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When Christmas is around the corner, everyone is busy with gift shopping for their loved ones, as exchanging gifts is one of the popular Christmas traditions. 

But when it comes to basketball gifts, you can’t buy anything related to this sport because what works for some people won’t work for everyone else. A basketball fan will appreciate a jersey, as well as memorabilia or a book.

It makes no difference if you are looking for gift ideas for friends or for your family. Here are some of the best basketball gifts to make a difference.

Nike Men’s Lebron 19 Basketball Shoes

Nike Men's Lebron 19 Basketball Shoes


You cannot really go wrong with basketball shoes. Obviously, there are different versions for women as well. These shoes come in more colors and styles, as well as different sizes.

They have been worn by the legend himself in multiple games. Whoever gets these shoes will enjoy a totally new experience.

The cushioning stands out. Jump, dribble and run with no discomfort whatsoever. The fit is nearly perfect, and, of course, you can only expect premium materials in this set. The support is definitely reliable. While a bit bulkier than other shoes, they can change everything in a game.

Wilson NCAA Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

Wilson NCAA Indoor/Outdoor Basketball



Pay attention to what kind of ball the gift receiver has, as well as where they normally play basketball. The Wilson NCAA Indoor/Outdoor basketball is a middle option, suitable for both environments.

Chances are most people will play on their drive or a local court, rather than an indoor one. If not sure, this middle choice is excellent to ensure the receiver can use it.

Different players have different recommendations for the best basketball, but this unit is among the top-rated ones on the market.

It has a composite cover for incredible grip, and a premium carcass construction and comes in a few different sizes. Unless you buy it for a kid, opt for the maximum size, 29.5 inches.

You can also find a lot of fantastic indoor basketballs here, outdoor basketballs here, and indoor/outdoor, similar to Wilson NCAA, here.

Nike Unisex Hoops Elite Pro Basketball Backpack

Nike Hoops Elite Pro

Basketball backpacks may not be too famous. After all, you can get a ball into pretty much any large backpack. This one stands out, though because it is specifically made for basketball players.

The material is high quality and can withstand the wear and tear of a basketball court. Also, Nike Dri-FIT microfiber fabrication helps wick away sweat and moisture.

It is large enough to fit all of your game clothes, shoes, and basketball equipment because of multiple compartments that give you plenty of room to store everything.

You just can not go wrong with the backpack – it is one of the most useful pieces of equipment for basketball players. And it looks cool too!

You can read more about this and other basketball backpacks here.

Eat. Sleep. Basketball. T-Shirt

Eat. Sleep. Basketball. T-Shirt

Sure, the receiver’s favorite team is a priority, and an official jersey is definitely worth it. However, if someone truly loves a team, chances are they have the jersey already.

Second, you cannot really wear a basketball jersey anywhere, anytime. There are a few fashion restrictions out there.

How about themed clothing, then? This T-shirt makes it obvious that there is a passion for basketball. The fit is great, and it comes in more sizes, suitable for both adults and youngsters.

It comes in more colors and is based on cotton and polyester. The blend is super soft and easy to look after.

The Mamba Mentality: How I Play

The Mamba Mentality: How I Play

It makes no difference if someone loves or hates the Los Angeles Lakers. Kobe Bryant was a legend, and no one can deny that.

His winning mentality went far beyond the basketball industry. He showed that you can achieve great things by working hard and trying to become better and better with every new day.

This book is an excellent insight into Kobe Bryant’s mentality. Written in the wake of his retirement, the book shares his vast knowledge regarding the game, including the things that helped him push himself further.

It is an autobiography that every basketball fan can learn something from and one of the best basketball gifts out there.

Spalding Dribble Goggles Training Aid

Spalding Dribble Goggles Training Aid

Dribble goggles may not be the most popular accessories in the basketball industry, but they are extremely useful to those who want to up their game and even join leagues and competitions.

They are handy at enhancing dribbling because they force the player to keep the eyes up rather than look at the ball.

The glasses are made by Spalding, which was the official supplier of basketballs for the NBA for a few decades.

Made by a name that is synonymous with basketball, these goggles can entice every player out there. They are also a bit elastic, so they can fit most people without too much struggle.

SIQ Smart Basketball, App and Sensor

SIQ Smart Basketball, App and Sensor

It may sound a little unusual. After all, who uses smart basketball? Exactly. This is what makes the SIQ smart basketball one of the best basketball gifts out there.

Besides, it brings in technology and analytics used by top NBA players and coaches. If your loved one is serious about basketball, they will love the possibility to improve their game within weeks only.

The ball and its mobile app provide instant feedback. It is excellent to boost form, as well as swishes and throws.

It comes with a patented 9D sensor, artificial intelligence, and an app that grabs data from every shot. Everything is checked, from dribbling skills to three-pointers.

Made of premium leather, the actual ball is not to be overlooked either. Buy the indoor or outdoor version based on the receiver’s playing preferences.

Disile Elite Basketball Socks

Disile Elite Basketball Socks

Can you ever go wrong with socks? Exactly… If you buy this gift for your son, he probably expects to receive socks at some point anyway. However, these socks are different and stand out in the crowd.

They are specifically made for basketball players. Their role is to add to the performance, but also to enhance comfort during a game.

Available in small, medium, or large sizes, the fit is perfect. There are three pairs in the set and they come in different colors and styles, you must choose yourself.

Based on cotton, nylon, and polyester, they are made for both men and women. They feature moisture-wicking fibers and air circulation channels, not to mention cushioning.

The socks are suitable for more sports or activities.

Click here to find even more cool basketball socks.

Air Relax AR-2.0 Sequential Compression Device

Air Relax AR-2.0 Sequential Compression Device

Generous budget? Looking for basketball gifts for someone who is playing in leagues and competitions? Perfect, the Air Relax AR-2.0 system will work wonders.

The recovery kit aims to help after intense games or training sessions. It boosts blood circulation, compresses legs, and works as a lymphatic drainage machine.

The machine has a variety of uses. It is not aimed at basketball players in particular, but it will certainly aid in the recovery process.

It is a more sophisticated machine that also comes with a detailed manual of instructions.

Gendeda Speed Agility Training Set

Gendeda Speed Agility Training Set

Looking for basketball gifts for someone who is serious about it? Someone who wants to join a league? A high school competition? Your dedicated kid?

This kit is excellent and will make them push even harder, but also get better. The kit revolves around the agility ladder, which measures 20 feet.

However, there is much more in this kit. There is also a jump rope, a resistance parachute, 10 cones, a carry bag, and resistance bands.

The ladder also has four metal hooks. Basically, this is a versatile present that anyone can use.

McDavid 6500 Arm Sleeve

McDavid 6500

Often overlooked in recreational or amateur basketball, the arm sleeve can actually make a difference.

There are lots of options out there but I find this one to be the most comfortable and effective.

Every basketball fan will appreciate such a gift and wear it proudly. While mostly used indoors, sleeves are also common outdoors.

They provide comfort, and protection while the extra compression allows quick warm-ups and less muscle recovery time.

You can read more about this arm sleeve here.

Nike Dry 3/4 Basketball Tights

Nike Dry 3/4 Basketball Tights

A compression arm sleeve may not be enough, or perhaps you want to buy more presents with a professional touch.

These pants are similar to the sleeve, yet it targets other parts of the body as well. The purpose? Reducing injury and improving comfort.

There are lots of different options out there but I think the Nike Dry 3/4 Basketball Tights would be the best choice considering the price, and all the features it offers. You can read more about them here.

NBA 2K22 75th Anniversary Edition

NBA 2K22 75th Anniversary Edition

The game is available for all kinds of platforms, from Xbox One and Nintendo Switch to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Compared to other NBA releases, this is a vintage version. It basically brings in the whole of the NBA and WNBA history in one game, simple as that.

Players can go against authentic teams and players, not to mention create their own teams. The MyCAREER mode is just as attractive.

All in all, this classic is excellent for basketball lovers, as well as those who like video games.

SKLZ Kick-Out Basketball Return Attach Ment

SKLZ Kick-Out Basketball Return Attach Ment

If the receiver is pushing hard to become a better player or loves throwing, they probably know the drill. Rebounding is one of the most frustrating and annoying parts of the process.

It feels like buying 50 balls and shooting one after the other rather than going back and forth all the time.

Well, this return system is excellent for anyone who wants to get a better grasp on basketball.

The fact that balls are sent back the player’s way is simply amazing and will make practice sessions much more enjoyable.

Zamst A2-DX Sports Ankle Brace

Zamst A2-DX Sports Ankle Brace

There are more ankle braces suitable for basketball and other sports out there, but this one stands out. If you want to surprise a loved one with a nice gift, make sure you invest in quality.

Available in more sizes, the brace will provide excellent protection against injuries, as well as instability and sprains.

The brace comes with a dual X strap mobilizer to prevent the ankle from moving too far. At the same time, it has protective guards and three-way support.

If the receiver spends a lot of time playing basketball or even going to the gym, this item is a must.

Stuff Good Players Should Know: Intelligent Basketball from A to Z

Stuff Good Players Should Know: Intelligent Basketball from A to Z

Written by Dick DeVenzio, this might be one of the best basketball books out there. It is not a biography or a motivational book. Instead, it is a guide suitable for both new and experienced players.

There is always room to learn, and it feels like this book has everything, something for everyone out there.

The book is not suitable for players only, but it is just as handy for fans. It is written in a conversational tone, there is no technical jargon, so everyone can understand it.

It also includes a few subtle insights that anyone can appreciate. From tips and concepts to smart ideas and common sense, you have it all.

SKLZ Dribble Stick

SKLZ Dribble Stick

Excellent for both beginners and more advanced users, this dribble stick is one of the best basketball gifts for those who need to improve handling. Apart from ball control, it also works wonders on foot play.

For even better results, you might as well take it further and get some dribble glasses too.

All in all, the package contains a dribble stick, a guide, and four dribble arms. It is adjustable in height and can go anywhere.

It requires installation for stability, but it makes a good DIY project. Adjustable arms allow lots of extra drills.

Epitomie Fitness Sonic Boom M2 High Speed Jump Rope

Epitomie Fitness Sonic Boom M2 High Speed Jump Rope

A jump rope is by far one of the easiest ways to improve speed and agility. It is just as handy for footwork, which is critical in basketball. It burns calories and helps tone the body as well.

There are more ropes out there, but when it comes to gifts, you want quality and a reputable brand. This is what makes Epitomie Fitness special.

All in all, it has a sonic speed, premium grade build, heavy-duty design, and 360-degree ball bearings. Grips feature a nonslip technology, while the silicone elements keep it durable and solid.

Suitable for both men and women, this jump rope is a technological innovation.

Ball Hog Ball Handling Gloves

Ball Hog Ball Handling Gloves

Having the right accessories can seriously enhance the basketball experience. If you know someone who strives to become better, these ball handling gloves make some excellent basketball gifts.

They are great for people of all skills and any age.

Made of spandex and available in a dark red design, they are ambidextrous and feature no weights at all. They improve the ability to catch balls, but also to maneuver them while dribbling.

The hook closure type also adds a bit of flexibility and adjustability.



Starring Gene Hackman and Barbara Hershey, Hoosiers is a classic. The sports drama masterpiece tells the story of a small high school basketball team from Indiana that ends up in a higher league.

Partly inspired by a real story, the movie is emotional and motivational at the same time.

A basketball fan may have already seen this movie, probably a few times. It is such a classic that even people with no interest in basketball may have seen it.

However, having it in a DVD or VHS format in a personal collection of classics is great.

Large-Easy Instant Decoration Wall Sticker Wall Mural

Large-Easy Instant Decoration Wall Sticker Wall Mural

A wall sticker may seem more suitable for a teenager or a kid. However, anyone who loves basketball can do something like this.

Available in a dark black design, this sticker makes an excellent piece of art on a light background. It could become the focal point in the living room or perhaps a bedroom.

Based on vinyl and rated to last for ages if well applied, this sticker is relatively large and measures 22×39 inches. It is self-adhesive, so there is no need to purchase anything else separately.

It can only be used once, so it has no reusability.

SKLZ D-Man Basketball Defender Dummy Trainer

SKLZ D-Man Basketball Defender Dummy Trainer

SKLZ is a pretty popular name on the market when it comes to basketball training.

If you want to surprise someone who keeps training and practicing in the back garden or on a personal drive, this dummy trainer is excellent.

It is the perfect practice partner and allows training all sorts of drills and ideas.

The defender can be used to mimic real situations. It is easy to install here and there, change the position and move it around. It does not really require an installation.

Indeed, it will not feel like a real player. It is flexible and quite forgiving, but it does take training to another level.

Final Words

There are plenty of ideas when it comes to basketball gifts – for boys, girls, adults, and seniors alike. A favorite team jersey, an autobiography, or a subscription will work wonders as well.

Obviously, what works for some basketball fans will not work for everyone. You need to know the recipient and be aware of what they truly like.

You do not want to buy something they already have either. If in doubt, simply ask. It may ruin the element of surprise, but at least you will get them the best basketball gift ever!

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