Best Basketball Hoop for Driveway

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Think twice if you think the backyard is the best place for a basketball hoop. The truth is the driveway is a better option – simply ensure you have enough room to avoid damaging your car.

The driveway has a hard surface, and – if you are lucky – it is quite level, rather than wavy. On the other hand, your backyard may require some paving if you feel like playing basketball there.

Now, some hoops are specifically made with different purposes in mind. You are less likely to find something particularly made for driveways, but the good news is many hoops work wonders there.

I know – it is, indeed, a struggle to choose the best basketball hoop for driveway because everything seems to work there. Besides, there are countless models out there, and they seem similar.

If you think you may need to move the hoop every now and then, a portable unit is your best choice. If the driveway is ideal and you hope to keep it there, the in-ground alternative is more sustainable over time.

All in all, whether you are confused about the brand, features, or varying prices, I compiled this excellent list of choices – here are your top options and what you need to look for.

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Why choose?

Why it stands out


Check The Price

Dominator Inground Basketball Hoop

Best Overall

Unmatched playability and quality


Goalrilla FT Series

Best Professional Basketball Hoop for Driveway

Extremely solid and stable


Goalrilla GS54

Best Basketball Hoop for Driveway Under $1500

In-ground design with a bit of portability


Spalding Ultimate Hybrid Portable Basketball Hoop

Best Basketball Hoop for Driveway Under $1,000

Arena-style design


Lifetime 90061 Portable Basketball System

Best Basketball Hoop for Driveway Under $500

Heavy-duty construction


Lifetime 1531

Best Basketball Hoop for Driveway Under $400

Rust-resistant design


SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop Basketball System

Best Basketball Hoop for Driveway Under $200

Excellent value for money


Franklin Sports Portable Basketball Hoop

Best Franklin Sports Basketball Hoop for Driveway

Suitable for players of all ages and abilities


Silverback NXT Portable

Best Silverback Basketball Hoop for Driveway

Impressive rebounding capabilities


Spalding Pro Slam

Budget Spalding Basketball Hoop for Driveway

Angled design for play under the hoop


What works for some people will not necessarily work for everyone else, hence the necessity of a bit of research. Each of these options can work wonders on the driveway but remember – your personal needs come first.

Dominator Inground Basketball Hoop – Best Overall

Dominator Inground Basketball Hoop

This is the best basketball hoop for driveway I have ever had the opportunity to try. It comes in a few different sizes – the main difference is in the backboard. The 72-inch glass backboard is among the most common ones in terms of value for money.

Get ready to be impressed. You have a four-foot overhang, as well as tempered glass for the backboard. Believe it or not, the unit perfectly replicates the basketball hoops accredited by the NBA and NCAA regulations – in other words, this is one of the most professional ways to play basketball at home.

The structure will last for ages. It goes into the ground and consists of 6061 T6 aluminum, which will never corrode or rust. Most other hoops are based on materials that require maintenance every now and then – aluminum will last for ages without showing any signs of wear and tear.

The hoop height can be adjusted – nothing special here. In fact, I found that most brands bring in the same high level of adjustability. You can go as low as seven feet in height, but you can also raise it to ten feet. There are seven different levels of adjustability in between.

While Dominator recommends installing it yourself, I believe you need some extra muscle – get at least one friend over to help out. You might be able to do it in less than an hour. Getting the anchor set in the concrete is the main part – everything else is a breeze.

Overall, the package has four parts, as some of the smaller ones are already preassembled.

Apart from the 72-inch glass backboard, the other options imply a 60-inch glass backboard and a 72-inch shatterproof backboard. The unit is designed for outdoor uses and feels extremely sturdy, yet I would not recommend dunks to preserve the installation.



  • Superior materials and quality standards
  • Easy to adjust the hoop height
  • Replicates official NBA hoops
  • Backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Can be put together without too much hassle



  • It may end up rattling if you dunk, so try to avoid it

Goalrilla FT Series – Best Professional Basketball Hoop for Driveway

Goalrilla FT Series

Goalrilla has specialized in providing basketball hoops for residential uses, so you can find all sorts of models, different designs, quality standards, and price tags. This is one of the more expensive options, but also one that will get you very close to how professionals play.

There are a few different varieties in the FT series, and FT72 is the most popular one. The hoop comes with an in-ground design. You will have to install it yourself, but some parts are already preassembled, and the manual is quite clear, so it should not be such a big issue.

The backboard measures 72×42 inches. It feels professional and will give you a great rebound. It is made of glass – half an inch in thickness, so it is quite durable. The tempered glass is not just about the overall performance, but also about the appearance – this hoop looks perfect on the driveway.

Moving on with small details, you have a square pole – 6×6 inches. It is relatively thick and less likely to rattle. Sure, you may get some movement if you dunk, but I do not recommend it – unless you are lightweight. More importantly, avoid hanging from the hoop.

The pole consists of one piece. This kind of design increases stability. Cheap hoops come with two or three parts – obviously, a dunk could break them. Plus, there is plenty of rattling. A single piece will ensure more stability and strength.

Get ready to use this hoop for ages if you get it – Goalrilla does not fool around when it comes to quality. It is based on alloy steel and just like many other similar hoops, it can be adjusted in height – 7.5 to 10 feet.

When you install it, it might be a good idea to have a friend around – installation can be tricky.



  • Professional sizing standards and materials
  • Likely to take lots of abuse without showing any signs of wear and tear
  • Single piece main pole to prevent accidents, damage, rattling, and stability issues
  • The tempered glass looks good and provides good rebounding capabilities
  • Solid and strong if installed correctly



  • Tight rim, so you may struggle a bit with long-distance shots

Goalrilla GS54 – Best Basketball Hoop for Driveway Under $1500

Goalrilla GS54

This is the type of basketball hoop I would recommend to those who are serious about basketball. You play it almost daily for fun, or you simply hope to join an association or league. Even if you are just a big fan who loves an authentic experience, this hoop will not disappoint you.

It comes with a limited lifetime warranty, meaning Goalrilla does have confidence in its product. At a first glance, it will impress you with its appearance. The system looks like the professional ones you see in official games, and to be honest with you, it shares many of the features as well.

First of all, this is an in-ground system – make sure you decide on the right position first, or moving it will be a bit of a pain. You can, however, unbolt it and remove it, but you will leave some ugly holes in the driveway. Therefore, choose the place accordingly.

The backboard is made of tempered glass – 54 inches wide. It offers strength, durability, and good rebounding performance. The same rule applies to the breakaway rim, steel pole design, and rust-resistant coating. This hoop is made to be used outdoors and lasts for ages.

As you put it together, you will notice a crank actuator to adjust the height – it goes between 7.5 and 10 feet in height. The pole is a bit thicker than normally – only to prevent rattling and ensure extra stability. The base is thin and allows a safe and good game around the pole – no risks to get injured.

Nothing is perfect, and the best basketball hoop for driveway under $1500 makes no exception either. While a few parts are preassembled, you need to do the heavy work yourself. You need some tools, some DIY skills, and an hour or two.

If you are not sure about it, you should get one or two friends to help out while installing the pole.



  • Professional style and construction
  • Durable in-ground installation
  • Little to no rattling
  • Can take occasional dunks
  • Stunning appearance



  • Dunking is not really a good idea, or the unit may rattle a bit

Spalding Ultimate Hybrid Portable Basketball Hoop – Best Basketball Hoop for Driveway Under $1,000

Spalding Ultimate Hybrid Portable Basketball Hoop

I know what you are thinking – in-ground hoops are ideal for driveways, but what if you move? What if you get a larger car? What if your partner gets another car? This is why I find portable hoops to be just as effective for driveways – plus, you have the convenience.

Spalding has designed one of the most appreciated hoops out there. Indeed, it costs more than other brands, but you also get some quality from it. The appearance is the first thing to draw some attention – similar to what you can normally see in the NBA. After all, Spalding offered balls for the NBA for decades.

The backboard is 54 inches wide – more than enough for both adults and kids. It is large, solid, and features arena-style padding. It is based on tempered glass – not shatterproof, but less likely to give up on you anyway. Instead, it can actually take a bit of abuse.

The 16-inch offset is not to be overlooked either, not to mention the arena-style breakaway rim.

Moving on to materials, the net is made of nylon and will most likely last forever. Tempered glass is just as durable, while metallic parts are based on alloy steel. They also feature a rust-resistant coating for durability. The base is plastic, but it has a heavy-duty construction.

The hoop does not come assembled – this is your job. It should take about an hour or so, depending on your DIY skills. Tools are not included in the package. You have a detailed manual of instructions too, not to mention various tutorials online – simple and straightforward.

Just like most other hoops these days, Spalding’s unit features height adjustability – nothing special here. It goes between 7.5 and 10 feet in height. Other than that, I need to mention the solid square pole, which makes it so stable and appreciated.



  • Square and solid pole to prevent rattling
  • Professional arena appearance
  • Solid and durable materials
  • Heavy duty base – easy to fill up too
  • Easy to adjust the height



  • Easy to assemble, but it may take a while if you have no DIY skills

Lifetime 90061 Portable Basketball System – Best Basketball Hoop for Driveway Under $500

Lifetime 90061 Portable Basketball System

Feel like investing a bit more for extra quality and some bells and whistles? Lifetime’s 90061 unit could be the best basketball hoop for driveway if you want a bit of portability, good looks, convenience, and a professional appearance. It is great for adults and kids, regardless of their abilities.

The backboard is based on polyethylene. Not only is it shatterproof, but it also comes with a steel frame. It is 52 inches and offers durability, strength, and a nice appearance – pretty much like what you can see in the NBA. The material offers decent rebounding capabilities as well.

Since it is durable, the hoop obviously comes with a heavy-duty base. You can tell it is built to last – a bit heavy, even when empty. It can take 35 gallons – while water is more convenient, sand will give it more stability. Or you can just fill it with water and throw a couple of sandbags on top of it for extra security.

The unit must be assembled – quite simple. Even if you have never assembled a basketball hoop before, there should be no issues at all. It will take you about an hour – filling up the base is the most time-consuming job.

The net, pole, and backboard are based on all weather-resistant materials. The pole is made of alloy steel and features a rust-resistant finish. You can take the hoop indoors if you do not use it in the rainy or cold season, though – just a matter of looking after it.

In terms of sizing, the base measures 49x32x9 inches. Then, the pole can be adjusted between 7.5 and 10 feet in height. It consists of three different parts, yet it feels pretty stable. I would avoid dunking though – long-distance shots in the backboard may also cause it to rattle a little.

Height adjustments are made in six-inch increments.



  • Built to last
  • Easy to move around
  • Superior quality backboard
  • Useful both indoors and outdoors
  • Sturdy and stable



  • You will need tools to assemble it – not included in the package

Lifetime 1531 – Best Basketball Hoop for Driveway Under $400

Lifetime 1531

If budget is an issue, but you still want something suitable for basketball on your driveway, chances are Lifetime’s 1531 hoop will raise to your expectations. It costs less than $400, and it brings in some of the quality standards you can find in hoops costing a few times more – what else can you ask for?

The unit is portable. It goes on your driveway, but you can also move it to your backyard or take it to the basement. It works wonders outdoors, though and it looks like a professional unit. Materials will not disappoint you either.

The backboard is based on shatterproof materials and is 48 inches wide. It looks good – quite professional, if I may add – and has fade resistance graphics. It is based on alloy steel and comes with a rust-resistant and weatherproof coating. The nylon net will also survive in all weather conditions.

The hoop has an adjustable height. It goes down to eight feet in height, as well as up to 10 feet. Adjusting it is fairly simple – you will need a solid stick, such as a broomstick. However, you are less likely to adjust it too often once you find the perfect height. Adjustments go in six-inch increments.

The base is portable. It can take 31 gallons and can be filled with water. Again, I believe sand is better because of the extra weight and stability. However, while portable, sand can be difficult to move – it is not like you can let it out like water, so it could be a bit of an issue.

The hoop must be assembled, but the process is quite straightforward. It took me less than an hour to do it without any issues. It has some crystal clear instructions – besides, parts are quite intuitive anyway, so you do not require any experience.

Overall, it offers good value for money and can last for ages if well looked after.



  • Large size for both adults and teenagers
  • Easy to put together – clear instructions too
  • Based on solid materials
  • Can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • Easy to adjust the height



  • Bolts are not weather resistant, and the top of the pole does not have a cap, so rust could strike from the inside in the long run

SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop Basketball System – Best Basketball Hoop for Driveway Under $200

SKLZ Pro Mini Hoop Basketball System

I believe this is the best basketball hoop for driveway if you have kids. It is a mini system, so it is not even close to official sizing standards. It is suitable for kids and teenagers looking for fun, but not for those interested in taking basketball to an official level.

The system is complete and includes everything you need to start a game immediately. Despite being a mini system, it has the functionality and appearance of a professional one. Moreover, it is built with solid materials, so durability is quite impressive – especially since it is about to take some abuse from kids.

The unit is portable, meaning you can move it around. You can keep it on one side of the driveway when there are no cars parked around, then move it when you park your home – perhaps even take it to the backyard if you have a solid surface to play basketball.

The backboard measures 33×23 inches. Indeed, it is a bit small, but it will force kids to level up a bit. It is based on polycarbonate and features shatterproof capabilities. Furthermore, it has good rebounding features and a spring action 14.5-inch rim. It is clear and looks like an official board.

The mobile base fills with sand or water. I recommend sand because it has a higher density – basically, it can take more weight, so it will make the hoop a bit more stable. The rattling will also be reduced after long-distance shots. You can move it by lifting one side and pushing it around because it has built-in wheels.

The height is adjustable. The maximum height? It can go up to seven feet. It is not suitable for pros, but it is still helpful for a few shots to relax every now and then. On the other hand, it goes down to three feet, which is also great for kids. You can also use it for poolside play.

Bottom line, I would get this hoop if you are new to basketball, are not serious about it, or have kids.



  • Good value for money
  • Suitable for kids and occasional grownup games too
  • Portable and easy to move around
  • Solid and durable materials
  • Comes with a seven-inch ball too



  • Not rustproof, so it is a better choice for the summertime or indoors – basements too

Franklin Sports Portable Basketball Hoop – Best Franklin Sports Basketball Hoop for Driveway

Franklin Sports Portable Basketball Hoop

Franklin Sports may not raise too many bells to those who have only heard of Goalrilla and Spalding, but trust me – you have decent value for money, and the unit can easily go into the middle range of this industry. You can also get a few features you normally find in more expensive items.

Franklin Sports Portable Basketball Hoop is suitable anywhere – you can also take it to your basement. It is portable, and even if you install it somewhere in particular, you can easily move it away. It has wheels on one side – simply lift or bend and move.

The weighted base can fill up with water or sand. I recommend sand because it is heavier and obviously sturdier. However, sand might be difficult to remove if you want to store it or remove everything from the base. It could be a time-consuming job.

Put the hoop together based on the manual of instructions. It is pretty clear, yet most parts are intuitive – you cannot really go wrong. It will take you about an hour – get a friend over if you are not the DIY type anyway.

The design is quite durable and suitable for fast-paced basketball. The backboard is based on plexiglass and features an 18-inch steel breakaway rim. The backboard is almost impossible to break, but it also looks good and offers decent rebounding capabilities.

The pole is made of alloy steel and adjusts in height – you can go between 7.5 and 10 feet, which is quite standard for quality basketball hoops. It goes in six-inch increments and offers some versatility for both adults and children.

Finally, while the hoop is advertised to take dunks, I only recommend occasional dunks.



  • Suitable for players of all ages
  • Good quality for the price
  • Withstands all weather elements
  • Easy to move around
  • Alright for occasional dunks



  • Tools included to assemble the hoop are worthless

Silverback NXT Portable – Best Silverback Basketball Hoop for Driveway

Silverback NXT Portable

In my opinion, Silverback designs some of the best options out there. Its best basketball hoop for driveway brings in excellent value for money and comes in more varieties. The 54-inch wide backboard is the more common one, yet you can also find the system with a 50-inch wide backboard.

The design is classic for a portable hoop. It needs to be assembled – quite a few parts, with some of them preassembled. Some people can do it in an hour, some people need three hours. I am quite experienced, so I did it in less than an hour – get a friend over, as you may need some extra help.

Also, make sure you follow the manual of instructions rather than use your intuition.

The base is pretty solid and features a modern design – moving it around is easier than normally. It feels like using a wheelbarrow. Lift one end and pull or push the other end – it has wheels, so it will move without too much hassle.

In terms of materials, you have steel on steel design targeting the chassis and pole. It is coated and can take on all kinds of weather conditions without showing any signs of weakness. The so-called infinity edge backboard can fold backward for extra rigidity too.

Get ready to be surprised by the backboard. It is wide, and more importantly, it will give you a good rebounding performance. Besides, the steel-on-steel design will easily prevent rattling – sure, you may still hear it when hitting it with the ball from a long distance, but it is minimal.

Just like you have probably guessed already, you can also adjust the height – nothing too special here, as many modern hoops allow it. All in all, you can go between 7.5 and 10 feet in height – six-inch increments. You also have a 26-inch overhang under the hoop.



  • Good value for money
  • Small details that add to its rigidity
  • Steady and sturdy design based on steel
  • Good overhang under the hoop
  • Portable, yet sturdy and can take a dunk



  • Difficult to drain the base if you want to store it or put it down for storms and winds

Spalding Pro Slam – Budget Spalding Basketball Hoop for Driveway

Spalding Pro Slam

I know what you are thinking – Spalding is basketball. You inevitably associate this brand with the NBA and let me tell you why – Spalding was the official basketball provider for the NBA for quite a few decades. Therefore, you can expect some high-quality standards.

The pole is made of alloy steel. It features a rust-resistant coating that will not show any signs of corrosion. The base is based on heavy-duty plastic, while the backboard is made of polycarbonate. The overall design is likely to last, but it will also impress you with its stability.

The hoop is portable. You do not expect such things to be very stable, but top brands have changed this misconception. The 34-gallon base is steady and strong. Fill it up with sand, rather than water – more density, more weight, more stability, less rattling.

The backboard has good rebounding performance, while the pole design is slightly angled. It may seem a bit unusual if you look at other basketball hoops. However, you can play more under the hoop and actually avoid accidents and injuries.

In terms of durability, you do not need to empty the base – just lift one end and move it on wheels.

While the backboard does not have an official size, I find it extremely useful. It is 54 inch wide, which is more than enough to force you to level up. A massive backboard is more forgiving – you want to be pushed from behind instead.

Furthermore, the system needs assembling. It could take anywhere between an hour and more, depending on your DIY experience. Once up and running, you can adjust its height between 7.5 and 10 feet.



  • Designed with quality in mind
  • Angled design for extra play and fewer injuries
  • Built to last
  • You can dunk on it, but I do not recommend it
  • Easy to adjust the height



  • May rattle a bit if you hit the backboard from a long distance

Choosing Best Basketball Hoop for Driveway – Our Buying Guide

There are more things to pay attention to when trying to find the best basketball hoop for driveway. Obviously, you want quality materials, rust resistance, durability, and so on – not even worth mentioning these because they make common sense. What else do you have to look for then?

Design type

There are three solid options here. First, you have portable hoops, which are quite common and convenient. They provide versatility and they work well if you keep changing the location – garage, driveway, backyard, basement, to the back when there are more cars on the driveway, and so on.

While extremely versatile, these hoops are not as solid and sturdy as other alternatives. Hanging on the rim? Never do it, or you risk falling and injuring yourself. Dunks are not very common either – occasional dunks, maybe.

In-ground hoops represent the safer and more durable alternative. They cannot be moved too easily – some of them provide a certain degree of portability, but there is a lot of work involved. They come with more features, bells, and whistles, but they can also take aggressive gameplay.

While not super popular for driveways, wall-mounted hoops are good if the driveway backs up a wall.

Backboard material and size

Again, there are more options here. You can get a massive backboard – 72 inches wide. You can also find a space-saving unit at 44 inches. Most newbies are not aware of it, but the backboard size should be directly proportional to the playing space.

If you have a massive playing space, chances are you will also shoot from long distances, so you need a decently sized backboard. Apart from deciding on the right size, you need to pay attention to the material as well.

Tempered glass is a popular choice, and for some good reasons – many professional boards are based on it, including official hoops. Tempered glass offers an excellent rebound response – you will know precisely where the ball will be going.

Acrylic backboards are not to be overlooked either – often used outdoors and suitable for numerous environments. They offer good performance as well. Finally, polycarbonate backboards are lightweight, so they are more common in portable hoops – not the best rebound, but durable.

Main pole

The main pole is a critical part in the construction of your system. Many units rely on two-piece poles – you can find this system both in-ground and portable systems. Some of the cheaper units provide up to three parts for the pole. This is alright for a standard game, but not suitable for something aggressive.

A single-piece pole offers the best performance because it is sturdy and rigid – less joints, less play, and less rattling. One-piece units are also quite thick – even more than six inches in width – in order to support an aggressive style. The performance will not disappoint either.


No one pays attention to the extension when looking for the best basketball hoop for driveway. This is an aspect related to the distance between the backboard and the pole. Why is it so important? Simple – it ensures the pole is away from the actual backboard.

Players can go under the backboard without smashing into the pole – the design can prevent many accidents and improve the play. Normally, you should go for a four-foot extension – even more if you can.

Best Basketball Hoop for Driveway – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Still unsure what to choose? If this is the first time you get one, you may still have a few questions.

What size basketball hoop should I get for my driveway?

The size normally refers to the backboard size. The larger the playing area, the bigger the backboard should be. A court or a three-car driveway can do with a 60 or 72-inch wide backboard. A two-car driveway will do with a 54 or 60-inch wide backboard.

How much wind can a basketball hoop withstand?

There are reports of strong winds blowing down portable basketball hoops, and it makes perfect sense. Generally speaking, quality hoops should be able to withstand 40MPH winds. If not sure, simply put the hoop down during a storm.

Solid in-ground hoops should be able to resist such winds because they are stronger and sturdier.

Is it better to fill a basketball hoop with sand or water?

I always recommend sand because it has a higher density – more weight too. But at the same time, sand will also provide consistency. If you have a leak, water will go out without you noticing it – a falling hoop can literally kill someone. Sand, on the other hand, is less likely to leak like that, so it is safer.


Deciding on the best basketball hoop for driveway is difficult because what works for some people will not work for everyone else. Some people are more experienced than others. Some others are taller and play more often, not to mention a more aggressive style.

The good news is no matter what your skills and budget are, and how your driveway looks like, whether it is sloped or not, you do have a few good options out there.

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