You have to look good to play good, and today we examine some great looks — the ten sharpest uniforms in Major League Baseball.

Exit velocity, launch angles, the juiced ball and defensive shifts aside, baseball is the most traditional sport among the Big Four.  Nine innings.  Sixty feet, six inches.  Twenty-seven outs.  Ninety feet.  Same as it was when your father’s father’s father followed the game.

And one of baseball’s great traditions is the uniform.  They resemble pajamas; and it’s the only sport where the coaches dress like the players.  Some teams honor tradition – the Yankees, Red Sox, Pirates, Cardinals and Tigers have made few changes to their uniforms dating back to the early 1900s.  We like that.  On the other hand, some clubs like the Diamondbacks, Marlins, Padres and Mariners can’t decide on an outfit and continue to flounder in sartorial stupidity.

So, with no further ado, let’s take a closer look at the top ten uniforms in baseball today.

New York Yankees.  The home pinstripes are the most iconic look in baseball.  Ruth, Gehrig, DiMaggio, Mantle and Jeter all wore them.  The Yanks outfit has no name on the back and has undergone no changes since the dawn of time.

Los Angeles Dodgers.  The home whites are crisp and simple, and the accent of the Dodger blue cap is superb.  But what puts this look over the top is the red numeral beneath the script blue “Dodgers” on the front left.  No stripes, trim or piping — just the cleanest uniform in baseball.

Oakland Athletics.  The A’s have sported more fantastic looks than any team in history.  Both the Kelly Green and Gold tops are splendid, as are the Sunday whites.  But the best A’s outfit is the sleeveless throwback – gold pants and tops, green sleeves and cap, with green-and-gold striped socks worn over gold sanis.

Kansas City Royals.  The royal blue cap with “KC” lettering always looks good.  What looks even better are the powder blue tops – the day game alternatives – that harken back to the days of George Brett and pine tar.  Now, if the Royals would lose the white pants and return to powder blue…

Pittsburgh Pirates.  Sporting the black and yellow colors of the Steel City, the Pirates boast one of the best looks while playing in one of the coolest venues in baseball.  Like the A’s, the Pirates have so many wonderful looks.  The retro gold tops with black pants channel the “We Are Family” Bucs of the late 70’s and we love the white pinstripe jerseys with yellow sans-a-belt bottoms.  But the best Pittsburgh uni includes sleeveless jersey over black top and the solid black cap adorned with the iconic yellow block “P.”

Baltimore Orioles.  We love orange, especially when accented with black.  While the Birds don’t play good, they certainly look good – and their alternate uniforms are epic.  One of the best sets in baseball, the white outline on the word script “Orioles” is beautiful and the return to the cartoon bird in 2012 cannot be overstated.

St. Louis Cardinals.  This franchise is about tradition, and the Cards home whites have remained unchanged for decades.  The two redbirds perched atop a bat is the best logo in baseball, the red-on-white is clean and simple, while the red cap is the cherry on top of this gem.

Detroit Tigers.  Speaking of unchanged, how ‘bout this one?  The Penn State of MLB, this dark blue-and-white ensemble with the old English “D” will never grow old to any baseball fan.  Now, about finding a way to win some games…

Boston Red Sox.  The home whites are awesome.  “Red” on one side of the chest, “Sox” on the other – and red headspoon piping in the middle.  The lid features the best “B” cap logo in the world and the carmine hose complete the set.  Bonus points for having no names on the back.

Houston Astros.  Thankfully, the Astros abandoned the horrific “Tequila Sunrise” outfits of the 1980s.  We love their current orange alternate and are thrilled to see the return of the classic “H” on the lids.

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