any backyard.

Merax 16 FT Trampoline

Merax 16 FT Trampoline

The Merax Trampoline is a 16-foot trampoline that features a 6ft high safety enclosure. The trampoline is made with heavy gauge galvanized steel construction and has 6 W-shaped legs for added stability. With over 50,000 jumps of fatigue testing, the Merax Trampoline can hold a maximum weight of 800lbs. The specified single user weight is 265lbs per ASTM standard safety test, and this trampoline has been tested to 3 times the specified user weight.

The trampoline is built with safety in mind. The six foam padded poles support a UV-proof safety enclosure, ensuring maximum safety while jumping. The heavy-duty two-step galvanized steel ladder provides easy access to the trampoline, and the robust galvanized springs securely attach the mat and frame together for an impressive bounce. With no gaps between the mat and frame, you can jump worry-free. The durable blue frame pad protects against sharp edges and adds a touch of style.

The protective netting ensures that balls stay inside the enclosure, making it safe for kids to play. Made from rust-proof materials, it’s built to last, even in humid or wet weather.

LANGXUN Trampoline

LANGXUN Trampoline

LANGXUN has been manufacturing high-quality trampolines for over 5 years, and in that time they have continuously strived to improve.

Their trampolines are built to last, and with a wide variety of sizes and shapes available, they have a model to suit everyone.

The LANGXUN Trampoline is a good quality trampoline that features a seamless design between the enclosure and the mat. This means that you never have to worry about your kids getting stuck in the gap. The design of the external net is also different from other trampolines, giving the LANGXUN Trampoline more space and making it more beautiful, durable, and comfortable.

The trampoline also has a galvanized steel frame with reinforced T-sockets that stabilize the upper enclosure frame to the trampoline frame and prevent structural twisting. The safety net is also made from high density, tight weave, UV treated, PE thread, making it very sturdy and safe.

This trampoline is made with heavy-duty materials and features 3.5-inch springs for a superior bounce. The jumping mat is also made from UV-protected polypropylene for added strength and durability. Additionally, the trampoline comes with an adjustable hanging basketball goal and a children’s dart board. This multi-functional design is perfect for kids of all ages and makes a great gift idea for birthdays or holidays.

LANGXUN Trampoline is easy and fast to assemble, requiring no additional accessories or tools. You can install it immediately upon receiving the product.

Kangaroo Hoppers Trampoline

Kangaroo Hoppers Trampoline

This trampoline is perfect for kids who love to jump around and let off some energy, and with its sturdy construction and safety features, you can rest assured that your child is always safe while using it.

The Kangaroo Hoppers Trampoline is made from high-quality materials and is tested for safety and durability by TUV and ASTM. It also comes in three different sizes (12ft, 14ft, and 15ft) so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

The trampoline is manufactured with an innovative safety design that makes it a perfect fit for indoor & outdoor use. The dense mesh enclosure net creates a safe space for your kids while playing. The wide spring cover pad with an overhang fully covers the frame neatly, eliminating gaps between the jump mat and spring pad.

The Kangaroo Hoppers Trampoline is built for durability and stability, with a fully galvanized steel frame that resists rust and corrosion. The unique curvy 6 U-shaped legs provide better stability and safety, while the heavy-duty 3-step galvanized steel ladder and L-shaped zipper offer convenient access in and out of the trampoline. It has a maximum dynamic weight limit of 375lbs and a static weight limit of 1500lbs.

This trampoline features a wear-resistant and high-density jumping mat that can stand up to high pressure. Additionally, the 165mm long springs offer good elasticity. The steel springs are also coated with a rust-resistant coating for longer life. Also, the trampoline comes with 1 year of limited warranty.

Choosing The Best Trampoline With Basketball Hoop – Our Buying Guide

Now that you know a little more about the best trampolines with basketball hoops on the market, it’s time to choose the right one for you. Here are some things to keep in mind when making your decision:


Trampolines come in a variety of sizes, from small round ones that are great for kids to large rectangular ones that are perfect for adults. You’ll need to decide what size is right for you before you can narrow down your choices.


Trampolines are usually made from either steel or aluminum. Steel trampolines are more durable and stable, but they’re also heavier and more expensive. Aluminum trampolines are lighter and cheaper, but they’re not as durable.


Of course, you’ll also need to consider your budget when choosing a trampoline. Trampolines can range in price from around $100 to $900 or more.

If you are looking for a high-quality trampoline with a basketball hoop that will last years it is worth spending a little more. However, if you are on a tight budget, there are still some great options available.


Safety is always the most important consideration when choosing a trampoline. Make sure to choose a model with a strong frame and good-quality springs. Also, look for a trampoline with an enclosure if you have small children.

Best Trampoline With Basketball Hoop – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why Choose a Trampoline With Basketball Hoop?

Trampolines are a great way to get exercise and have fun at the same time. Adding a basketball hoop to your trampoline takes the fun to the next level and gives you a new way to play.

How to Set up a Trampoline With Basketball Goal?

Most trampolines come with easy-to-follow instructions that will walk you through the process step-by-step. Generally, setting up a trampoline is a fairly easy process that should only take about an hour or so.

How Much Weight Can a Trampoline Hold?

This will depend on the specific model of trampoline you choose. Be sure to check the weight limit before purchase to make sure it will be suitable for your needs.

How Safe Is a Trampoline With Basketball Hoop?

Trampolines are generally safe when used properly. However, there is always a risk of injury when using any type of trampoline. Be sure to follow the safety instructions that come with your trampoline and supervise children while they are using it.

Will You Need to Anchor Your Trampoline?

This will depend on the model of the trampoline you choose. Some models come with anchor kits that make it easy to secure your trampoline to the ground. Others are designed to be used without anchors.

As previously, just follow the instructions that come with your trampoline. This is always the best way to ensure proper setup and safety.


Choosing the best trampoline with basketball hoop might not be easy, however, we hope our reviews, buying guide, and FAQ section will help you make the right decision.

Trampolines provide tons of fun and exercise for the whole family. They can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. You can dunk like LeBron, practice your free throws, or just have a fun game with the kids. Just be sure to follow the safety instructions that come with your trampoline to avoid any accidents and enjoy them!

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