Best Batting Gloves for Baseball and Softball Players

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When it comes to baseball or softball gloves, we all think about those big bulky gloves used to catch and control balls.

Indeed, they are mandatory in a game, or your skin would probably rip apart after a few balls.

However, baseball gloves go in more directions, and some of them are used with the purpose to improve grip and control, especially while hitting.

Batting gloves are not useful for baseball only. They come in handy in any sport that requires a good grip. In fact, some people use them in the gym as well.

They are great for extra grip on the bat, as well as ball control.

Anyway, enough with this, here are some of the best batting gloves you can find in commerce today and what you should expect from them.

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Marucci 2021 Pittards Reserve

Best for Mobility


Franklin Sports CFX Pro Adult

Best for a Natural Fit


Franklin Sports MLB Shok-Sorb X

Best for Grip


Easton Gametime

Best for Durability


Seibertron B-A-R PRO 2.0 Signature

Best for Value for Money


Louisville Slugger Genuine

Best for Flexibility


Franklin Sports MLB 2nd-Skinz

Best for Comfort


Marucci 2021 Pittards Reserve – Best for Mobility

Marucci 2021 Pittards Reserve

If you are into baseball or softball, you should know a few things about Marucci. The brand is among the top-rated ones when it comes to gloves and other accessories.

Its batting gloves are among the best gloves I have ever tried.

First of all, you have a sheepskin palm, which is soft, comfy, and durable. The palm is enhanced with the Gripster technology, which adds to the grip.

The gloves are just as effective regardless of the weather conditions, even when wet.

Second, the Pittards are used for thumb wrapping as well. After all, this is the most exposed area and is likely to wear out first.

With this technology, you can count on extra durability and no signs of wear and tear.

The palm shape has an ergonomic design for extra comfort and mobility. The same goes for the neoprene cut.

The gloves are available in more colors and sizes. While white is quite attractive, it will get dirty pretty fast, so I recommend a darker color.



  • Mobile construction
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Additional grip when wet
  • Durable design
  • Good looking



  • Light colors go dirty pretty fast

Franklin Sports CFX Pro Adult – Best for a Natural Fit

Franklin Sports CFX Pro Adult

Franklin Sports goes in the same category. The brand is synonymous with baseball and other similar sports.

The CFX Pro is an official model for the MLB, so it is probably the most popular type of glove you will see in official MLB games.

The quality will not disappoint. You have genuine leather that will last for ages. There will be no tearing, even if you play at a professional level.

A bit of maintenance will keep these gloves going for one season after another.

What makes these baseball batting gloves special is the fit. They are designed with the human hand contour in mind, the same curves, and the same proportions.

The idea is to ensure a responsive feel. You do not want to feel like you are wearing gloves, but you want a natural feel instead.

Talking about comfort, the gloves come with tectonic inserts. They add a bit of flex to the back of your hands but without feeling too large or bulky.

Other than that, there are more sizes available and around 20 different colors and designs to choose from.



  • High-quality construction
  • Lots of different designs
  • Extra flex and comfort
  • Adjustable wrist
  • Very natural fit



  • The sizing runs a bit big

Franklin Sports MLB Shok-Sorb X – Best for Grip

Franklin Sports MLB Shok-Sorb X

These batting gloves are not too far from the official ones made by Franklin Sports. Personally, I find these ones a bit better because they come with a few extra technologies.

The fit may not be as natural, but they are totally worth some attention.

Based on genuine leather, they adjust to your flex and fit. They are excellent in terms of comfort, and they provide a performance with no restrictions whatsoever.

The fit will not compare to what you can get from the CFX Pro, but it is still incredible.

This set comes with the Shok-Sorb system. The extra padding is engineered to absorb impact, rather than send it to your palms. It also clears out those stinging sensations.

You have a good grip as well, whether it is a nice clear day or you play baseball on a rainy day.

The extra flex cannot be overlooked, either. These are not just some random flex points, but they are strategically located around the back of the gloves.

Nothing to worry about, though! They will not make the gloves look bulky or large.



  • Grip feels extraordinary
  • Good in all weather conditions
  • Extra padding
  • Good fit
  • No restrictions in terms of performance



  • Finger padding may limit mobility a little

Easton Gametime – Best for Durability

Easton Gametime

These gloves are available in lots of sizes for both adults and young players. They come in about 10 different colors and designs, so finding something suitable should be no problem.

Durability is probably what makes these options some of the best batting gloves on the market.

Easton’s gloves do not require too much maintenance, nothing special. However, they can easily support you for at least a season, even if you are a professional and go through dozens of games a season.

They are based on premium leather for a soft and natural feel.

The palm features goatskin leather. Not only is it comfortable, but it also offers a good grip. You could literally play with these gloves in rain and snow. The grip will not be affected.

In fact, I dare to say the grip might be even better when a bit wet. Friction is nearly impossible.

Despite the grip, the gloves are super flexible and comfy. You have a four-way stretch mesh that offers a secure fit but also a breathable profile to prevent sweat from accumulating.

Then, the neoprene cuff with a branded pull tab gives you a bit of adjustability for the perfect fit.



  • Incredibly durable
  • Super good grip
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Lots of attractive designs and colors
  • Suitable for other sports too



  • No padding, but still very comfortable

Seibertron B-A-R PRO 2.0 Signature – Best for Value for Money

Seibertron B-A-R PRO 2.0 Signature

Seibertron has adopted a completely different approach for its batting gloves. Basically, there are no fancy bells and whistles.

There are no fancy technologies based on funny word combinations either. Instead, you have a good grip, good durability, and excellent value for money.

The gloves provide an extraordinary grip and mostly for the fingers. You can grab onto that baseball bat and make sure it will never come off.

Unsurprisingly, the grip is just as good in wet weather conditions. The palm offers a good grip, too, especially on the external side, but the power is in your fingers.

There is a bit of padding here and there. However, the point is to keep the gloves skinny. They will not look too bulky, but they will feel natural on your hands, without hindering your performance.

Most of the padding is on the back of your hands.

The wrist fit is adjustable for a perfect fit. The gloves come in a bunch of different colors. They are also available in more sizes, including sizes for young players.

The manufacturer provides a sizing chart, but you would have to measure your hand first.



  • Great value for money
  • More colors and sizes
  • Comfortable fit
  • Natural design
  • Adjustable wrist



  • Not a lot of padding, but still comfortable

Louisville Slugger Genuine – Best for Flexibility

Louisville Slugger Genuine

A good-looking design, good value for money, plenty of colors to choose from, and a good fit suitable for more sports… This is what you should expect from Louisville Slugger Genuine.

The brand is mostly focused on large baseball gloves, rather than baseball or softball batting gloves. However, this set is not to be overlooked either.

All in all, you have a single-piece embossed palm based on synthetic leather, which is softer and more flexible than real leather.

It provides the same type of grip, whether you play on clear or rainy days. It will not let you down.

In terms of flexibility, the gloves come with lycra on the back of the hands. Lycra can stretch and offer great mobility.

It is also a breathable material, so it will let the sweat escape and evaporate naturally, adding to comfort.

As for the wrist strap, it is based on neoprene and highly adjustable, so the fit and support are flawless. It is worth noting that these gloves come in more sizes and are suitable for both youngsters and adults.



  • Plenty of attractive designs
  • Simplicity
  • Flexible materials
  • Lots of colors and sizes
  • Breathable backhands



  • Not durable enough for professional tournaments

Franklin Sports MLB 2nd-Skinz – Best for Comfort

Franklin Sports MLB 2nd-Skinz

If comfort is your main priority, you just cannot go wrong with the MLB 2nd-Skinz batting gloves.

Coming from Franklin Sports, you can obviously count on some great quality too, but comfort simply stands out in the crowd. These gloves will feel like they are not even there.

Based on genuine leather, I guess it is pretty obvious. They will last for ages. Stitching is great, and you can tell they feel qualitative.

They are durable and likely to last, even if you use them in tournaments or official games. Given the price, they offer good value for money as well.

The palm is based on synthetic PU, digitally etched and engineered to last. After all, this is one of the most exposed parts of the glove.

It offers a good grip and can support you on rainy days as well. The grip is simply incredible… Quite common for Franklin Sports, to be honest.

Other than that, there are a few extra technologies, mostly for the backhand. It is based on lycra, which stretches and adjusts to your hand. It also breathes, so it can let sweat out.

As for sizes and colors, there are a few color combinations and sizes for both kids and adults.



  • Extremely comfortable
  • Suitable for players of all ages
  • High-quality construction
  • Durable
  • Good grip in rainy conditions too



  • The sizing runs a bit big

Are Batting Gloves Necessary? The Purpose of Batting Gloves

Some players wear batting gloves, while others avoid them. The same goes for training. You can see people training with batting gloves, but other players go bare hands.

At this point, you probably ask yourself, are they really necessary? What is their purpose?

The first reason is pretty obvious. In fact, you can take a wild guess, even if you have never played baseball or softball before. Exactly, they offer an excellent grip.

When holding a bat, your hands are too smooth and can cause the bat to slip. It may slip away, or it may rotate in your hands. Either way, your performance will be affected.

A good grip ensures you do not have to hold it that tightly, so the experience is more comfortable.

Some gloves come with such good grip that they will maintain their integrity even in wet conditions, such as a rainy day.

Now, the second reason wherefore people look for batting gloves is damage prevention.

Yes, swinging a bat over and over again, having it rub against your hands, and shaking when you hit a ball will damage your hands.

It depends on how you hold the bat, though. Most people end up with blisters on their palms, just under the fingers. Some others may end up with tears or cuts, especially if the grip is too tight.

When hitting a ball, the bat will take over the vibration, causing even more damage.

There are, however, a few controversies regarding the necessity of batting gloves, especially since some bats actually come with a grip. But at this point, gloves become a matter of protection.

All in all, the truth is not everyone needs gloves. At times, it is a matter of personal preferences.

If you think the grip on your bat is great and your hands are solid, forget about them. But if you are just starting to play baseball or your hands are soft, they will get damaged in no time.

With these thoughts in mind, batting gloves seem to be more common in kids and youth players. Indeed, adults with soft hands will also use them, but I think they are almost mandatory for young players.

If your little one wants to develop as a good hitter, they need to practice a lot and take swings on a regular basis.

They do not want days off just because their hands need recovery, right? This is when batting gloves kick in.

Choosing the Best Batting Gloves – Our Buying Guide

Choosing the best batting gloves can be tricky, especially with so many good options out there.

Here are some of the most important things to pay attention to.


This is probably one of the most important considerations. Different brands have different sizing standards.

I would rather go with medium-quality gloves that fit perfectly than superior gloves that feel large.

To make sure you get the right size, measure the length of your dominant hand. With the size in mind, you can check the sizing chart from your favorite brand.

While not always a general rule, if your hand is 6.5 inches like mine, I normally go for small sizes in men. If you are a youth player, go for the large or extra-large size.


You could go to a random sports store and buy a cheap set of batting gloves for less than $10. In fact, most of us started with such gloves.

There is no leather, but some fake cheap imitation. It worked back then, but as you gain experience, you want something better.

When it comes to the palms, these are some of the most exposed areas. They also require more protection than other parts.

You can normally go for leather or synthetic leather.

Leather gloves feel natural and tend to provide a much better grip. On the other hand, they are a bit stiff, so synthetic leather is more comfortable and flexible. Besides, cleaning is also easier.

Leather is more rigged and expensive. Synthetic leather feels great and may stretch a little.

Not sure what to do? Some brands incorporate both materials. For example, palms are based on genuine leather, while fingers are covered in synthetic leather. This way, you get the best of both options.

Bells and Whistles

Some people see extra features as a bunch of bells and whistles. Sometimes, they are, and they only add to the price. Other times, they might be worth it.

There are lots of extras and features that could make batting gloves stand out in the crowd.

For example, you could find gloves with articulated thumbs. If mobility has always been an issue when wearing gloves, this feature will prove very useful.

How about curved fingers, then? Curves are light and less likely to force you to hold your fingers in a certain position. Instead, they add to the comfort.

Besides, curved fingers will reduce the bunched fabric gathering underneath the knuckles, which I am sure everyone hates.

Some gloves come with extra protection, so the palm has more than just a good grip, but also lots of padding.

Then, there are gloves with hand shields. If they do not have such shields, they may have some padding. It is meant to offer some extra protection, yet you do not really need it for the backhands.

How about technologies to prevent vibration transferring from the bat to your hands? It sounds irrelevant, but such protection can actually make a difference.

At the end of the day, it depends on your personal needs and preferences.

The good news is a set of professional gloves will not really cost you a fortune. Plus, they make a good investment in your performance and protection.

Best Batting Gloves – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How long do batting gloves last?

It depends on many factors. Buy something cheap from the closest toy or sports store, and they may last for a few weeks only, especially if used at an intensive rate. Buy something qualitative from a reputable brand, and it may last for over a year, especially if well looked after.

How tight should batting gloves fit?

Batting gloves must be quite tight on the hand. However, too tight is not a good idea, so opt for comfortable tight. Loose gloves will slip out of your hands and can affect your performance. On the other hand, super tight gloves will feel uncomfortable and even painful.

Do you have to break in batting gloves?

Pretty much everything based on genuine leather requires a bit of breaking in, from shoes to gloves. Batting gloves make no exception, either. They do not require as much breaking in as golf gloves, but you still need to make them comfortable for your next game or practice session.

The Verdict

Deciding on the best batting gloves is not as easy as it may seem, mostly because there are lots of quality options out there.

I believe mobility and flexibility should be your main priorities, and Marucci 2021 Pittards Reserve will not disappoint there.

However, if you are not into technologies and extras, Franklin Sports MLB Shok-Sorb X offers a perfect grip at a more affordable price.

And if you would want to get youth batting gloves, you should check out this article.

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