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If you have been in baseball for enough time, you probably already know how tough baseball gear has to be. It is the kind of investment you can only make once in several years. To help you choose your pants for baseball carefully, we will be discussing everything you should know about them, and also what are some of the best baseball pants on the market these days.

Pants are that baseball clothing that goes through the most wear and tear during the game. They are also the most important as comfort, range of movement, and joint protection, all ultimately depend on the quality of the pants. They have to slide into the bases a lot and have to be washed very often too. All this calls for a durable, high-quality pair of baseball pants.

Here is a list of top baseball pants that you can get your hands on depending on your preferences.

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Adidas Triple Stripe Slack Bottom Pants

Best Overall

Under Armour Boys' Relaxed Pants

Best Budget Baseball Pants

Evoshield Adult Baseball Pants

Best for Weekend Games

Easton Standard Pro+ Pull Up

Best Stylish Pants for Boys

Champro Triple Crown Knicker

Best Knicker With Elastic Bottom

Under Armour Men's Relaxed Baseball Pants

Best for Middle-Aged Men

Rawlings Relaxed Baseball Pants

Best Relaxed Pants

Franklin Sports Youth Baseball Pants

Best Form-Fitting Pants

Adidas Triple Stripe Slack Bottom Pants – Best Overall

Adidas Triple Stripe Slack Bottom Pants


When the topic is sports apparel, Adidas can never sit out! The same is the case with baseball pants. It is one of the most durable and stylish baseball pants on the market. A bright reason to pick these pants is their XS size.

The XS size makes it ideal to buy for kids who like to swing their baseball sticks during summer break. You can now have the same baseball pants as your kid and vibe together! 

Another undeniable point to picking these pants is their unparalleled “whiteness”. White is a color that looks best when it’s pure. The yellowish tint is standard after multiple washes for white clothing accessories. 

However, the Triple Stripe Slack bottom pants are different. Upon peeking at the customer reviews, it was obvious that these pants don’t lose the pure white color even after multiple washes. 

This is what Adidas brings to the table; quality, durability, and aesthetics at a mid-range price. These pants use wide and roomy legs while offering several size options. And even after several washes, you will get back the original white of your pants every time!



  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • A loose fit is ideal.
  • Knees are reinforced.
  • Doesn’t lose the pure white.



  • No dark shades.

Under Armour Boys’ Relaxed Pants – Best Budget Baseball Pants

Under Armour Boys' Relaxed Pants

Under Armour is also a critical player in dealing with sports apparel. The relaxed baseball pants from Under Armour are meant to give you the pleasure of playing comfortably.

In recent years, Under Armour has made some serious progress to excel in the world of sports aprons and accessories. The relaxed baseball pants are a sleek-looking project with a comfortable fit. 

Polyester is the material used in these tapered baseball pants. The comfort, combined with the durability and affordable price, makes it an ideal product for beginners and those who don’t want to spend a lot on baseball pants.

The dual knee layers enhance the comfort level. These are the pants that you can wear to a game every spray of the week continuously without worrying about wear and tear. 

The fabric also absorbs sweat, so you don’t have to worry about dripping.



  • Stretchy fabric.
  • Simple design.
  • Made for rough use.
  • Great for absorbing sweat.



  • Undergarments may be visible.

Evoshield Adult Baseball Pants – Best for Weekend Games

Evoshield Adult Baseball Pants

Evoshield is among the best brands due to the trust built over the years. Evoshield has sponsored some of the best baseball players, so their quality is evident. These salute pants are made out of polyester.

Polyester means that they offer a lot of comfort. They also come with sweat-absorbing technology that makes them ideal for long baseball nights. 

The design is made so that you can flex your high socks with it. The socks will easily come over the pants. Also, there are solid and pinstripe knickers and open bottoms to choose from. 

One thing to remember is that salute pants are not made for everyday use. They are for special nights of baseball action. If you play once or twice a week or a month, these are ideal for you.

Cut & snap closing makes it easy to wear. The added protection on the knees enhances the safety prospect. The perfect quality with great fitting also absorbs seest effectively. Focus on your game instead of worrying about sweating.

The double pockets at the back are also advantageous if you don’t want to carry a bag for your gloves only.



  • Comfortable.
  • Knee protection.
  • Flexible.
  • Great sweat absorption.



  • Not for rough usage.

Easton Standard Pro+ Pull Up – Best Stylish Pants for Boys

Easton Standard Pro+ Pull Up

One for “the boys”. The stylish elastic bottom clings firmly to your legs. You would want this flex-friendly pull-up to be on you every day. Polyester is the only element involved in the manufacturing of these pants. 

Polyester ensures comfort, while the absorbing technology ensures that the sweat gets absorbed without bothering your game. Boys want something casual and comfortable at the same time. 

Easton made this possible with these standard pull-up pants.

There is a lot of stretching and diving in a baseball game, so Easton made sure to add to the durability of these tapered pants with a 2x layer of knee protection. 

Flexibility allows you to gallop across the field. 

These pants come with a drawstring and a waistband that you can adjust according to your judgment. It keeps the jersey tucked in if you want to do so.

Made for regular usage, these pants are durable enough to withstand wear and tear. Also, they are stain-resistant, meaning all the stains can be removed after a wash. Use, wash, and reuse these durable pants!



  • Stain-resistant made for everyday use.
  • Stylish elastic bottom.
  • Drawstring and belt mechanism.
  • Comfortable.
  • Washable in machines.



  • Not for older people.

Champro Triple Crown Knicker – Best Knicker With Elastic Bottom

Champro Triple Crown Knicker

Knickers are also a good fit for baseball matches. You can always wear your socks over the knickers to get a different look. The triple crown knicker is laced with comfort and durability. The tek-knit polyester adds to the stretchy trait.

This kicker is durable and also protective against the knees. The kicker has a breathable mesh design that allows air to pass through so you don’t seest easily. 

The fabric is anti-abrasive, meaning you don’t have to worry about the wear and years of the kicker during a crucial game.

The design of the kicker is minimalist but attractive. For people who love simple yet long-lasting products, this knicker is ideal. This kicker provides a total return of money through its performance. 

Semi-relaxed fit is ideal with elastic bottoms.



  • Machine washable.
  • Stylish knicker.
  • Stretchable and comfortable.
  • Knee protection.



  • A bit baggy.

Under Armour Men’s Relaxed Baseball Pants – Best for Middle-Aged Men

Under Armour Men's Relaxed Baseball Pants

We already saw baseball pant that was more suitable for boys only. You might wonder why this is the second item from Under Armour on our list. This is because Under Armour is the best seller on Amazon regarding our topic.

The relaxed baseball pants from Under Armour are ideal for men of middle age in their late 20s and 30s. 

The reason why Under Armour is facing the market is the use of high-quality polyester in the manufacturing of these pants. 

They have a decisive say in the market, and they have to produce quality products to stay relevant. The knee area comes with a protective knee layer padding.

It helps slide and run around. The sweat absorption is excellent—no oozing pants during the game due to superior absorption. 

The stretch fabric makes it easy to take long strides when needed, easy to wear closure makes it easy to wear in seconds.



  • Reliable brand.
  • Stylish and durable.
  • Excellent sweat absorption.
  • Stretchable and durable.
  • Knee protection.



  • Thin fabric.

Rawlings Relaxed Baseball Pants – Best Relaxed Pants

Rawlings Relaxed Baseball Pants

You may be unfamiliar with this particular brand, especially when we put it against big brands such as Adidas and Under Armour. However, you may be surprised if we tell you that these particular baseball pants are “Amazon’s Choice”.

You can judge the credibility of this US-based brand through the fact that many players have acknowledged this brand and its apparel. 

These pants come with a front zipper and fly. An elastic band takes care of the fitting and doesn’t let the pants drop down during intense moments in the game. 

Some decent belt loops allow you to use a belt to get a more snug fit. The standout point of these pants is the relaxation that they offer. You can play for hours in these pants without feeling tired around your legs.

The fabric is double-ply and ensures relaxing comfort during longer durations. Lightweight and easy-to-clean pants that come at an excellent price are an option to consider for newbies and even veterans.



  • Relaxed fit.
  • Stretchable.
  • Lightweight fabric.
  • Simple design.



  • It cannot withstand stains.

Franklin Sports Youth Baseball Pants – Best Form-Fitting Pants

Franklin Sports Youth Baseball Pants

You may find this pair of baseball pants very similar to the other ones on the list. But there is one thing that makes them stand out, and that is their fitting. Franklin Youth baseball pants fit smoothly and nicely, right along the shape and form of the body.

The elastic waistband lets all ages and shapes adjust the fitting. The material these pants use is high-quality polyester which provides breathability and wearability. That means you can wear these pants with ultimate comfort for long hours. 

The double layering and padding on the knee area ensure the protection of this vulnerable joint. Another feature that adds adjustability is the elastic cuff at the bottom of the pants. So, even the younger ones can wear it by making a few adjustments. 

The back pockets and belt loops are again lovable; as they provide convenience and flexible fitting.



  • Classic fitting; perfect aesthetics of a ball player
  • Stretchy elastic band for flexible fitting
  • Modern knicker style
  • Durable and breathable polyester



  • The skin-fit style may come in the way of free movement

Choosing the Best Baseball Pants – Our Buying Guide

There are certain aspects to consider before buying baseball pants. Before your heart tells you to click on the buy option, read these crucial aspects to reach a better decision. 

Let’s jump into these factors!

Key Features

If you want to play with your kid in your backyard, you can close your eyes and pick any random baseball pants to wear. The nature of the game is essential. The best baseball pants are laced with the following features:

  1. Knee layers are present in the pants to protect when you slide across the ground in important games. It will help if you always go for knee-layered baseball pants if you have to play official matches at any level.
  2. If you have to play with your friends or kids for fun, you don’t have to buy baseball pants with knee-layered protection. Any mediocre pants are good for you. Once you enter the professional or official environment, you can opt to spend some extra bucks.
  3. Sweat absorption is another important aspect. The best baseball pants at a reasonable price come with excellent sweat absorption. Sweat absorption is another crucial element that keeps a baseball player comfortable on the field. 


There are different styles in which baseball pants are available:

  1. The pinstripe design type is the vintage look for baseball pants. It is made for veterans who play at a high level. The standout feature of the pinstripe pants is the stripes that run from the waist of the pants to the hem.
  2. Solid baseball pants have no stripes and are the modern types of pants. Most of the young players prefer these pants. These pants are versatile and combine well with any jersey.
  3. The piped style consists of a stripe on either side of the pants. These are available in many colors and go well with all types of jerseys. 

Players adapt to different styles with baseball pants. They may roll them up to show off their striped socks. They may keep them just over their cleats, or they may opt to go for a pant that has a tight bottom. The bowlers prefer open-bottom pants usually. 


Sizing is also essential when it comes to selecting baseball pants. Brands have standard sizes ranging from small or extra small to XL or XXL. Check the size before purchasing, as you don’t want your pants to get caught under your cleats. 

Also, if buying for kids, ensure the size is ideal. 

Best Baseball Pants – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What size of baseball pants is for the small youth?

There are so many different brands in the market. Every brand has its size guide. There may be a little difference among the sizes of other brands. We researched for you to come up with the perfect size guide.

Size for YouthWaist

Note that there are different baseball pants, including ones with drawstrings, belt loops, tight fit, loose fit, open bottom, etc. You have to consider your requirement before deciding on size. 

The size guide mentioned above will help you identify the perfect fit for you.

How do kids like to wear baseball pants?

Kids like to wear traditional baseball pants down to their cleats. However, some kids like to wear rolled-up baseball pants. Some knickers go just below the knee. 

The knickers are suitable for kids who like to show off their favorite socks or feel more comfortable in the knickers. Most kids may prefer knickers over traditional baseball pants due to the knickers being more stylish. 

Final Words

Baseball is not all about swinging the bat for home runs. The saying goes that you play sound when you feel good. Imagine walking out to play and feeling drenched in sweat inside your pants. Not pleasing at all. 

Baseball pants from our list absorb sweat exceptionally well. You won’t feel irritated or annoyed with these pants. 

There are different baseball pants, but we hope that we have made it easy for you to select one from our list. We had to go through countless customer reviews and recommendations to filter out a handful of products that might be the best for you.

Your apparel tells a lot about your game. Confidence makes a man climb Everest. Feel confident with the best baseball pants and conquer every game. Happy swinging and delivering!

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