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If you want to improve your soccer game or are looking to get into the world of soccer, you need the proper equipment. While a soccer kit and ball are essential items to have on you before you step out on the field, they are not enough. You also need proper soccer shoes or better known as soccer cleats. 

The proper soccer cleats will not only protect your feet from injury during the game but will also improve your overall performance as a player. Soccer cleats allow you to grip the ground firmly and move around with much more control, improving your game. They help you maneuver the ball without much struggle and shoot it comfortably at high speeds.

Despite their benefits, soccer cleats are extremely expensive, and buying them can be challenging for some people. As such, we have compiled a list of the best cheap soccer cleats to help you out. Whether your budget is $200 or $50, there are soccer cleats for you on this list.

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PUMA Men's Future 5.1 Soccer Cleats

Best Soccer Cleats Under $200

New Balance Men’s 442 Soccer Cleats

Best Soccer Cleats Under $150

Adidas Predator 20.3 Soccer Cleats

Best Soccer Cleats Under $100

Diadora Men’s Capitano Soccer Cleats

Best Soccer Cleats Under $50

PUMA Men’s Future 5.1 Soccer Cleats – Best Soccer Cleats Under $200

PUMA Men's Future 5.1 Soccer Cleats

PUMA Men’s Future 5.1 Soccer Cleats are the best if your budget is under $200. The shoe comes in various colors, including azul, ultra yellow, and asphalt. The textured knit upper of the shoe gives it an incredibly sleek and stylish look, making you look chic as you play.

The soccer cleat features a net lacing technology (NETFIT) that you can use to lace up your shoes in multiple ways to get the most snug fit on your feet. This shoe also has a low-boot silhouette, making it all the more comfortable to wear and play with. 

Furthermore, the soccer cleat has an ultra-lightweight outsole with bladed and conical studs. The bladed studs improve your balance while playing, and the conical studs allow you to use these cleats everywhere, from natural surfaces to artificial grass and muddy grounds. 

These soccer cleats are designed to make you agile on the field, allowing you to easily make sharp turns and cuts while keeping control of the ball.



  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Features NETFIT lacing technology, ensuring a snug fit 
  • Low-boot silhouette makes it comfortable
  • Ultra-weight outsole with studs provides balance and firm grip



  • Does not feature a heel cup, so your feet might hurt

New Balance Men’s 442 Soccer Cleats – Best Soccer Cleats Under $150

New Balance Men’s 442 Soccer Cleats

If you are looking for a soccer cleat priced below $150, the New Balance Men’s 442 Soccer Cleats are what you should go for. This soccer cleat is manufactured from full grain leather, giving it a sleeker look than most cleats in this price range. The full grain leather manufacturing also makes this shoe extremely durable, so no need to worry about wasting your money to get it replaced any time soon.

The material of this shoe also allows you to have a lot more control on the ball than you usually would, so there is a significant improvement in your game. The soccer cleat fits snuggly on your feet and is extremely comfortable to wear and play in. The outsole is specifically tailored with special studs that allow you to have a strong grip on firm ground. The studs are conical, which lets you have 360 degrees rotational traction so you can move easily and quickly. 

These soccer cleats feature a molded and removable EVA insert, which cushions your feet and prevents injuries. It is also the reason why this shoe is preferred by many for its comfort. The shoe comes in various colors, including red, blue, white, and black, so you can choose any according to your liking.



  • Manufactured from full grain leather so durable
  • Provides extra control over the ball
  • Fits snugly on your feet
  • Conical studs allow 360 degrees rotational traction



  • Color might be different than in the picture

Adidas Predator 20.3 Soccer Cleats – Best Soccer Cleats Under $100

Adidas Predator 20.3 Soccer Cleats

Next up, we have the Adidas Predator 20.3 Firm Ground Soccer Cleats, which are a perfect choice if your budget is less than $100. The shoes’ upper is micro-textured, which enhances your control over the ball. The shoes also feature the Demonscale, which further improves your control over the ball due to its firm gripping characteristics. The Demonscale skin is different from its high-end counterpart, Demonskin, as it consists of rubber spikes on the forefoot, which aid in the control and shooting of the ball.

These soccer cleats feature a mid-top collar design that prevents your feet from injuries and supports your ankle, making it comfortable for you to play. The lace closure on the cleats ensures a snug fit on your feet, allowing your foot to lock down in the shoe and be stable enough to give your best performance. However, the model also comes with a laceless version if you prefer a laceless fit. 

The shoes feature an internal heel counter that wraps around your foot’s heel and prevents it from aching throughout the game. A total of 11 studs are placed on the outsole. These help you get a firm grip on every surface, whether natural or artificial.



  • Micro-textured upper improves control of the ball
  • 11 studs allow a firm grip on the surface
  • Mid-top collar design prevents injuries 



  • Sizes might not fit some people

Diadora Men’s Capitano Soccer Cleats – Best Soccer Cleats Under $50

Diadora Men’s Capitano Soccer Cleats

If you are low on cash but still need some excellent soccer cleats, the Diadora Men’s Capitano Soccer Cleats are what you should get for yourself. These shoes can easily be regarded as the best soccer cleats for under $50. They are manufactured from 100% synthetic materials, allowing them to be priced so low. These soccer cleats are also incredibly lightweight, letting you wear them for hours without your feet getting tired or starting to ache. 

The cleats are breathable, which prevents your feet from sweating a lot while playing and also helps avoid blisters from developing. This shoe’s manufacturing is done flexibly, allowing these shoes to move along with your feet almost seamlessly. 

The soccer cleats are cushioned, keeping your feet relaxed and preventing aches even after a long day of playing soccer. The shock-absorbing EVA foam cushioning also protects your feet from injuries. The shoes also feature arch support, which further prevents aches and injuries.

Apart from that, the cleats have small studs on the outsole, giving you a firm grip on the surface. The outsole is made of rubber MD, which further improves the amount of traction your feet have on the ground.



  • Lightweight so usable for extended periods
  • Breathable, so prevent sweating and blisters
  • Shock-absorbing EVA foam cushioning protects feet
  • Arch support prevents foot ache and injuries



  • Not durable enough so it can wear out

Choosing the Best Cheap Soccer Cleats – Our Buying Guide

A soccer cleat is essential if you want to give your top performance in the game. The right cleats will not only help you get a firmer grip on the ground and more control over the ball but will also prevent your feet from injuries. The market for soccer cleats is very saturated, and traversing through all the options to find something for yourself is not the ideal way to go about it. 

Therefore, we have curated this buying guide for you to aid you in quickly getting the best cheap soccer cleats for yourself. 

Here is a list of the few things you need to keep in mind before investing in soccer cleats:


Material is a highly crucial factor to consider when looking for soccer cleats. The suitable material will ensure that your shoes are durable and lightweight and help you get better control and grip on the ball. 

Kangaroo leather

Typically, soccer cleats are manufactured from kangaroo leather. These cleats are incredibly comfortable and lightweight, so you can wear them for long hours without getting foot aches or injuries. Kangaroo leather cleats also don’t need to be broken in.

However, these cleats are not all that durable, and you might need to replace them soon. They are also expensive.


Professional soccer players often prefer cleats made of cowhide. These shoes are highly durable and provide a high level of comfort. They also provide high control of the ball. However, these soccer cleats are not waterproof, so you cannot use them on wet surfaces or while playing in the rain. 

Synthetic fabrics

Soccer cleats made of synthetic fabric are durable and lightweight, so you can easily play in them for extended periods without worrying about them being damaged or your feet hurting. These shoes are also water resistant. Synthetic soccer cleats are best for beginners and intermediates. 

They are also easy to clean, so there is no need to worry about them getting too dirty. 

Knitted uppers

Another material that is making rounds in the soccer cleat market right now is the knitted uppers. These cleats have an extremely textured surface, allowing you more control over the ball and a firm grip on the ground. Soccer cleats made with knitted uppers are also lightweight and waterproof.

Type of cleat

Whatever cleat type you purchase depends on the surface you will be playing on. Here are the main types of cleats:

Firm ground

Firm ground cleats are best for outdoor surfaces. They provide a good grip on dry surfaces and also work on artificial grass.


These soccer cleats are best worn while playing on indoor surfaces, which are hard and shiny.

Turf (AG)

Turf cleats have many studs and are best used on turfs and artificial grounds. However, you cannot wear them on natural surfaces.

Hard ground

If you are playing on a rocky surface with a lot of dirt or one that is uneven, you need hard ground cleats. They dig into the soil and provide extra traction on such surfaces.

Soft ground

Soft ground cleats have longer studs that can sink into the ground and hold on for stability. 

Stud design

Another crucial factor to consider before investing in soccer cleats is the stud design. Studs are made of different materials and placed in various positions on the outsole according to the amount of agility and ground support needed by a player. Typically, cleats either come with molded studs or with blades.

Bladed cleats have a sole that features some raised sections on them. These sections improve traction on the ground and allow you to move freely.

Molded cleats are more common in the cleat market. The studs on molded cleats can be made from different materials, including plastic and metal. You should prefer metal studs as they are less prone to breakage and more durable. They are also longer, so they give you more grip on the ground.

However, metal cleats can easily injure other players, which is why you should avoid wearing them on indoor fields.

Ankle protection

Your ankle height determines which type of soccer cleat you should get. 

Mid-profile shoes protect your ankle from injuries. However, they restrict your motion to only certain places and limit your agility.

On the other hand, low-profile shoes work best for forwarding and winger position players as they need the boost in movement and agility that comes with these types of shoes.


You need your soccer cleat to be a snug fit on your feet; otherwise, it’ll be extremely uncomfortable to play with. Your toes should not be against the front of the shoe; there should be enough space at the back and front for a pinkie finger to fit. A laced closure will ensure that the shoe is tightly wrapped around your feet and won’t slip off during your game.


The best cheap soccer cleats need to have the proper padding. Try and get a shoe with shock-absorbent EVA foam cushioning inside it. Cushioning will prevent aches in your feet and ensure you do not suffer from injuries while playing. A cushioned soccer cleat will also let you play throughout the day without your feet getting tired. 


The position you play in also highly determines the soccer cleat you should get for yourself. Before buying a soccer cleat, analyze your position in the game. 

Does it require more friction with the ground? Do you need to have a firm grip on the surface? Do you need more traction or more agility? How much movement will you be doing with your feet? These are all questions you should ask yourself before getting a soccer cleat.

Typically, defenders go for cleats that have support in the upper part of the cleat. On the other hand, midfielders go for soccer cleats with more padding and arch support.

Best Cheap Soccer Cleats – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are soccer cleats and football cleats different?

Soccer and football cleats might look the same, but they are incredibly different, and you cannot use them interchangeably. Soccer cleats don’t have a toe spike, while football cleats do. The toe spike helps football players get a grip on the ball as they cut through and dodge tacklers. 

Since soccer cleats are usually low-cut, they don’t feature a toe spike. A toe spike on a soccer cleat can restrict the player’s ability to hit the ball.

What are laceless cleats?

Laceless cleats don’t have a lace closure. Even though some laceless cleats provide better grip and control on the ball, they often do not snugly fit your feet and can restrict your game by slipping off. The most famous laceless cleats are the Adidas Predator, Adidas X, and the Nemeziz.

How to clean soccer cleats?

You should never submerge your soccer cleats in water to wash them. Most soccer cleats are not water resistant; soaking them entirely in water will damage them. 

You should use a soft cloth or brush to clean the shoes. Dip it in a mixture of soap and water and use it to clean the shoes. After properly scrubbing off the dirt, use a dry cloth or towel to wipe the shoes dry. 


All in all, good soccer cleats are essential for you if you want to give your best at the game. It will improve your control of the ball, provide traction and a firmer grip on the ground, and prevent your feet from injuries while being friendly to your wallet. To get yourself great soccer cleats, refer to our list of the best cheap soccer cleats.

However, if you don’t find the right one for you in the list, you can select one for yourself by taking the help of our detailed buying guide. As long as you stick to this guide, rest assured you will make a wise purchase.

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