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If you are looking for the best soccer headgear, you are at the right place. This article compiles everything you would possibly want to know before investing in a good headgear for soccer.

Soccer is one of the most high-risk physical sports, given the rates and chances of collisions between the players. Falls are equally common, which again risk crucial head and face regions. Whether you are a seasonal soccer player or a beginner, comfortable, protective headgear is a definite need.

But looking for a good soccer headgear is not easy. It should be durable, strong, shock-absorbent, comfortable, and skin-friendly at the same time.

The following article is here to help you choose the best headgear for you so that you play soccer fearlessly.

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Full 90 Sports Premier Performance Soccer Headgear

Best Overall

COOLOMG Soft Padded Headgear

Best Affordable Full-Coverage Soccer Headgear

RONGXG Adjustable Soft Padded Football Headgear

Best Budget Soccer Headgear

Unequal Halo 3 Lightweight Protective Headgear

Best Low-Profile Soccer Concussion Headband

Markwort ForceField Protective Head Band

Best Budget Soccer Concussion Headband

GAMEBREAKER Multi-Sport Soft Shell Protective Headgear

Best Premium Full-Coverage Soccer Headgear

Full 90 Sports Premier Performance Soccer Headgear – Best Overall

Full 90 Sports Premier Performance Soccer Headgear

If you are looking for some hard-core protection, this headgear is the perfect way to go. Full 90 Sports Soccer headgear has been approved by FIFA, US Soccer, and the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS).

With its Tru-Play design, this soccer headgear is equipped with the latest advancements that provide next-level protection for sensitive areas without compromising performance. The X-Band design allows interchangeable padding on the back of the head so that the athlete can adjust the amount of protection he needs.

Despite the heavy-duty protection this headgear provides, the design and build are lightweight and low-profile. The dense ForceBloc foam provides expanded but adjustable coverage. For instance, the side ribs can be adjusted according to the size and coverage required.

The fabric lining called the CoolMax lining absorbs sweat and accelerates its evaporation, which ensures ultimate comfort on the field.

You can see that this soccer headgear is a premium-line product. Without a doubt, the feature set, quality construction, and price tag quite go along. But you may not want to spend this much if you are a casual soccer player.



  • CoolMax lining fabric keeps the headgear dry and comfortable
  • Dense foam for hard-core protection
  • Side ribs for adjustment
  • Interchangeable X-band for the occipital region
  • A port at the back for the ponytail



  • Some young players find it bulky
  • Too premium for casual players

COOLOMG Soft Padded Headgear – Best Affordable Full-Coverage Soccer Headgear

COOLOMG Soft Padded Headgear

For kids and young soccer players who want full head and face coverage, COOLOMG soft padded headgear is here to help. it looks like a rugby helmet, except it, is entirely padded with foam.

The polyester and Lycra fabrics provide a breathable and skin-friendly touch. The foam paddings use the durable EVA foam which is not only lightweight but also resistant to abrasion and dirt deposition.

The helmet can be considerably adjusted through the front chin straps and the rear laces, so sizing is not an issue either. The strategic ear design sufficiently protects the ears while keeping the communication intact. To ensure maximum ventilation, the helmet has holes on the surface and a hollow cavity at the top. The cavity holds hot air, keeping it at a distance from your head.



  • Full face and head coverage
  • Foam padded structure for shock absorption
  • Polyester fabric wicks away moisture
  • Holes provide ventilation



  • It could be sturdier and shock-absorbent

RONGXG Adjustable Soft Padded Football Headgear – Best Budget Soccer Headgear

RONGXG Adjustable Soft Padded Football Headgear

If you are confused between the minimal-coverage headbands and the maximum coverage helmet style headgear, RONGXG padded headgear can be a great option. It doesn’t cover the whole face, but sufficiently protects the crucial portion of the top, front, and backside of the head.

The construction material is a high-quality sponge gasket, which is known for its impact absorbance, cushioning, and dampening effects. So, this head helmet will essentially dampen the vibrations created by the impact and prevent them from reaching your head. It also uses hints of elastic sponge and EVA foam to balance durability and strength with comfort.

It fits like skin. Unlike a typical helmet, it won’t move around and make you uneasy. With the adjustable chin straps and the right sizing, this head helmet should cover your head super snugly. the head helmet also has a hole at the top for the cross-ventilation of air.

One of the best things about this head helmet is the value it brings for a small price. It functions just like the boxing helmets but spares your face and unnecessary coverage.



  • Medium-level coverage for crucial parts of the head
  • Tough and shock absorbent construction material
  • Sufficient ventilation from the top
  • Adjustable and comfortable
  • Value for money



  • It may feel heavy on the head

Unequal Halo 3 Lightweight Protective Headgear – Best Low-Profile Soccer Concussion Headband

Unequal Halo 3 Lightweight Protective Headgear

This Halo 3 protective gear is nothing less than a masterpiece by the Unequal Technological Laboratories. V-Tech’s independent and accredited labs have passed this headband through various impact tests, and it has consistently been ranked 4-stars.

The best feature about this yet-another premium protective gear is its minimalist design and chic, sleek looks. This soccer protection gear looks nothing more than a traditional but fashionable headband that provides 360-degree coverage.

The Unequal Halo 3 headband employs the unique NURO technology which has been proven to reduce head injuries. It does so by absorbing and deflecting impacts and reducing acceleration. On top of that, these protective features come with a headband that is only 6 mm thick.

Professional soccer players also say that this headband does not affect the rebound speed or direction of the ball. Hence, your chances of getting a head goal are intact along with the premium protection of your head and face.

The snug and secure fit is another plus as it makes you feel warm and comfortable. The coverage however is not extended; skip this one if you are looking for helmet-style protective gear.



  • Snug and secure fit
  • Reduces the risk of injury on impact
  • Sleek, minimalist design
  • Low-profile; lightweight
  • Protects the direction of the soccer ball on impact



  • Coverage is limited; younger ones would prefer helmets

Markwort ForceField Protective Head Band – Best Budget Soccer Concussion Headband

Markwort ForceField Protective Head Band

Markwort Protective headband is the best soccer head protection if you are looking for a traditional headband style head coverage, with a minimalist design, and an affordable price.

Made from a polymeric fabric layer, this headband is soft on the skin and durable and strong in quality. This specific fabric composition also allows machine wash. It also allows the absorption of the sweat dripping down the forehead, and prevents them from entering and pricking the eyes.

Since it is made from a polymeric fabric, it is reversible to use, and light in weight. You won’t feel a thing while you are wearing it. The soft, skin-friendly fabric also allows sufficient ventilation. So, on the whole, you get a low-profile, fabric-based headband with sufficient impact absorption and breathability.

The headband is made tough and resilient to protect the head against any possible injuries and to provide a secure, tight fit. One of the best things for soccer players about this headband is that it does not distort the natural direction of the ball when it hits the head.



  • Breathable and lightweight
  • Sufficient shock absorption
  • Protects the eyes against perspiration
  • Durable and strong
  • Machine wash; reversible



  • Not suitable for younger ones who need extra head protection

GAMEBREAKER Multi-Sport Soft Shell Protective Headgear – Best Premium Full-Coverage Soccer Headgear

GAMEBREAKER Multi-Sport Soft Shell Protective Headgear

This soft-shell helmet-style protective headgear comes from a premium line of manufacturers. As compared to the foam padded full coverage headgear by COOLOMG discussed above, this one has been strategically designed so that it provides maximum protection with minimum distractions.

This soft-shell helmet is made from high-quality EVA and SFA foams, which are highly shock absorbent and durable. It won’t tear on impacts and falls and will stay soft and comfortable on your head.

The helmet fits perfectly using the hook and retention system for chin straps. Even when it fits the most snugly, it still spares some space for ventilation and air crossing.

Later versions of the GAMEBREAKER soft shell head gear are now available with the D30 Impact protection technology, but those cost too much. This multi-sport soft shell headgear strikes the perfect balance between the price and perfect value as protective gear.

The best feature is the 80 percent coverage of the head and face regions, and that too with sufficient shock absorption and quality build.



  • Maximum coverage of sensitive areas of the head
  • Foam paddings provide a comfortable fit
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and colons
  • Optimum adjustability with straps and fastening strips
  • High-quality construction for protection and durability



  • Costs more than the headband protective gear

Choosing the Best Soccer Headgear – Our Buying Guide

Headgear is an essential component of safety equipment, especially if you are a beginner or a young player. You definitely do not want to risk your fitness which may become a hindrance in your professional soccer.

Therefore, before you decide, consider the following headgear-related factors: 


Soccer headgear can be manufactured from a variety of materials. The crust is typically constructed of cotton, nylon, or a synthetic blend of several materials.

Polyester helmets used in various other sports are not suited because they are generally heavy and may have a rough surface, making heading the ball with precision an arduous chore.

Most paddings in soccer helmets use high-impact foam, which adequately cushions the skull from the full force of impact. And while considering the padding, look for headgear with removable padding as it allows for greater customization as well as durability.

Also playing during summer and in hot humid regions is difficult, we recommend using headgear with proper cooling technology. Many headgear manufacturing companies use nylon materials that keep you cool and dry.


If safety is more vital than convenience and weight, get the thickest soccer headgear accessible. When heading balls in mid-air, keep in mind that bulkier headgear may give you less control. Thinner headgear is a preferable alternative if you consider movement and convenience more significant than safety.


Some headgear is designed to safeguard the entire head, while others target specific parts. Full head coverage provides extensive protection, but it is also more uncomfortable.

The halo design headwear is another good pick. This style covers the entire head while leaving the top exposed. Most halo-style gears have dense foam around the bottom section of the skull, comparable to full head coverage types.

Protective headbands shield the lower head as well. However, they are thinner and provide poor safety than the other two alternatives. You must select your ideal model by combining the protection level you need with convenience and efficiency.

Safety Standards

National Federation of State High Schools (NFHS), American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM), and Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) are three different organizations that set standards for the production of soccer headgear.

Always verify that the headgear you choose complies with the regulatory standards of these organizations. That way you can be more confident that it has gone through the right safety testing.

Best Soccer Headgear – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Should soccer players wear headgear?

The importance of headgear in soccer cannot be overstated. Without sufficiently protective headgear, the soccer players are one hit away from getting a head or face injury, which also might be a brain concussion.

Which sport has the highest rates of concussion?

Football and soccer still present with the highest rates of concussion. Soccer players are one of the fiercest when on the field, and collisions are very common.


Buying protective gear for the head is as important as it is for any other body part. Even more actually, since the head and face are the areas most susceptible to injuries and damage. The above guide and personal reviews will help you a great deal in getting yourself the best soccer headgear.

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