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If you love basketball, chances are you love those basketball arcade games you can find in most entertainment venues too. In fact, what am I talking about? Everyone loves those.

Even if you are not good at basketball or you have never played it on a court, you will still give such an arcade game a try and aim to beat your opponent.

Now, the good news is you can get such things at home too. But then, there are lots of options on the market, so finding the best one could be a bit challenging.

I have tried all kinds of systems and games – some of them in various entertainment venues, but I have also purchased a few over time.

Choosing the best basketball arcade game depends on what you are after, your budget, and your preferences – here are the best options explained, as well as their features, pluses, and minuses.

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Why choose?

Why it stands out


Check The Price


Best Basketball Arcade Game Overall

Foldable for easy storage


Hall of Games 2 Player Arcade Basketball Game

Best Premium Basketball Arcade Game

Premium materials and construction


Saturnpower Shot Creator

Best Budget Basketball Arcade Game

Excellent value for money


Pop-A-Shot Official Home Single Shot

Best Single-Player Basketball Arcade Game

Excellent scoring accuracy


Lifetime 90648 Double Shot

Most Diversified Basketball Arcade Game

12 different game options


A11N Sports Sharpshooter Dual Shot

Best Compact Basketball Arcade Game

Mostly preassembled


Pop-A-Shot Official Dual Shot

Most Durable Basketball Arcade Game

Solid and durable construction


Franklin Sports Arcade Basketball Game

Best Extra Large Basketball Arcade Game

Large design for an authentic feel


Rally and Roar Folding Indoor

Best Complete Basketball Arcade Game

Complete system


Redline Alley-Oop Single Basketball Shootout

Simplest Basketball Arcade Game

Simple and cost effective


I have tried to compile a list based on whatever I found definitive for each product. Here it is.

ESPN EZ – Best Basketball Arcade Game Overall


This game has pretty much everything the average person will require – plenty of fun, good entertainment, durability, and value for money. Basically, it gives you what you would get in an entertainment venue, but without the added cost – you only pay for it once.

The set is quite complete and does not require any extra purchases. You have six different pieces in the package. You have the overall table, an air pump, and four seven-inch basketballs. Some will claim you need more balls, but they keep returning, so four of them will do anyway.

The installation is fairly simple, yet the final result will be impressively sturdy. You have a robust design due to the MDF backboard – not too much rebounding performance, but you do not need it either. Then, there are a couple of 12-inch steel rims with durable nylon nets.

Having two rims means you can compete against others – yet, you could compete with one rim too.

When assembled, the arcade game measures 81x48x80 inches. Too much space? Not enough available space? No problem. The design is foldable. Once you are done with it, you can fold it and store it away. It only measures 48x20x80 inches when folded, so it can go anywhere.

When stored away, the unit has a built-in locking system, which prevents it from accidentally opening – not really a problem when stored, but mostly while moving it around. The design also features three-inch lockable casters for easy transportation – no more lifting.

The game has an electronic LED scorer with different gaming options. There is a clock, as well as an accurate scoring mechanism. There are eight different gaming options. To run the system, you need four AA batteries – you will need to get them separately.

The product must be assembled, but putting it together is a matter of minutes – just check the manual.



  • Can be installed without any DIY experience at all
  • Eight different gaming options
  • Dual rims to allow competing against friends and family
  • Accurate scoring mechanism
  • Foldable design for easy storage and transportation



  • Netting on the sides seems a bit fragile if you play too aggressively

Hall of Games 2 Player Arcade Basketball Game – Best Premium Basketball Arcade Game

Hall of Games 2 Player Arcade Basketball Game

If you want a premium feel, good features, and a high-quality design, this is the best basketball arcade game to try out. Sure, it comes with a premium price tag too, but overall, it offers a good result that will not disappoint you – besides, it is not like it costs a kidney. Your friends and family will thank you for it.

The frame is based on solid steel tubes. They are covered with a durable sand coating. Not only does it help against corrosion and rust, but it also looks good. The frame has more stability than what you can find in this segment and will not rattle, regardless of how aggressive the game is.

Moving on, the backboard has a polycarbonite construction and a steel frame. There are two superior hoops attached to it, as well as durable nets. Talking about nets, the side netting is quite tall, too, and will prevent balls from falling over.

The backboard also includes the control panel, which features LED scoring. You have eight different game modes to choose from, as well as different audio effects based on the game you choose – a more authentic and exciting experience. The scoring system is extremely accurate – no issues whatsoever.

The return channel for balls is based on 600D oxford cloth. It is made for heavy-duty purposes, so this is the last thing to worry about. The channel is pretty steep, so balls will return straight away before hitting the stopper by the throwing area.

The package also includes six premium rubber basketballs. They are a bit smaller than the average size for a basketball – seven inches. An air pump is also included in the package, so there is literally nothing else you need to start playing – except for batteries to turn the unit on, but you can play without them too.

If you think the game is too large, you can fold it away when not in use. Fold it within a few seconds and store it somewhere else. Also, you will have to put it together – the instructions are quite clear, but you need to pay attention.

Features, settings, and game modes can be adjusted over a small control panel – an on-off button is also there.



  • High-quality and heavy-duty construction for durability
  • Easy and intuitive control panel
  • Eight game modes and different sound effects
  • Six premium balls included in the package
  • Good looking design



  • No times adjustment for games
  • No volume adjustment and noise can become irritating at times

Saturnpower Shot Creator – Best Budget Basketball Arcade Game

Saturnpower Shot Creator

If your budget is a bit of an issue, Saturnpower’s best basketball arcade game will help you keep yourself and your family entertained without struggling too much with money. You have all the basic features of a basketball arcade game and a few extras at a decent rate – what else can you ask for?

All in all, this is a dual electronic basketball game, meaning there are two hoops. You can play against friends and family. The package also includes the actual design, four rubber basketballs, and an electronic board – where all the settings and scores are kept.

Moving on to electronics, you have eight different games. There are also three different options for the audio – such as the sounds when you score. The time and score will go on the same board too, whether you play alone or against someone else.

The buzzer and scorer are nearly 100% accurate. As long as the ball goes through the hoop, the infrared sensors will detect it and add to the score. Other than that, the panel provides info through a built-in dual LED display.

One of the modes allows a single-player game, so it is also great fun when you are alone.

You need to put it together in terms of design and construction, but it is a pretty quick and simple operation. Once up and running, you will be surprised by how sturdy it is. It has powder-coated steel, so there should be no issues with chipping or corrosion.

If the design seems too big for the room, you can always keep it up and running only when in use. It has a space-saving construction that can fold. You can save space and store it neatly behind some furniture. Balls will be a bit more difficult to store though.



  • Solid and durable design
  • Space-saving construction – it can fold for storage and transportation
  • Comes with four balls and eight different game modes
  • Very accurate scoring infrared sensors
  • Good fun for families, friends, or even single players



  • Despite being easy to assemble, instructions can be confusing at times – use your intuition too

Pop-A-Shot Official Home Single Shot – Best Single-Player Basketball Arcade Game

Pop-A-Shot Official Home Single Shot

Choosing the best basketball arcade game depends on more factors. To some people, it is about the size. To others, it is about the money. Then, there are plenty of features, bells, and whistles worth some attention – make sure you put your personal needs first.

If you want this game for yourself or your kid, or you simply lack space, a single-player unit is by far your best bet. Do not get me wrong – it does have one hoop only. However, you can still play against a friend or perhaps your kid – you just need to take turns. It is not such a big deal, to be perfectly honest.

Just like other arcade games from Pop-A-Shot, it is made with quality materials and quite sturdy. If you have used other products before, you will notice they were better made, but I guess this is how things go for everything. Quality seems to decrease over time.

Overall, it is still one of the best arcade games out there. It comes with 10 different game modes, meaning it is not aimed at single players only. Just like the multiplayer alternative, it has six audio modes, so you can customize the gaming experience a little.

When it comes to materials, it is similar to the multiplayer option. It has 1.5-inch steel tubes and a solid powder coating that will prevent corrosion and chips. The ramp is based on nylon, while netting has heavy-duty capabilities – whether you could see the side netting or the hoops.

Accuracy will not disappoint due to the superior infrared sensors. You can also keep three-digit scores, so you can basically play for hours. You have an audio jack for external speakers, and you can use the arcade game with batteries and electricity – totally up to you.

It must be assembled – not too hard, but not the most intuitive process either.



  • Tall, qualitative, and durable construction
  • Comes with everything you need, including the balls
  • Three digit scoring system
  • Works with both batteries and electricity
  • Allows multiplayer games, despite having a single hoop



  • The single hoop means multiplayer games imply taking turns

Lifetime 90648 Double Shot – Most Diversified Basketball Arcade Game

Lifetime’s 90648 basketball arcade game may not have all the colorful design you see in other games, but it will impress you with its quality. It keeps the design simple and straightforward – mostly black. However, it has anything you can ask for. Besides, it offers good value for money too.

The most important part? There are 12 different game modes you can try. You have single-player modes, as well as multiplayer modes. There is a small controller located at the front of the design, so you can control games without moving from your throwing spot – just a few buttons, fairly simple to get used to.

Once installed, you will be surprised by how sturdy it is. It can easily handle more aggressive games too. The backboard can take a good beating too – it is made of classic MDF. The package comes with six mini basketballs, as well as an air pump to keep them inflated.

The side netting is pretty tall, meaning balls will stay there. The return is steep and quick too. Another good thing is you can adjust the frame height – both at the front and the back. It is quite convenient if you play with your kid and they can barely reach to get the balls.

The arcade game has a folding profile, so just because it is too big, it does not mean you need to keep it out 24/7. Simply unfold it when you want to play a game, then fold it and hide it somewhere. You can plug it in, but you can also use four AA batteries – not included, of course. Most people just plug it in.

The gaming experience is worth some attention too. The digital scoreboard can take three-digit scores. It is very accurate due to its quality infrared sensors. Moreover, you have electronic buzzers and a bunch of different sound effects for a more exciting experience.

Putting the arcade game together may take well over an hour.



  • Easy to change games and restart them
  • Six high-quality mini basketballs included
  • Works with electricity or four AA batteries
  • Durable design – alloy steel and superior nylon
  • Adjustable height



  • No power button, so you need to unplug it to stop it – otherwise, it may start randomly

A11N Sports Sharpshooter Dual Shot – Best Compact Basketball Arcade Game

A11N Sports Sharpshooter Dual Shot

If space is an issue, this is one of the most compact indoor basketball games out there. However, its compact design is not the only good reason wherefore you should consider it. The design is just as impressive when it comes to its sturdiness and durability.

Talking about the size, when fully assembled, it will measure 3.9×6.2×6.9 feet. The good news is you can fold it when not in use. When folded, its size reduces to about half. Moreover, it has a locking system that prevents it from collapsing or accidentally unfolding when stored.

When it comes to durability, you have 1.5-inch metallic pipes. They are rust resistant, and they are supported by a solid MDF backboard – four inches in thickness. The ball returning ramp is made of heavy-duty nylon and will provide years of entertainment.

There are two sturdy hoops on this arcade game, as well as relatively tall netting around the top, so the balls cannot escape. You will have to put the system together, but many of the parts are preassembled. You do not need any extra tools either – just use what is in the package.

You can simply shoot balls for fun, but you can also make it more exciting with the control panel. There are both single-player and multiplayer games. You have eight game modes, each of which comes with instructions.

The game also has a bunch of different buzzers and audio effects, depending on the game you choose.

Finally, the control panel is also accurate and provides instant scoring updates. It has a sensitive LED scoring system based on infrared sensors. You are less likely to miss anything on the score sheet, so just focus on getting the ball in.



  • Foldable design for portability and space effectiveness
  • Heavy duty construction for durability
  • Locking mechanism to prevent accidents
  • Tall netting on the sides
  • Eight different games with different audio effects and instructions
  • Eight mini basketballs included in the package



  • Despite having preassembled parts, putting it together could be a bit difficult

Pop-A-Shot Official Dual Shot – Most Durable Basketball Arcade Game

Pop-A-Shot Official Dual Shot

Pop-A-Shot has a few different games, but I believe this is the best indoor basketball game if you want something durable for the whole family. It comes with two nets, which is the main thing about it – you can compete against others simultaneously, rather than taking turns.

In terms of design and durability, you have 1.5-inch steel tubes. They are powder coated and can resist chipping and rust. The ramp is based on heavy-duty nylon and will take years of abuse before showing any signs. Hoops and nets are just as good, not to mention the side netting.

When it comes to the actual play, the arcade game features 10 different games. You have single and multiplayer games, so you can also throw some balls by yourself – just challenge yourself. There are also six audio options – choose whatever feels more suitable.

Everything is displayed on a central control panel with three small screens. Scores are extremely accurate due to the sensitive sensors. More importantly, scores cover three digits, so you are not limited at all.

The backboard does not provide a harsh rebounding performance – far from real basketball. Balls tend to go down, so you may need to adjust your game a little. After all, an arcade game is different from real-life basketball.

The side netting is quite tall anyway, so balls are likely to be kept in. There are four balls in the package.

The convenience is what I really like about this arcade game. You can power it with batteries – if you want to keep the score. But you can also plug it in. It comes with a classic AC adapter. Most people will usually plug it in, yet batteries are great for outdoors on a nice day.



  • Works with batteries and AC
  • Solid and durable construction
  • Four balls included in the package
  • Three digit scoring system
  • Very accurate sensors for scores



  • Putting it together may require a second person

Franklin Sports Arcade Basketball Game – Best Extra Large Basketball Arcade Game

Franklin Sports Arcade Basketball Game

Size does not really matter when it comes to arcade games. Any game can be the best basketball arcade game if you enjoy it, even if balls are normally much smaller. However, Franklin Sports aims to do it differently and brings in one of the largest basketball arcade games I have ever seen.

The playing area is what makes the difference – 81×49 inches. It is larger than average and will give you a more authentic experience. Basically, hoops are a bit further from the line, making the game more fun and challenging at the same time.

If space is an issue, but you want a large game, keep in mind that you can fold it. Make sure you have enough space when you assemble it and put it out. When not in use, simply fold it and store it away – folding it will also make it fairly simple to move it around.

Once assembled – which is not that difficult if you have a bit of DIY experience- you will need three AA batteries to run it. Indeed, you can shoot balls and keep the score without using the whole arcade experience, but batteries prevent all sorts of counting issues and can also bring in some extras.

When running, the game has an electronic timer and scoreboard. There are numerous sound effects too and they perfectly replicate arena audio and buzzers – it feels more authentic. Besides, the scoreboard runs on a classic LED screen, and it has perfect accuracy.

There are eight built-in games – they are all suitable for two players. However, you can also play by yourself. You can play alone with or without any built-in games. There are also four mini basketballs included in the package.

The arcade games bring in pretty good value for money, given the features and price.



  • Large authentic experience
  • Longer distance to the hoops
  • Arena-style audio effects and buzzers
  • Eight built-in games for two players
  • Sturdy design



  • Putting it too close to a wall may get it to smash against the wall and damage it with time

Rally and Roar Folding Indoor – Best Complete Basketball Arcade Game

Rally and Roar Folding Indoor

Every basketball arcade game out there could do with something extra – more balls, better sensors, higher netting, and so on. This one is simply perfect if you do not want anything else. It is a full system built in a compact design that provides the experience of a lifetime – single or with friends or family.

This unit provides dual action – there are two hoops in a design that may require a bit of room. However, you do not need to keep it there all the time. It has a folding profile – once folded, it measures 38x51x90 inches. At about 50 pounds in weight, it is super sturdy but also easy to move around.

In terms of entertainment, there are eight different games you can choose from – including single-player games. You also have a LED scoring system – which, by the way, has an impressive accuracy. There are seven basketballs included in the package and a pump to keep them inflated.

You will need three batteries to run the game. Once up and running, choose the game mode and go for it. There are two 12-inch steel hoops and durable nylon nets. The backboard is thicker than average and laminated, while the frame will never rust or corrode.

The most impressive thing for me? The side nets. When you play against someone else, balls may bounce out of the area due to relatively low nets. This system has a tall netting system that ensures balls are kept in there, rather than fly over and break things.

Accuracy will not disappoint you either. You have paddle sensors to ensure scores are accurate. Balls are made of rubber, and the return base is a bit steep, so they are back straight away. No matter how aggressive the game is, the system will not rattle due to its sturdy construction.

One thing to remember is that you must put everything together, and the manual is sometimes a bit confusing.



  • Seven rubber balls included in the package
  • High side netting to prevent balls from escaping
  • Durable and thick laminate backboard
  • Steep return of the balls
  • Good game mode selection



  • Takes a bit of time to put together because the instructions are not crystal clear

Redline Alley-Oop Single Basketball Shootout – Simplest Basketball Arcade Game

Redline Alley-Oop Single Basketball Shootout

Sometimes, all these bells and whistles seem worthless. You get to try everything on once you install the arcade game, but then, you stop using one feature after another and just stick to the basics. Sometimes, too many bells and whistles may feel like a waste of money.

If you want value for money, this might be the simplest and best basketball arcade game out there. Despite being simple and inexpensive, it does come with good quality and perhaps a few limitations that will not necessarily affect the game too much.

First of all, it only comes with one hoop. It may look like a bad idea if you want to play with friends, but there are more ways to do it anyway – take turns or take a couple of shots each, and so on. You can work your way around this limitation anyway, so it will not be too much hassle.

Then, the single hoop design also makes the game more space effective – a great addition to small rooms or apartments. Still too big? You can simply fold it and store it away when not in use. Folding is a matter of seconds – easy for both storage and transportation.

The set comes with two miniature basketballs, as well as an air pump to always keep them inflated. The game itself is quite tall and has tall netting on the sides, only to keep the balls there. It has a nylon ball return base, which will last for ages.

Talking about durability, the game comes with quick connect frames, which are easy to put together within minutes only. Everything is made of steel, so it will last. There is a small control panel to keep score and time too, but you can use the game without it too.

Other than that, the control panel needs AA batteries to run, which are not included in the package.



  • Simple, narrow, and simplistic design
  • Compact appearance and folding design for easy storage and transportation
  • Two mini basketballs included
  • Great value for money
  • Durable and quality construction



  • No built-in games for entertainment, but you do not need too many anyway

Choosing Best Basketball Arcade Game – Our Buying Guide

As you can tell, choosing the best basketball arcade game can be a bit tricky. There are lots of choices out there, and the confusing part is many of them seem pretty much identical – small differences here and there. Here is what you need to pay attention to before making a decision.


The frame is practically the skeleton of your basketball arcade game. You want to use this game, rather than display it. Therefore, you want quality frames. You want it to last for ages and take some abuse without rattling or bending – luckily, quality games come with such standards.

Many games these days are based on metallic tubes – thicker is better. You can find tubes up to 1.5 inches in diameter – a standard size for sturdy units. The material is just as important – classic steel and PCV are some of the best options.


The backboard is often overlooked, yet it has the same requirements. You are about to hit it with basketballs dozens of times a day, so you want it to take this kind of abuse. Many backboards are based on MDF, while others are made of fiberboard.

Both materials are alright, but you must also consider the thickness – a thin backboard will bend and crack within a few weeks. As a general rule of thumb, opt for a backboard that is at least half an inch in thickness. More is better, of course, even if it adds to the weight too.

Single player or multiplayer

At this point, it is a matter of personal preferences and what you expect from this game. Are you getting this game for yourself? Your kid? Your family? A double shot looks better because you can compete against others.

But on the same note, you can also have multiplayer games on a single shot – after all, you just need to take turns. The available space will also help you determine what kind of size you need – single-shot units are narrower.


While in theory, a basketball arcade game is not too big, most people are surprised by the final result. Once they put it together, they realize a game is much bigger than they thought – this is because they fail to consider the size.

Most games are around 80 inches in length, about 85 inches in height, and around 40 inches in width. Obviously, there are various differences in sizing. But then, if available space is a problem, opt for a folding design that can be tucked away when not in use.

Such games also weigh anywhere between 30 and 80 pounds – if it needs moving, consider wheels.


A single ball would normally be enough – even if you play with friends. More balls? Better. Such games come with anything between three and seven balls. Consider the price for convenience as well – more balls, more money.


Some basketball arcade games run with batteries – most of them use AA batteries. Some others come with a classic AC adapter, not to mention games that come with both systems – a matter of convenience, after all.

You also need to know that you can keep score manually and can play the game with no power at all.


How long will it take to put the game together? Different reviews will give you different ideas. Some people can do it in half an hour – some others may take three hours. Plan ahead if you are getting this game for a special occasion.

Some brands send preassembled parts to ease the job.


Some games keep score with infrared sensors – some others use paddles. Both systems work well, but none of them is perfect. Occasionally, they may still miss some shots. Infrared sensors tend to be more consistent though.

Besides, in terms of durability, paddles are more likely to break after too many shots.

Available budget

You get what you pay for, and this rule applies to basketball arcade games too. The cheapest unit will most likely break faster. The most expensive one will give you bells and whistles that you may never use. Go for value for money instead.

Best Basketball Arcade Game – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the size of a basketball for arcade?

Most basketball come in small sizes, rather than the real official size. They are usually seven inches in diameter – good for fun, but not if you want to train for real basketball.

How much space do you need for a basketball arcade game?

Make sure you have at least a foot on each side and the back, as well as a couple of feet at the front. You need space to shoot comfortably. Also, if it is too close to walls or windows, you could damage or break them when you miss or shoot aggressively.

How long does it take to build a basketball arcade game?

It can take anywhere up to three hours to set the system up, but a bit of DIY experience and attention to the manual of instructions can get the system up in half an hour. Assembly time varies from one person to another.

Final Words

Deciding on the best basketball arcade game depends on more factors – the available space and budget being the main ones. You can usually get along with everything else – one hoop instead of two, four built-in games instead of 12, or two basketballs instead of six.

Make this decision with your needs in mind and hunt value for money when browsing the top-rated products.

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