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Choosing the best tee ball bat for your little one can be a bit tricky because you obviously know better, but your kid knows what he wants too.

Most kids will focus on the actual looks and appearance, rather than performance and safety. This is when you need to step in…

I remember my first tee ball bat, back then, there were no health and safety standards and you could get one from the nearest toy store.

Not much has changed lately, and just like I did, most kids today would rather choose a Fortnite or Mario bat over one that can actually deliver.

As a parent, you need to introduce your little one to the best options on the market and have them choose one of these options rather than let them search and decide.

Basically, your kid will have a bit of control over the design, but at the end of the day, you put out the main options.

Over the past years, I have tried pretty much everything. My kid has had a few quality bats, from reputable brands, but I have also done my homework.

Here are some of the top bats I have ever had the occasion to try and test. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.

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Louisville Slugger 2021 Meta

Best for Quality Standards


True Temper USA Baseball T-Ball Bat

Best for Value for Money


Easton Maxum

Best for Official Games


Rawlings Remix

Best for Ball Contact and Consistency


Rawlings Raptor

Best for Power and Control


Louisville Slugger 2021 Meta – Best for Quality Standards

Louisville Slugger 2021 Meta

Louisville Slugger has a pretty good reputation when it comes to baseball, softball, and other similar sports. Whether you are after a glove or a bat, you cannot go wrong with it.

You know quality is fine, and the respective item is likely to last for a long time.

This is probably the best bat for tball from Louisville Slugger and can definitely raise expectations. It comes in two different sizes and features a single-piece design.

In other words, there will be no wobbling, bending, and other similar issues you normally have with poor-quality bats.

The bat features a full 100% composite barrel. The design is actually approved in official tee ball competitions.

Give your kid the opportunity to try the real thing, whether or not they want to take this venture to a competition level. The bat is authentic and provides the most natural experience.

Furthermore, the bat comes with a molded end cap design. This style can maximize the profile of the barrel, but it also adds to the actual swinging speed.

The LS Pro Comfort grip is just as handy because it adds to the control. Hands are basically locked into it.



  • Professional composite barrel design
  • Superior locking grip
  • Excellent swing speed
  • Good looking design
  • One piece build



  • Can easily chip if it hits concrete or other similar surfaces, so it needs a bit of care

True Temper USA Baseball T-Ball Bat – Best for Value for Money

True Temper USA Baseball T-Ball Bat

True Temper may be relatively new when compared to big players on the market, but quality standards will not disappoint.

It aims to bring the quality and performance you normally find in more expensive bats, but it keeps the price low, so value for money is excellent.

The bat is approved in all tball leagues, so your kid can use it for training purposes, recreational games, or even official competitions. It comes in a few different colors, as well as sizes.

Keep in mind that the higher the drop weight is, the easier this bat will be to swing.

Built with T-ball purposes in mind, the bat is extremely light and offers excellent control and contact due to its size. Extra contact makes it easier and more convenient.

It is ideal for beginners and youngsters, especially as they become familiar with the basics of T-ball.

Other than that, I would say this bat is consistent. It is made of alloy and consists of one piece only. It offers control and a good swing, over and over again.

The grip is also comfortable and designed with small hands in mind. It can also reduce vibration.



  • Consistent performance
  • Great value for money
  • Available in more colors
  • Durable design
  • Ideal for youngsters



  • Might dent if used aggressively with real baseballs

Easton Maxum – Best for Official Games

Easton Maxum

If you are into baseball, softball, or other similar sports, you are probably familiar with Easton too. And trust me, the brand maintains the same high-quality standards when it comes to tee ball bats too.

The Maxum is likely to impress your little one with both its looks and performance.

It has a stylish appearance and comes in a few different sizes. It is ideal for young players and features a super lightweight profile.

What does that mean? Easy, it can generate much more power, while the contact with the ball will be incredibly aggressive.

Just like any other quality bat out there, this one has a single-piece barrel design. It has an end cap with a concave shape for extra durability.

As for the actual build, it consists of ALX100 alloy, which is renowned for its contact, balance, and durability.

The bat is even better if your little one is serious about the game and competitions. This bat and its construction are approved in pretty much every tee ball league.

It can be used for training, practice, and even official games.



  • Made from one piece
  • Durable build
  • Super powerful contact
  • Well balanced
  • Stylish appearance



  • Quite fragile if dropped on concrete too often

Rawlings Remix – Best for Ball Contact and Consistency

Rawlings Remix

Rawlings is synonymous with baseball, softball, and other similar sports. It is one of the most recognizable names in the industry, mostly for its good value for money and high-quality standards.

This is probably its best tee ball bat if you are after excellent contact with balls and consistency.

The bat comes in a few different sizes, so find something suitable for your kid. Also, it comes in more colors, so your little one can definitely find something nice. It has a stylish appearance and pattern.

Plus, the sublimated graphic ensures each bat is relatively unique.

Now, moving on to the actual performance, the bat is excellent for ball contact. It has the right shape to promote a healthy and natural swing. In fact, it feels like the bat does most of the job anyway.

The sweet spot is large and consistent, helping your little player improve in no time.

Despite its performance, this tball bat is mostly aimed at kids under 8. Sure, since it comes in more sizes, any youngster can benefit from it.

You need to make this decision with your little one’s skills and size in mind.

Finally, the bat is also approved for official T-ball competitions.



  • Large sweet spot for consistency
  • Excellent ball contact
  • Approved for official competitions
  • Promotes a powerful swing
  • Stylish appearance



  • Not suitable for real baseballs

Rawlings Raptor – Best for Power and Control

Rawlings Raptor

Approved for use in all official tball competitions, the Raptor model from Rawlings will first impress with its appearance.

It has a vibrant appearance, regardless of what color your little one wants, from royal blue to neon green. The bat is also available in a few different sizes.

Mostly aimed at kids under 8, the bat is designed with beginners in mind. It must be used with soft core tee balls only. It has a pretty large sweet spot, so ball contact is simple and consistent.

Moreover, the bat is super simple to swing and requires no effort.

The sweet spot and the swing power guarantee super-aggressive hits. All in all, it also has a very light profile, so it should put no strain on your kid’s arms.

The light profile also adds to the swing speed, helping kids to train better and become more consistent in performance.

In terms of design and durability, the bat will not disappoint either. Sure, most kids are less likely to care, but as a parent, you should know that it is made of a single piece.

It is based on alloy for great performance.



  • Helps put more power into hits
  • Good control
  • Lightweight
  • Fast swings
  • Consistent one-piece design



  • Scratches pretty fast due to the tee balls

Differences Between T-Ball Bats and Baseball Bats

Baseball bats and tee ball bats look pretty much identical at first glance, especially if you shop online. They have similar shapes, with a few differences here and there, especially in design.

However, despite the multiple similarities, there are also some differences. In fact, I would say the tee ball bat is the baseball bat alternative for kids who are just getting used to the game.

This is the primary goal, after all. Tball bats are meant to make baseball easy and accessible to kids, so they are lighter and smaller.

A regular baseball bat is expected to be full and heavy. It is also quite long. When you are only 6, maneuvering such a bat is nearly impossible.

For instance, a regular baseball bat will weigh about 33 ounces. This is the most common standard in professional bats. Some of them can go above this limit and weigh up to 36 ounces.

On the other hand, bats used in tee ball range between 13 and 18 ounces in weight, so they are significantly lighter.

Similar differences can be noticed in the actual size as well. Official baseball bats may have different sizes, depending on the competition and player.

Normally, a classic baseball bat will measure between 24 and 34 inches.

T-ball players will find it difficult with super long bats, so most tee ball bats are around 25 or 26 inches in length.

Obviously, the barrel diameter also varies. After all, it is directly proportional to the length of the bat.

At this point, regular bats normally have 2.75 inches in diameter at the widest point. When it comes to tee ball, there are some restrictions. They only go up to 2.25 inches in barrel diameter.

With these thoughts in mind, the tball bat is only a baseball bat in miniature. It is smaller and lighter, but it offers the exact same experience. It is a miniature baseball bat for miniature baseball players, helping youngsters get used to the basics of the game.

Using a Tee Ball Bat for Baseball and Vice Versa

No one can stop you from using the tee ball bat for baseball. However, it is not really recommended, and to be perfectly honest with you… Why would you do that?

Imagine being a grownup trying to ride a bicycle for a kid. The same rule applies when you try to play baseball with a tee ball bat. It is uncomfortable, ridiculous, and nearly impossible.

Tee ball bats are light and short. Using such a bat in a baseball game will clearly put you at a disadvantage.

The feel and design will also vary. Tball bats have high drop weight values. The idea is to help youngsters develop good swings and master the basics.

Generally speaking, kids can do with a drop weight between 10 and 14, which is much higher compared to what you can find in baseball.

The actual balls are just as important in the process. Tee ball baseballs come with soft cores. They are super light, so kids can hit them accordingly, without risking anything.

Regular baseballs come with hard cores. A few hits may dent the bat, regardless of how well-built it is. Dents will show up within a few games only.

Now, what about the other way around? Can you use baseball bats for tee ball?

When it comes to competitions, whether official or not, baseball bats are forbidden in tball games for some obvious reasons.

Now, in terms of official games, there are some standards that apply at different levels or for different age groups. USABAT is one of them.

The purpose of these standards is to ensure players rely on similar gear, without gaining any unfair advantages. Each group requires an appropriate bat.

Then, you need to see the case from a health and safety point of view. A heavy and solid baseball bat is a risk for kids on a field. If it flies out, it can seriously injure one of the players.

Besides, real baseball bats have different weights. The drop weight is also different, not to mention the size. None of these things is suitable for kids. As a direct consequence, they may end up developing bad habits.

The batting technique will also be affected, hindering their performance in the long run. And trust me, correcting such mistakes is a pretty tedious job.

With these thoughts in mind, you want to give your little one the right bat for their age. You want the bat to give them a nice and enjoyable experience but also to boost their skills.

Doing so with the wrong bat can ruin the technique, affect the performance and even risk their health, so stick to whatever works for their age.

Choosing the Best Tee Ball Bat – Our Buying Guide

Finding the best tee ball bat out there can provide an excellent start for your little one. They can truly enjoy the magic of baseball in a safe and effective manner.

But to gain as much as possible from this sport, there is a consideration to pay attention to. Again, kids will only pay attention to the overall appearance only.

As a responsible parent, you want to ensure they use the right bat for their age and size, not to mention the quality and performance.

My suggestion? Come up with a list of quality bats, then let your kid choose the design. It lets them make a decision, even if you are always in control of it.

Here are a few aspects to think about before making a choice.

Sizing Standards

There are a few measuring techniques to help you determine the size, or better said, the length of a tee ball bat.

Have your kid stand in front of you with the arms wide apart and straight, parallel to the ground and perpendicular to the body.

Grab some measuring tape and measure the distance between the center of the chest and the end of their dominant arm. The bat should be an inch shorter than this distance.

Another measurement idea is to have your kid keep the dominant arm straight in front of them, parallel to the ground.

The distance between the chest and the hand should be the distance between the barrel and the end of the bat.

Basically, imagine the bat resting against the chest with the grip. If your little one’s hand can grab the barrel, the size is correct.

Finally, you can also have your kid stand comfortably. The ideal bat size is the distance between the ground and the center of the palm.

To play it safe, measure all distances and find a middle choice between all of them if they differ.


Pay attention to the drop measurement to determine the optimal weight. This is the difference between the length and weight in numbers.

Most tee ball bats fall in the 10 to 14 category.

Your kid should be able to hold the weight for up to a minute without dropping the bat, so you can try with different bats in a local store or just some weights around your home.

Keep in mind that kids grow fast, so your little one is likely to outgrow the bat in a season or two, maybe less, maybe more.

Do not try to buy a longer or heavier bat just to prepare for the later stages. A big bat will affect your kid’s performance and will prevent them from developing new skills.

Build and Materials

Just like regular baseball bats, tee ball bats are based on different materials, and each of them comes with both pros and cons.

Alloy tee ball bats are classic. They are solid, strong, and durable. They can resist a good amount of abuse, especially if used for tball only.

The other common material is composite. Such tee ball bats feel a bit better than alloy, so they are more comfortable. The pop is also more natural.

Since they are more comfortable, the swing will benefit from more speed as well.

In terms of build and construction, I obviously recommend a one-piece design. Anyone will recommend the same style for some good reasons.

First, one-piece designs are stiffer than multiple-piece designs. They offer more pop on the ball. They reduce vibration and offer more consistency, without any wobbling. Besides, they also last longer.

If your kid is about to play in school leagues, make sure you double-check with an official or perhaps the coach. You want to be aware of all the standards and requirements, or you could buy the wrong bat.

Best Tee Ball Bat – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How is a T-ball bat different?

Tee ball bats are light and built for kids. They are designed to hit off a tee, so they are not really recommended for regular baseball games. They are smaller than baseball bats and feature a different build.

What does the drop mean in a T-ball bat?

The drop is the numerical difference between the length and weight. If a bat is 25 inches in length and weighs 15 ounces, it has a 10 drop.

Does a lighter bat hit farther?

Despite being easier to use, a lighter bat will not hit harder. A heavy bat will add to the velocity, as well as the speed and distance.

Final Words

Choosing the best tee ball bat is a bit tricky with so many good options, but you need to consider your kid’s needs. Their preferences come in second.

Louisville Slugger 2021 Meta is one of the best-rated bats on the market and features an official build with high-quality standards. If you are on a budget, True Temper USA Baseball T-Ball Bat might be a better choice, with similar features but a lower price.

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