Best Soccer Cleats for Ankle Support

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Performing well in soccer does not only depend on your skills; you need the proper playing kit as well. The right playing kit for soccer includes a pair of suitable soccer cleats. If you don’t have the appropriate playing shoes, you won’t be able to play well, regardless of how well you have trained. 

There are various types of soccer cleats available in the market, differing in the specific functions they are made for. The most commonly used ones are soccer cleats for ankle support. These cleats protect your ankle from injuries during the game and prove beneficial if you already have an ankle injury and need to support your ankle while in the game.

Several soccer cleats for ankle support are available, which is why choosing the right one for yourself can be confusing. Don’t worry, though, as our list of the best soccer cleats for ankle support will help you select the top soccer cleat for yourself. Whether you are looking for affordability, durability, or a range of colors, there is a soccer cleat for ankle support for you on this list.

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Adidas ACE 18.3 FG Soccer Cleats

Best Overall

Adidas Predator 18+ 360 FG Soccer Cleats

Most Comfortable

Nike Magista Obra II FG

Best for Improved Ball Control

Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Club Soccer Cleats

Most Diverse

ANLUKE Hightop Soccer Cleats

Most Affordable

Adidas ACE 18.3 FG Soccer Cleats – Best Overall

Adidas ACE 18.3 FG Soccer Cleats

At the top of our list is the Adidas ACE 18.3 FG, the best overall product on this list. The cleat has a structured prime mesh upper that allows the shoe to fit on your foot like a sock, ensuring a snug fit. As such, you don’t have to worry about the shoe slipping off or being too tight or loose during the game, restricting your performance. 

There is unique control embossing on the upper of the shoe, which further enhances your control over the ball. Plus, the upper is anatomically designed, so it conforms to your heel’s shape and gives it the proper support, preventing heel aches. 

The outsole of this soccer cleat has high-performance TPU-injected layers to keep you stable on the ground and help you move seamlessly without losing your balance. The specific design of the outsole allows it to be used on firm ground. 

This soccer cleat is available in 14 sizes, so everyone has an option. It also comes in 4 different colors, allowing you to select whichever one you like.

The uniquely designed upper, heel support, reasonable price, and range of colors make these ones the best soccer cleats for ankle support in our opinion.



  • Structured prime mesh upper ensures a sock-like fit
  • Allows easy control of the ball at very high speeds
  • Anatomically designed so conforms to heel shape, preventing aches



  • Might become loose over time

Adidas Predator 18+ 360 FG Soccer Cleats – Most Comfortable

Adidas Predator 18+ 360 FG Soccer Cleats

Next up, we have the Adidas Predator 18+ 360 FG, the most comfortable soccer cleat for ankle support on this list. The supportive knitted upper of the shoe gives your ankle the stability it needs. There is also a sock liner in the cleat, which further enhances the comfortability and support provided by the soccer cleat. 

Not to forget, the soccer cleat comes with boost technology integrated into it, allowing the shoe to cushion your feet and prevent foot injuries and aches properly. 

This soccer cleat also has a molded heel, allowing the shoe to conform to the heel shape and fit snugly on your foot. Along with this, the knitted upper also offers a heel-to-toe fit. Due to the snug fit, you get more control over the ball, improving your shot accuracy, aim, and passing game.

The soccer cleat has a stretchy sock-fit collar that features prime knit, allowing you to quickly wear and remove the shoe and providing extra comfort and support. The shoe has a laceless sock forefoot that has no overlays or edges. As such, you can easily control high-speed balls with the help of this soccer cleat.

This soccer cleat features hybrid stud tips that improve the traction and rotation of the shoe on firm ground. You can move seamlessly over the field and maneuver the ball around easily.



  • Supportive knit upper provides ankle support
  • Sock liner increases comfortability
  • Boost technology cushions feet



  • Laceless so it might be loose 

Nike Magista Obra II FG – Best for Improved Ball Control

Nike Magista Obra II FG

If you want a soccer cleat that provides ankle support and helps improve your control over the ball, the Nike Magista Obra II FG Soccer Cleat is what you need to get your hands on. The cleat is made of synthetic material and features a contoured sock liner that improves your control over the ball, enhancing your passing game and shot. 

Plus, the sock liner also gives low padding that cushions your feet, providing comfort during the game. Furthermore, it prevents foot aches and injuries and allows you to play for long periods.

This soccer cleat provides improved ankle stability due to the tongue-less construction of the synthetic upper. It also features embossed horizontal ridges that keep your feet locked in the shoe during the game. The horizontal ridges also provide increased comfort, allowing you to play for long hours without your feet getting tired. 

The lace-up closure of the shoe further ensures a snug fit, letting you play the game comfortably and focus on your shots instead of the shoe falling off. This soccer cleat comes in multiple vibrant colors for both men and women.



  • Contoured sock liner improves control over the ball
  • Sock liner gives padding that cushions your feet
  • Tongue-less construction provides improved ankle stability
  • Horizontal ridges provide extra comfort
  • Lace-up closure ensures a snug fit



  • The cleat might lose shape after some time

Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Club Soccer Cleats – Most Diverse

Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Club Soccer Cleats

If you want soccer cleats that come in multiple colors, the Nike Mercurial Superfly VI Club Soccer Cleats are what you should get for yourself. The colors range from green, volt black, and opti yellow to orange and white.

The soccer cleat is made from a mixture of fabric and synthetic materials, which makes this cleat extremely durable. It also allows the cleat to be used in every weather without getting damaged. 

The soccer cleat also features a gum rubber sole, adding to the shoe’s durability. You can easily play for long periods without worrying about the sole getting damaged. The rubber sole cushions your foot and prevents foot aches from playing too long on the field. 

The synthetic upper of the shoe is also textured, allowing you more control over the ball. The synthetic upper material also makes it more durable, so you can rest assured that it won’t get damaged after a few matches.

The lace-up closure of the soccer cleat ensures that it snugly fits on your feet, so you aren’t worried about the shoe slipping off. A dynamic collar on the soccer cleat lets your ankle move freely and does not restrict your movement during the game.



  • It comes in various colors
  • The blend of fabric and synthetic material increases the durability
  • Gum rubber sole allows for long playing times



  • Size might not always fit

ANLUKE Hightop Soccer Cleats – Most Affordable

ANLUKE Hightop Soccer Cleats

If you are looking for a soccer cleat that is not too harsh on your wallet, you should get the ANLUKE Hightop Soccer Cleats. They feature a dynamic hightop fit collar that supports your ankle and keeps it secure and protected. 

The soccer cleat is made from leather, which highly increases its comfort. The upper of the shoe is made from updated high-top fabric knit, which helps you have more control over the ball and improved performance. 

The shoes feature a TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) outsole, making them durable and long-lasting. You can easily play for long periods in this soccer cleat without worrying about its sole wearing out. The overall cleat is manufactured from a superior material that ensures you can play in every weather, with increased ball control and movement. 

The lace-up closure of this soccer cleat ensures a snug fit, further adding to the enhanced ball control. The secure fit also helps in giving the proper ankle support and lets you move freely without worrying about the shoe slipping off.

This soccer cleat has unique transparent studs, which makes it chic to wear. It also comes in 6 funky colors, giving you many choices.



  • Extremely affordable
  • Dynamic high-top fit collar supports your ankle
  • Leather manufacturing increases comfortability



  • Thin material, so the upper might damage easily

Choosing the Best Soccer Cleats for Ankle Support – Our Buying Guide

The proper soccer cleats for ankle support will ensure your ankle stays protected during the game and improve your overall performance by giving you increased control over the ball, amongst other things. However, choosing which soccer cleat for ankle support is best for you can be tedious. Our detailed buying guide will help you make the right purchase.

Collar type

The collar of the soccer cleat is essential, especially if you are looking for a soccer cleat for ankle support. The collar of the cleat wraps around the ankle, giving it the support, protection, and stability it needs. Typically, the collar of the shoe comes in three different types:


Low-cut collar soccer cleats are perfect for players in the forward and wing positions as they offer free movement and an overall boost in agility. However, these shoes offer almost no support to the ankle, so you should steer clear of them if your primary purpose is to provide protection to your ankle.


Mid-cut collar soccer cleats are the most popular choice. These shoes’ collar is cut right from the top of the ankle. They provide moderate support to the ankle while letting you move around the field without restrictions. They are suitable for players who just want to give a little protection to their ankle and haven’t suffered from any significant ankle injury.


High-cut soccer cleats have collars that reach a bit far above your ankles, as you might have guessed by now. They provide a lot of protection and support to your ankle and are suitable for players recovering from an ankle injury. However, some feel this soccer cleat is a bit restrictive regarding movement. You can always cut off the collar from the top to fix that.


Your soccer cleat should be snugly fit on your foot; you don’t want it slipping off during the game. An ideal size is when there is enough space for a pinkie finger to fit between the front and your toes, the back of the shoe, and your heel. Ideally, you should go for lace-up soccer cleats as they offer a much tighter fit than their counterparts.

The collar of the shoe also needs to be a comfortable fit. The right fit will allow the collar to provide adequate compression to the ankle, accelerating its healing process. If the collar is too tight, it may cut off blood flow to the foot and restrict your movement. 

Don’t buy a very loose collar; with time and sweat, the collars of the soccer cleats tend to loosen up. The collar should be tight enough to provide compression to your ankle and loose enough to let you rotate and move it freely.


Another essential factor to look out for while buying soccer cleats is the material they are made of. The soccer cleat’s material determines your control and hold on the ball. It is what makes the shoes lightweight, durable, and worth your money. Here are a few common materials used to make soccer cleats for ankle support:

Kangaroo leather

Soccer cleats made from kangaroo leather have an extra level of comfort. They are highly lightweight, allowing you to wear them quickly. You also don’t need to break in kangaroo leather soccer cleats and can wear them for long periods without worrying about your foot hurting.

However, these soccer cleats are not long-lasting, so you will have to be ready to buy a replacement soon. Not to forget, they are also more expensive than other options. 


Soccer cleats made of cowhide are also extremely comfortable to play in. They are highly durable, too, unlike kangaroo leather cleats. The cleats also help improve ball control and are preferred by professionals. 

However, these soccer cleats are not waterproof, so they cannot be used in every weather, restricting their use.

Knitted uppers

Soccer cleats featuring knitted uppers are a trendy option in the market. Due to the knitted upper, the shoes have a textured surface, which allows for a lot more control and grip over the ball. The textured surface also aids in having a firm grip on the ground, increasing your stability and enhancing your movements. Knitted upper soccer cleats for ankle support are lightweight and waterproof too.

Synthetic fabrics

Soccer cleats made of synthetic fabrics are undoubtedly the lightest and most durable option. You can easily play in them for long periods without worrying about the shoes being damaged or your feet hurting. Apart from that, the shoes are also waterproof, so you can use them in any weather.

Plus, these soccer cleats are easy to clean and look after. Overall, synthetic fabric soccer cleats are perfect for beginners and intermediates.

Best Soccer Cleats for Ankle Support – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I break in my soccer cleats?

The first step to breaking in your soccer cleats is getting the correct size. Next, try to wear them for an hour on end while jogging or running in them. 

You can also try other methods. Wear your cleat with your socks, and then soak your feet in warm water for a few minutes. Next, remove the cleat and spread petroleum jelly on the inside leather before wearing it again. This will help the leather loosen up. 

After walking around in the cleats, take them off and stuff newspapers in the shoe to let it dry.

How to clean my soccer cleats?

Use a mixture of washing powder and water to clean the shoes. Dip a cloth or brush in the mix and gently wipe away the dirt from the cleats. Next, using a dry towel, dry the cleats.

How long should my soccer cleats last?

If you are an avid player and take good care of your soccer cleats, they should last you for 1-2 soccer seasons without fail.


All in all, you must get a soccer cleat for ankle support to keep your ankle secure during the game and help you improve your overall performance. Refer to our list of the best soccer cleats for ankle support to get yourself the top choice in the market. It doesn’t matter if you are a youth soccer player or an adult one – these cleats will support your ankles perfectly!

However, if you are skeptical, you can use our buying guide to help you buy the right soccer cleats for yourself. No doubt, either way, you will make a wise investment.

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