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The pitchback for baseball is one of the most popular training equipment today. You can use it for kids, but you can also train yourself.

I can remember training as a kid, there was no such thing for home use. Sure, we had one in school later on, but when it came to home uses, it was just kids throwing balls to the other.

I used to throw the ball at someone else, and so on. It would travel in a circle until it got back to me.

Now, the rebounder does the job for you because you can train yourself. There is an aim you need to go for. Besides, if you hit it or around it, the ball bounces back at you.

Now, there are lots of options out there, so which one is the best baseball pitchback?

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Best for

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Rukket Pitch Back

Best for Bouncing Capabilities

GoSports Baseball & Softball Pitching and Fielding Rebounder

Best for Value for Money

Hit Run Steal Pitchback

Best for Versatility

Franklin Sports Baseball Rebounder Net

Best for Adjustability

Franklin Sports Pitch Back

Best for Angle Design

I have tried pretty much everything out there. I have used lots of pitchback designs in the past as part of my training. The market today could be a bit challenging with so many options, but the truth is a few models stand out in the crowd.

Rukket Pitch Back – Best for Bouncing Capabilities

Rukket Pitch Back

Available in a visible red design, Rukket Pitch Back offers a unique experience anywhere, anytime. You can see it in the dark as well, so you can probably train whenever you want. It is designed with solo training purposes in mind, as the ball bounces back to you.

Each ball will bounce back, at different angles. It depends on how you throw it. The better you get at it, the more likely it is to come back right at you. The design will simply improve your skills, as well as your reflexes and your eye and hand coordination.

It will add to your muscle, but it will also work on your reaction speed. The pitchback is based on stainless steel. It is robust but also flexible. More importantly, it will last for ages. The mesh netting is not to be overlooked either and can take thousands of balls before showing signs of wear and tear.

Adjustability is one of the main benefits of this pitchback, in my opinion. You have a light pull handle attached to a paracord, which makes adjusting the angle a matter of seconds. There are four pitching angles to choose from, with a pretty big difference between them.

Finally, the plunger bolt technology is great for finger protection when adjusting the angle.



  • A great degree of adjustability
  • Durable materials
  • Good bouncing capabilities
  • Easy to adjust angles
  • Suitable for all baseball positions



  • Might lose rebounding features after months of intense uses

GoSports Baseball & Softball Pitching and Fielding Rebounder – Best for Value for Money

GoSports Baseball & Softball Pitching and Fielding Rebounder

This American-made design may not be the cheapest or most expensive one on the market, but I think it is the best pitchback for baseball if you want value for money.

It is based on quality materials, it will stand the test of time, and it can provide an excellent experience.

This is your opportunity to take your practice to another level. The set must be put together, but it has a manual of instructions and some clear details on how to do it.

It is foldable, so you can store it easily anywhere on a wall. Besides, it obviously has a high degree of adjustability.

The unit allows setting up the angle to practice all sorts of drills. You can try pop flies, pitching, fielding balls, or even catching. It is a multipurpose training tool that can do what automatic tools do but at a much cheaper rate.

No matter what your experience level is, this pitchback is excellent in training.

You can train with the pitchback individually, or you can do it along with someone else.

Just like other similar tools in this range, it has a bonus strike zone in the middle, which offers the best rebound and makes training a bit more difficult.

Putting the pitchback together will take about five minutes.



  • Great value for money
  • Can be installed in minutes
  • Foldable design
  • Bonus strike zone in the middle
  • Adjustable angle



  • Might move around if not anchored down to the ground

Hit Run Steal Pitchback – Best for Versatility

Hit Run Steal Pitchback

Hit Run Steal Pitchback does pretty much everything. It is suitable for any type of training, regardless of the position. Just like you have probably guessed already, it is fully adjustable as well.

In fact, it has a bunch of knobs for different positions and training styles.

The trainer is also great for players of all ages. Kids will love it, as well as high school players and even adults.

The experience level is irrelevant too, as both beginners and experienced players can do with some extra training.

Regular training will improve the actual accuracy, as well as the catching capabilities. It improves reflexes, throwing moves, muscular memory, and even fielding skills.

Even if you have no clue what your favorite position is yet, the trainer is guaranteed to provide a good overall workout.

The design is lightweight and highly portable. Despite having a heavy-duty frame, it is easy to move around too.

It has a strong mesh, as well as durable bungee cords. You can literally use it anywhere with no problems at all.

Finally, you should know that it can fold flat for easy storage too.



  • Great for all kinds of training
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Foldable design
  • Heavy duty materials
  • Durable construction



  • Installation could be a bit difficult

Franklin Sports Baseball Rebounder Net – Best for Adjustability

Franklin Sports Baseball Rebounder Net

You can use this pitchback regardless of age. It is obviously more suitable for children, but anyone can spend some quality time at home, practicing their shots.

At the end of the day, we all need training every now and then, regardless of how experienced we are.

The unit provides an adjustable net. You can adjust it to return balls at different angles. You can set the right angle based on your throwing style, as well as the distance and position.

The net is likely to last for ages, without showing any signs of wear and tear, not even on the sides.

The pitchback is based on solid 1.25-inch steel tubes. As for the net, it consists of 30 ply PE materials. The trainer can be used daily without losing its integrity.

I would dare to say this is a heavy-duty training pitchback that can resist training in baseball schools as well.

It has a strike zone that can be removed and attached somewhere else. It has a self-sticking attachment, so it goes at any height you want.

After all, the more adjustability you have, the easier it is to train. Apart from throwing, the net is great for fielding and pitching too.

You will need to put the pitchback together yourself, but the setup is a matter of minutes only.



  • Suitable for more training styles
  • Solid and durable materials
  • Heavy duty design
  • Adjustable strike zone
  • Can be set at different angles



  • Must be put together

Franklin Sports Pitch Back – Best for Angle Design

Franklin Sports Pitch Back

This is one of the most complete pitchback nets if you ask me. It has a bit of everything, and it makes the whole job a breeze.

It is advertised to be an all-weather net, so leave it outside regardless of the weather. 

The unique curved design is what drew my attention in the first place. You can practice different throwing techniques or angles, without having to adjust the angle yourself every now and then.

Simply hit different parts of the mesh netting, and the ball will bounce differently.

The frame is based on steel. It is lightweight and stable, yet flexible. More importantly, it is durable and will last for ages. It can also resist all types of weather.

Plus, while you can leave it outside year-round, you can also fold the pitchback and store it conveniently in a corner.

The netting is just as durable. It holds well, and it will retain its elasticity, regardless of how many balls it takes. It is less likely to rip, not even around the connection points by the frame.

In other words, the bouncing capabilities will stay consistent in the long run.

The pitchback comes with stakes for even more stability as well.



  • Unique curved design
  • Solid and durable
  • Stable design
  • Suitable for players of all ages
  • Consistent bounce overtime



  • Could do with a bag of sand to stabilize, or it might move around when hit right in the middle

Choosing the Best Baseball Pitchback Net & Rebounder – Our Buying Guide

While it looks like all pitchbacks are similar in features, the truth is choosing the best baseball rebounder requires a bit of effort. Here are the top considerations.


The size depends on age and skills. A small unit can be used indoors, for example. It is suitable for kids who are just getting used to baseball. Bigger alternatives are suitable for professional uses as well. Furthermore, they are sturdy and solid.

After all, as an experienced player, you need more space and a longer distance for proper training.


You cannot train in one spot and with one angle only. The better you are from more angles, the more complete you will be as a baseball player. Luckily, many pitchbacks provide access to more angles. It is slowly becoming a standard feature these days.

If there is no adjustability, simply look elsewhere.


Opt for heavy-duty frames, such as steel. When it comes to the mesh netting, make sure it is well fit on the frame. You do not want those connections to fail, or it will affect the rebounding capabilities.


You are less likely to get a pitchback ready to use. Most of them need to be put together. Some of them can be assembled within five minutes only. They usually come with manuals of instructions.

Available budget

Finally, how much are you willing to spend on the pitchback? Your budget dictates the final choice, but my advice is to go for value for money instead. The cheapest pitchback on the market is less likely to stand the test of time.

Best Baseball Pitchback Net & Rebounder – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What does a pitchback do?

A pitchback simulates a lot of baseball moves, from line drives to ground balls. Pop flies can also be trained if you adjust the angle. It is basically a training tool.

How often should I train with a pitchback?

The more often you train and the more time you spend training, the better you will be. You can do it daily if you have the time.

How do you assemble a baseball pitchback?

Each pitchback is assembled differently, so go through the manual of instructions to make sure you do it by the book.

The Verdict

Deciding on the best baseball pitchback can be a little tricky with so many options out there.

I find GoSports Pitch Back to be one of the complete options, and the good news is it brings in good value for money too. If you want something more professional and your budget is more generous, go for Hit Run Steal Pitchback.

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