Best NFL Helmets

The helmet is the most important element in a football uniform.  Great ones complete the look and bad ones destroy it.  The best helmets are clean, classic and simple.  Today we share [in no particular order] the ten finest  helmets in the National Football League.

Kansas City Chiefs.  Two colors, superb logo, original AFL.

Oakland Raiders.  No hat embodies the character of its team more than the swashbuckling Pirate.

Chicago Bears.  The old “Black and Blue” Division’s finest.

Dallas Cowboys.  Blue star on silver helmet is brilliant.  The “Throwback” white version is not.

Arizona Cardinals.  Red bird on a white background is as clean and simple as they come.

Cleveland Browns.  Only lid in the league without a logo.  New color shade is a downgrade, but still good enough to make the list.

Green Bay Packers.  From Starr to Favre to Rodgers, this iconic hat says “Titletown.”

Los Angeles Chargers.  New home, same helmet.  Leaving San Diego was a mistake.  Keeping the hat was wise.

Pittsburgh Steelers.  Like the Raiders, this helmet fits the team’s image perfectly.

New Orleans Saints.  Unique logo and color scheme marches the Saints straight into the Top Ten.