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Whether you are a seasoned soccer player or a beginner, the comfort and natural fit of laceless soccer cleats can never go wrong.

The trend of laceless soccer cleats has increased considerably, especially for young soccer players. Laceless soccer shoes provide a natural feel to the feet so that you can take the pass, clear through the traffic, and take a goal easily. And obviously, you won’t trip on your own shoelaces!

But not every brand can make sufficiently comfortable, durable, and high-performing soccer cleats. So, before you make a decision, research is important.

This article sums up everything you need to know before going to look for soccer cleats without laces. The following list compiles the 7 best laceless soccer cleats you can get your hands on.

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Nike Men's Phantom Vision 2 Club FG Soccer Cleats

Best Overall

adidas Men's Copa Sense.3 Laceless Soccer Shoes

Best Alternative

adidas Men’s X GHOSTED.3 Soccer Shoes

Best Stretchability

adidas Men's Nemeziz 19.3 Laceless Turf Soccer Shoes

Best Ankle Protection

PUMA Ultra 3.4 FG/AG Jr Soccer

Most Durable Outsoles

adidas Laceless Predator Freak .3 Soccer Shoes

Best Premium Soccer Cleats for Kids

T&B Soccer Cleats for the Youth

Best Mid-Range Soccer Cleats for Kids

Nike Men’s Phantom Vision 2 Club FG Soccer Cleats – Best Overall

Nike Men's Phantom Vision 2 Club FG Soccer Cleats

Let us introduce you to a real pair of soccer cleats, which are laceless, beautiful, and hits just the right precision in everything! It’s the Nike Men’s Phantom Vision soccer cleats, made out of perfect faux leather. They are available in black leather, which makes quite a statement, to be honest!

Synthetic faux leather is the key feature here; as it provides ultimate durability, especially if you are a hard soccer player. Our second favorite feature in this pair of cleats has to be the dynamic collar fitting, and the ghost lace system. These are not the typical laces, that come in the way while kicking the ball and do not provide a sock-fit experience. 

The Nike ghost lace technology uses a one-pull system for equal tension across both sides, keeping the surface flawless and available for shoots and kicks.

The comfort that these cleats offer is unprecedented. The sole paddings, strong base, and lightweight construction, all come together for a slam-dunk, comfortable experience. The dynamic fit collar fits nice and snug, keeping a low profile and skin-like wearability.



  • Durable construction; outsoles perfect for all types of ground
  • Excellent comfort; fits secure and snug
  • Ghost Lace Technology for an improved fitting
  • Faux leather make-up provides durability and comfort
  • High performance; great value for money



  • Nothing noticed as such

adidas Men’s Copa Sense.3 Laceless Soccer Shoes – Best Alternative

adidas Men's Copa Sense.3 Laceless Soccer Shoes

If you are looking for something premium, with all the best laceless cleats’ features for adult soccer, these soccer cleats will help you out. In addition to the textile upper and a comfortable fitting, you can also rely on the traction of the outsole, which is rare in laceless soccer shoes.

One issue that soccer players face with laceless soccer cleats is putting them on and taking them off since they do not have laces to untie. Adidas Men’s Copa Sense soccer shoes use a stretchy collar for easy adaptability.

The laceless upper keeps your feet locked in for a snug, but comfortable ride across the wide soccer field. These soccer cleats also feature the best outsole construction by Adidas, which is Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). The TPU outsole maintains a firm grip on all kinds of ground.

The brand claims that most of the manufacturing material for these soccer cleats comes from recycled plastic, helping our environment to get plastic-free and safe.



  • Stretchable collar for easy entry
  • Textile upper provides breathability
  • Laceless, clear upper offers better ball control
  • TPU outsole for a firm grip on the ground



  • Not water-resistant

adidas Men’s X GHOSTED.3 Soccer Shoes – Best Stretchability

adidas Men’s X Ghosted.3 Soccer Shoes

These Men’s X ghosted soccer shoes serve the purpose of laceless cleats very well. They are bendable since they use flexible rubber soles. The upper portion has been constructed out of durable speed skin silicon, that embraces and fits the foot like a comfortable sock.

These soccer cleats are laceless, so they use a flexible, stretch tongue to help you wear them and take them off super easily. They don’t go too high, and you will not have to wear socks with them.

The rubber soles and the speed skin, and the thin construction make them agile and lightweight; perfect for quick players who make quick movements. For traction and stability, the studs on the bottom are there to hold your ground.

You may expect these laceless cleats to be priced high, but this time Adidas has done a great job in providing good value for money. These soccer cleats are normally sized for men. Women should size down 1 to 2.5 sizes for a perfect fit.

The downsides with these Adidas soccer cleats are that they are lightweight and use a thin construction material. There is no protection for the ankle or the compression effect of the socks.



  • Lightweight; thin construction
  • Speed skin construction; quick movements
  • Rubber soles for efficient bending
  • Low-cut for added comfort



  • The thin material can compromise protection
  • Synthetic soles are more durable than rubber soles

adidas Men’s Nemeziz 19.3 Laceless Turf Soccer Shoes – Best Ankle Protection

adidas Men's Nemeziz 19.3 Laceless Turf Soccer Shoes

Most laceless soccer cleats use a low-profile design, and the sock-like fit often does not provide protection and compression effect. Adidas Nemeziz laceless Turfs feature ankle protection and a lightweight mesh design for breathable wear.

The agility mesh construction envelopes the foot fitting like a sock but goes up to the ankle. The sole is made from a combination of synthetic fiber and rubber; a perfect balance between durability and flexibility.

You can even go with the special sizes for kids. Besides, this pair of soccer cleats do not cost a fortune like many others on the market. The upper surface is clear and smooth, providing good ball control. The nubs at the bottom are durable and strong; you can trust them for getting along for a pretty long time without losing traction.

Since these cleats are laceless and are expected to fit snug and tight like a sock, they are quite narrow and tight to wear. After a transition period, they will begin to feel better, but you wearing them and taking them off will never be seamless.



  • Ankle support and protection
  • The mixed rubber sole is comfortable and durable
  • The upper mesh design provides agility and good ball control
  • Nubs provide sufficient traction



  • A bit hard to wear and take off
  • Require a break-in period

PUMA Ultra 3.4 FG/AG Jr Soccer – Most Durable Outsoles

PUMA Ultra 3.4 FG/AG Jr Soccer

If you are looking for a hard-core, durable set of soccer cleats that are wearable like a sock, this pair of PUMA Ultra 3.4 laceless soccer cleats got you covered.

The real game changer with these laceless soccer cleats is the TPU outsole which is incredibly durable. Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) is an advanced form of polyurethane mixed with plastic, which is strong, abrasion resistant, and flexible at the same time.

The reinforced toe keeps it very flexible and bendy, which is what a young soccer player looks for.

The aerodynamic design keeps you up to speed, thanks to the streamlined shape of the cleats. The specific toe shape provides a swift and strong kick.

These PUMA Ultra Junior soccer cleats are incredibly easy to wear, given their sock-like construction and material. And they hug the kids’ feet real nice, giving them a snug and comfortable fitting. The heel has some additional paddings for extra comfort. The lugs at the bottom are strong and durable, so playing soccer is as fun and easy as walking on natural terrain.

These soccer cleats have not got much attention as such because they are a bit expensive for a little one who will grow out of them within months. The size range is quite extensive; teenagers can also find perfect fits in this model.



  • Synthetic materials; excellent durability
  • Swift due to the lightweight and aerodynamic design
  • A wide range of sizing options and excellent colons
  • Flexible and bendy sole and toe
  • Embraces like a sock; super comfortable



  • A bit pricey for the target age range

adidas Laceless Predator Freak .3 Soccer Shoes – Best Premium Soccer Cleats for Kids

adidas Laceless Predator Freak .3 Soccer Shoes

This pair of soccer cleats have been designed for a lightning-fast pace for young soccer freaks who are just starting out. And from the very first look of it, you can tell what an Adidas beauty these cleats are!

This boot, well-engineered by adidas, has a distinctive slip-on style which makes it easy to put on and take off as you’re getting ready. On top of everything, what makes these soccer cleats a predator is the innovative DEMONSKIN technology. The 3D printed pattern on the upper skin has been designed through a computer algorithm which creates a different interface between the ball and the boot.

This allows better ball control and a slip-in fitting that anatomatically adapts with the shape of your feet. So, here is another way how these cleats are the premium soccer predators!

The heel collar not only helps wear them but also embraces the heel so that you can be precise and comfortable with your moves. 

The wedge-shaped stud configuration enables explosive acceleration and an excellent grip and style on firm grounds. The mid-cut design of the Predator Freak .3 Soccer shoes is compressive and supportive at the time, enabling the laceless cleats to provide a perfect fit. 

These soccer cleats are the best catch if you are looking for something premium, laceless, and just perfect for your soccer champion!



  • Lightweight and breathable due to the mesh upper
  • Outsoles specialize in a firm ground
  • Easy to slip-on; heel collar provides comfort and compression
  • The mid-cut design keeps the foot stable and secure



  • Not water-resistant

T&B Soccer Cleats for the Youth – Best Mid-Range Soccer Cleats for Kids

T&B Soccer Cleats for the Youth

The outer lining of these T&B Soccer cleats uses durable and tough Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) so that they resist damage and abrasion. The inner lining is synthetic rubber for a comfortable feel, while the outsole is durable and flexible Thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). 

Also, the visional-triangle texture gives boots a modern appearance.

Boot interiors make your feet comfier and more breathable, all thanks to mesh and rubber, and polyvinyl chloride construction.

The hook and loop closure system let you put on and take them off easily. Young soccer players can avoid the inconvenience of tripping over shoelaces in the process.

The soles are the best feature of these cleats. Its multi-ground compliance, rapid turning, and explosive acceleration are optimized for hard terrains, and artificial and firm grounds.

The boots have non-slip and shock-absorbing characteristics and are comfortable, trustworthy, and strong. The waterproof upper is easy to clean, it may get slightly wet but rarely muddy. High-quality, high-tech cleats with an innovative vamp design that let you play casual soccer indoors and outdoors as well as wear them every day!



  • Strategically engineered with three different layers
  • Good shock absorbance
  • Excellent grip
  • Affordable
  • Waterproof
  • Innovative, eye-catching design



  • Sizing can be tricky 

Choosing the Best Laceless Soccer Cleats – Our Buying Guide

To make this process of selecting the right laceless soccer cleats simple, below are a few factors you should consider while buying laceless soccer cleats.


The construction material makes all the difference in the wearability, comfort, and pace of your soccer cleats. Soccer cleats are mostly made out of two materials: leather and synthetic.

Leather Cleats

There are 3 types of leather upper for making soccer cleats and they are:

Kangaroo Leather

Kangaroo leather cleats are the most comfortable leather cleats that you can own. Still, you may have to compromise some longevity, as cleats made of Kangaroo leather are typically less durable.

Calfskin/Full Grain Leather

Calfskin is less soft than kangaroo leather, but it lasts for longer. It weighs significantly more than kangaroo leather and does not expand as far.

Pittards Leather

It is made of calfskin leather that has been treated with a unique method. This procedure makes the leather water-resistant and speeds up the drying time of the cleat. It also maintains its elasticity longer and shrinks less.

Synthetic Construction Material

Synthetic cleats are appropriate if you are an entry and mid-level player because they are more affordable than leather cleats but do not provide as nice a feel. Furthermore, they are not as durable as a well-maintained pair of leather cleats. These cleats typically have some water treatment and so last longer in unfavorable playing conditions. The advantage of synthetic material is that it is simpler to maintain than leather cleats.


The actual cleat is the outsole, which refers to the bottom of the shoe establishing the ground contact. It is a little easier if you know what type of surface area you intend to play on, which essentially comes down to whether you’ll be having an indoor or outdoor game.

Indoor footwear is rather consistent. Instead of a selection of cleated outsoles, you will be dealing with a flat, standard rubber sole.

For the outdoor game, you need cleated shoes with nubs at the bottom. Firm, soft, and hard ground types of studs are available in soccer cleats.

Weight of the Cleats

The market has seen an increase in the number of lightweight cleats, because of advancements in the material and manufacturing technology.

While the average weight of cleats was 10 ounces just several years ago; today you will find cleats as lightweight as 5 ounces. It’s advisable to buy 8 to 9-ounce shoes that are properly balanced. In an ideal situation, the weight of the cleats should not interfere with your soccer.

Best Laceless Soccer Cleats – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are laceless soccer cleats good?

Laceless soccer cleats look a lot sleeker and aesthetically attractive than those with laces. Also, since they provide a cleaner strike surface, you get better ball control with laceless shoes.

How to break in your laceless soccer cleats?

You need to wear them for a while every day to break in. If you want to break into your laceless soccer shoes fast, applying petroleum jelly can help.

What size laceless soccer cleats should I get?

A perfect pair of laceless soccer cleats should fit comfortably and snugly because there will be no room for customization by the laces. At the same time, you should also ensure that the toes and the tip of the cleats do not touch so badly that it injures your skin while playing soccer.

Final Thoughts

Laceless soccer cleats can help you get better passes, kicks, and a swift pace. While some professional soccer players like to be traditionalists about the soccer cleats with laces, you can always use these for training and practice. 

Especially younger soccer players like to use laceless soccer shoes for the sleek style and quick goals. The above list features some of the best laceless soccer cleats that have been shortlisted after intense research.

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