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Seeing your child out on the field is no doubt a once-in-a-lifetime experience. But how will you witness their best moments as a soccer player and enjoy it if you can’t even find a seat on the bleachers? This is where a soccer mom chair comes into play.

A soccer mom chair will not only allow you to watch your kid play comfortably, but it is also highly beneficial for your posture. This chair supports your back and ensures you can sit comfortably for long periods without tiring out. Moreover, soccer chairs come with a wide array of extra features like storage pockets and cup holders, so it’s the perfect chair to have. You can use it everywhere from your kid’s soccer game to a camping or fishing trip.

A wide array of soccer mom chairs are available in the market, and choosing the right one for yourself can be a hassle. As such, we have compiled a list of the best soccer mom chairs to help you out. As long as you choose one of these, you can rest assured you have made the right choice.

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GCI Outdoor Soccer Mom Chair

Best Overall

Caravan Canopy Soccer Mom Chair

Most Comfortable

ALPS Mountaineering Soccer Mom Chair

Best Soccer Mom Chair for Storing Items

Coleman Soccer Mom Chair

Most Affordable

Quik Shade Soccer Mom Chair

Best Soccer Mom Chair for Bad Weather

GCI Outdoor Soccer Mom Chair – Best Overall

GCI Outdoor Soccer Mom Chair

At the top of our list, we have the GCI Outdoor soccer mom chair. This folding chair comes in many colors, including cinnamon, Neptune blue, seafoam green, mercury gray, etc. It is also available in different styles, including the sunshade rocker, waterside beach rocker, and pod rocker. 

The chair is highly portable; it folds flat and can easily be stored and carried around. It has a mesh back that makes the chair breathable and ensures you don’t profusely sweat while leaning back on the chair. 

This soccer chair is made of a sturdy powder-coated steel frame that can support a weight of up to 250 pounds. The arms are padded, providing more comfort and allowing you to rest your arms on the armrest easily. There is also a built-in cup holder, so don’t worry about spilling your coffee while sitting on the chair.

This outdoor chair comes with integrated patented spring-action rocking technology, which allows you to rock the chair regardless of what kind of surface you have placed the chair on. Imagine the comfort you get by being able to rock in the chair while watching your child play.

The diverse range of styles and colors, easy storage, and sturdy steel frame make this soccer mom chair the best overall on our list.



  • Available in a variety of colors and style
  • Folds flat, so extremely portable
  • Made of powder-coated steel so durable



  • Backrest is vertical

Caravan Canopy Soccer Mom Chair – Most Comfortable

Caravan Canopy Soccer Mom Chair

Next on our list is the Caravan Canopy soccer mom chair, the most comfortable one on this list. The chair has an adjustable headrest that you can use as lumbar support. All you need to do is slide the pillow up and down to adjust the headrest according to your liking. 

This soccer mom chair has zero gravity comfort technology integrated into it. The technology takes inspiration from the gravity-free environment astronauts reside in to provide maximum comfort to the user. It elevates the legs according to your liking, which reduces pressure on your back, providing comfort. 

The chair also features a smooth recline function; you can recline the chair as much as you want and lock it in any position using the dual fingertip locking system. This increases the amount of comfort the chair provides. 

Plus, this chair is made from high-quality textilene outdoor grade fabric that ensures durability. A double bungee system suspends the material over the chair’s steel frame, which keeps it fixed in its position. The steel frame is powder-coated, ensuring its sturdiness.

This chair comes in different colors, including black, blue, brown, and beige.



  • An adjustable headrest ensures comfort
  • Zero gravity comfort technology relieves stress on the back
  • Smooth recline function
  • A dual fingertip locking system allows you to lock the chair in any position



  • The head cushion is thin

ALPS Mountaineering Soccer Mom Chair – Best Soccer Mom Chair for Storing Items

ALPS Mountaineering Soccer Mom Chair

If you are looking for a spectator chair that allows you to comfortably sit down and keeps your belongings safe, the ALPS Mountaineering soccer mom chair is perfect. It comes with two cup holders – one on each side of the chair – that allow you to keep your beverage upright as you cheer for your child, regardless of whether you are left or right-handed. There is also a large mesh back pocket that can keep items like your child’s bag or some food items. 

Additionally, the chair has two side pockets, which you can use to keep important things like your phone, car keys, or even some magazines.

This folding chair is made of patented, powder-coated steel, which makes it highly sturdy and allows it to support up to 800 pounds. You can rest assured that the chair won’t get scratches on it if you keep it out in the open for too long. The fabric on the chair is also highly durable; it is 600D polyester and won’t tear easily or get damaged. 

The chair’s seat is 24.5 inches wide, allowing for a lot of room so you can sit comfortably on it with your child.



  • Features two cup holders, two side pockets, and one large back pocket
  • Made of powder-coated steel so sturdy
  • 600D polyester fabric ensures durability



  • Heavy, so it might tire you out if you carry it around

Coleman Soccer Mom Chair – Most Affordable

Coleman Soccer Mom Chair

Next up is the Coleman soccer mom chair, which is the best chair for watching sports if you are on a budget and don’t want to spend several bucks on a chair. The chair has a cooler pouch (an insulated pouch attached to the armrest) that allows you to keep your beverages cold. It can hold up to four cans at a time, meaning there is enough space to enjoy a chilled soda while watching your child play soccer.

There is also a cup holder, so there is no need to worry about your sod spilling when you are too occupied to hold it. Apart from that, the chair also features a side pocket that you can use to keep your keys, phone, and other essential belongings. The arm heights are adjustable, so everyone can comfortably sit on it.

This lawn chair is made of a sturdy steel frame that ensures durability in every weather, regardless of how long you keep it outside. It can support up to 325 pounds of weight. The chair’s seat and back are cushioned, providing extra comfort and allowing you to easily relax on it for hours on end without getting tired.



  • Extremely affordable
  • Cooler pouch to keep beverages cold
  • Adjustable arm heights ensure everyone can use the armrest
  • Cushioned seat and back provide comfortability



  • Hard to put back into the bag

Quik Shade Soccer Mom Chair – Best Soccer Mom Chair for Bad Weather

Quik Shade Soccer Mom Chair

If you are afraid of taking your soccer mom chair out in bad weather, you must get yourself the Quik Shade soccer mom chair. It is made of stain and moisture-resistant materials, meaning it is safe to be used outdoors even if it is pouring. The chair won’t also get stained if you use it in a dirty area. No matter how long you use it, the chair looks as good as new. 

The chair is also highly portable as it folds in on itself. As such, you can easily fit it into its carry-on bag; the bag features a shoulder strap that allows you to carry the chair around easily. This outdoor chair has a sturdy steel frame and can support up to 500 pounds. The sturdy frame ensures the chair is not damaged for long periods as it is rust and corrosion resistive. 

Additionally, the chair has an extra wide back and seat, allowing more space for you to sit. There are also two oversized cup holders on the chair, letting you easily place your drinks and keep them upright if you can’t hold them.



  • Made of stain and moisture-resistant material so looks new
  • Extremely portable as it comes with a shoulder-strap carry bag
  • Rust and corrosion resistive frame ensures sturdiness
  • Extra wide seat and back increase comfort



  • The armrest is not that high

Choosing the Best Soccer Mom Chair – Our Buying Guide

A soccer mom chair is essential if you have a kid who loves playing soccer. Not only will it let you watch your child’s game comfortably, but it will also serve you well on a fishing trip or a backyard BBQ. Since the soccer chair market is saturated, choosing one that best fits your needs can be challenging. Therefore, we have compiled a buying guide to help you make a wise decision.

Here are a few things you need to take into consideration before buying a soccer mom chair:

Comfort level

The chair’s comfort level is an essential factor to consider when buying a soccer mom chair; after all, what good is a chair for you if you can’t even sit in it comfortably for the entirety of the soccer game?

You should get a chair with an extra wide back, which offers more comfort. A taller back can also help provide extra comfort. Additional features like an armrest and an adjustable headrest are also beneficial in making you feel comfortable, so look for a chair with these features. 

Furthermore, a reclining chair will also be a great help in making you comfortable. It will lift up your legs, relieving pressure on your back, and will allow you to take any position you like on the chair.


The size of the chair is also a crucial aspect to look out for. A narrow chair will keep you uncomfortable as you might not be able to fit in it properly. A wide chair is more suitable as it can fit you and your child and provides extra comfort.

Additionally, you should also check the weight capacity of the chair you are buying. Get a chair that supports a larger weight than you weigh, so there is no risk of the chair getting damaged if you sit on it.


Get a chair made out of lightweight fabric like polyester. A lightweight fabric will be breathable and won’t make you sweat profusely if you sit on the chair for extended periods. A material like polyester will also dry quickly if the chair gets wet or if you wash it. You can also opt for a chair with a mesh back as it ensures the chair is breathable.

A stain and moisture-resistant material is also an excellent choice to go for. It will ensure your chair does not get wet or dirty easily and looks as good as new even after prolonged usage.

Plus, get a chair with a sturdy metal frame, so the chair does not get damaged easily. A sturdy metal frame will also ensure the chair is rust and corrosion free, making it durable.

Ease of storage

You will need to store the soccer chair somewhere when it’s not soccer season, and you don’t have use of it. So, the chair needs to be easy to store.

The best chairs for sports parents will be foldable for easy storage. Furthermore, it might also come with a bag you can put the chair in so it is not damaged while in storage.


If you are a soccer mom, you know how many things you must carry to and from your child’s soccer game. Adding a chair to that pile might not be your first choice. As such, the soccer chair you buy must be portable. A lightweight chair is what you need for easy transportation. 

Plus, a chair with a bag with shoulder straps will also help you easily carry it around.

Storage pockets

You might have to spend hours camping outside the soccer field, waiting for your kid to finish their soccer game. As such, getting a chair that can hold items like your phone, keys, a few magazines, and some food items is essential. Get yourself a soccer mom chair that comes with storage pockets.

Small pockets on the side will allow you to store your essential belongings just out of your reach. Some chairs also feature a large back pocket to store items like a carry bag.

Cup holder

It can be very tiring to constantly have to hold your can of soda or cup of coffee in your hand as you watch the game. The best soccer sideline chair will have one or, even better, two cup holders to allow you to keep your drinks upright and within your reach.

Some soccer chairs also have cooler pockets that can hold beverages and keep them chill.

Best Soccer Mom Chair – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use my soccer mom chair for other purposes?

A soccer mom chair is built primarily for parents wanting to sit and watch their kids play. However, it can be used as a traditional camping chair, fishing chair, or just an extra seat in your living room.

Do I need to assemble my soccer mom chair?

Whether you’ll have to assemble the chair depends on the chair you buy. However, most soccer mom chairs come pre-assembled and are folded in on themselves. All you need to do is unfold them, and they are good to use.

How should I clean my soccer mom chair?

If your soccer mom chair is made of a washable material, you can hand wash it. You can also remove the cover and wash the fabric in a machine. Clean the frame using a damp cloth. The packing of the chair will let you know if it is washable.

Otherwise, you can clean the chair using a damp cloth. First, use a mixture of soap and water; dip the cloth in it, wring it to remove excess water, and clean the chair. Do this again using a clean cloth dipped in clean water. Then, let the chair dry in the sun for a few hours.


All in all, a soccer mom chair is crucial for you if you have a kid who loves going out on the field and playing soccer. To get yourself the right one, refer to our buying guide. By using it, you can definitely choose the best soccer mom chair for yourself.

These soccer chairs will allow you to sit down and make you feel relaxed with their characteristics. They are specifically designed to provide you with comfort. If you stick to our guide and list, you are bound to make a wise buy and have a lot of sporting events to remember and cherish.

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