Best Ankle Brace for Soccer

Playing any type of sport means getting used to being injured. Sports and injuries come hand in hand. However, this does not mean you do not take the correct precautionary measures to protect yourself from harm. Having a first aid kit on your hands and wearing a proper kit are only a few things you must ensure before the match.

An ankle brace is essential if you suffer from ankle pain after your game or need to keep your ankle protected from injuries during the game. The right ankle brace will support your ankle, heal sprained ankles, and prevent diseases like arthritis from developing. It will also help cure Achilles tear and prevent your ankle from spraining during the game.

A wide variety of ankle braces are available in the market, and choosing the perfect one for yourself can be highly challenging. To save you from the hassle, we have curated a list of the best ankle braces for soccer. Whether you are looking for durability or diversity in design, there is an ankle brace for you on this list.

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Bodyprox Ankle Support Brace

Best Overall

SS Sleeve Stars Ankle Brace

Most Diverse

TechWare Pro Ankle Brace

Best for Wearing Under Shoes

Pure Compression Ankle Brace

Best for Excess Sweating

Crucial Compression Ankle Brace

Most Durable

SB SOX Compression Ankle Brace

Most Affordable

Bodyprox Ankle Support Brace – Best Overall

Bodyprox Ankle Support Brace

Starting our list is the Bodyprox Ankle Support Brace, the best overall product on this list. The brace features an open-heel design which allows you to move quickly with the brace on while giving your ankle the support it needs. As such, it is perfect for every type of outdoor or indoor sport. 

The ankle brace is made from neoprene, which is highly breathable. Therefore, it protects your ankles from skin irritation or sweating, allowing them to breathe. The ankle brace for soccer also retains heat, soothing your joints and muscles. Moreover, any excess heat is released due to the perforated design of the brace. 

The neoprene material also makes this ankle brace extremely durable, so don’t worry about buying a new one any time soon.

This ankle wrap is exceptionally comfortable to wear. Due to its flexible nature, it can fit any foot snugly. The three-wrap design allows you to set the amount of pressure you want on your feet. The wrap design of the brace makes it very straightforward to wear and remove too. 

It measures up to 11-inches in feet arch circumference, allowing it to wrap around the entirety of your ankle quickly. 

This ankle brace compresses the tendon just enough to get the support it needs and accelerate the healing process. It relieves all foot pains and is perfect for acute and chronic ankle injuries. 

The fact that this brace does not restrict movement, and has a breathable and durable fabric, makes this the best ankle brace for soccer on this list.



  • Open heel design allows free movement 
  • Breathable, so it prevents skin irritation
  • Retains heat to soothe muscles and joints
  • Releases excess heat to avoid sweating
  • Three-wrap design allows a snug fit 



  • Too heavy for wearing under shoes

SS Sleeve Stars Ankle Brace – Most Diverse

SS Sleeve Stars Ankle Brace

If you are tired of the typical color of ankle braces – black – and are looking for something more chic and funky, you’ll be lucky to know that the SS Sleeve Stars Ankle Brace comes in many colors. The colors include everything from beige and hot pink to white and light purple. 

The ankle wrap has adjustable straps that let you control the amount of compression you want to provide your feet with. There is added support for heel pain, which allows you to wear this ankle sleeve even while doing high-intensity activities where you are using your feet a lot without worrying about your heel hurting or the ankle brace slipping off. The brace is also designed with unique 3D-knitting technology, further guaranteeing a snug fit on your feet. 

The ankle wrap is made from a mixture of polyester, elastic rubber, and nylon, which makes it highly breathable. As such, it easily absorbs the sweat from your feet and keeps them dry throughout the day, preventing skin irritation and other diseases. Additionally, this brace also features anti-odor technology, ensuring your feet don’t start smelling after long periods of wearing the brace.

Overall, the adjustable compression relieves the pain in your ankle and feet by improving blood circulation. The brace is also perfect for healing issues like tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and heel spurs. 

The company also gives you a 1-year warranty on this ankle brace, so don’t worry about receiving a defective product.



  • Comes in a diverse range of colors
  • Adjustable straps control the amount of compression on the feet
  • Support for heel pain
  • 3-D knitting technology ensures a snug fit 
  • Sweat absorbent material



  • Straps might lose stickiness over time

TechWare Pro Ankle Brace – Best for Wearing Under Shoes

TechWare Pro Ankle Brace

Next up, we have the TechWare Pro Ankle Brace, the best one to wear underneath shoes. The ankle brace does not feature any adjustable straps; instead, it has a sleeve design, making it less bulky than its counterparts and easy to wear underneath shoes. The sleeve design provides a snug fit around the feet, reducing inflammation, improving blood circulation, and relaxing the muscles.

Due to the sleeve’s snug fit, you can quickly wear this ankle brace throughout the day and during any activity you perform, whether walking or playing soccer matches. The brace is made from 20% spandex and 80% nylon blend, making it highly flexible. Therefore, it can easily be worn by everyone. Furthermore, the brace comes in multiple sizes: small, medium, large, XL, and XXL.

The nylon and spandex mixture helps these braces absorb sweat and keep your feet dry. The material also prevents skin irritations and other fungal diseases from developing on your feet.

These ankle braces can quickly heal arthritis, muscle fatigue, edema, stress fractures, sprains, and arch pain, amongst other things. As such, they are one of the best ankle sleeves for soccer on the market.



  • Easy to wear underneath shoes
  • The sleeve design provides a snug fit
  • Can be worn during any activity
  • It comes in multiple sizes, so perfect for use by everyone
  • The nylon and spandex mixture makes it sweat absorbent



  • You cannot adjust the compression of the sleeve

Pure Compression Ankle Brace – Best for Excess Sweating

Pure Compression Ankle Brace

Next up, we have the Pure Compression Ankle Brace, which is a perfect choice if you sweat a lot. The nylon and spandex blend makes this ankle brace extremely breathable. This means that you can easily wear it throughout the day or for the entirety of the match without worrying about the brace getting dirty or your feet being smelly.

The nylon and spandex blend allows this ankle brace for soccer to have moisture-wicking properties. Therefore, excess sweat is removed, and your feet remain dry throughout, preventing skin irritations and itchiness. Furthermore, the anti-odor properties of the ankle brace allow it to stay stink-free throughout the game and for long periods. Since the ankle brace won’t smell foul after prolonged use, you don’t have to worry about washing it frequently. 

The ankle sleeve is snug on the feet, so you can rest assured that it won’t slip off during the game and become a hurdle in you scoring a few goals during the match. The sleeve’s tight fit also provides compression on the foot from all angles, supporting it from all sides. The locked-in fit also improves blood circulation, accelerating the healing process, relieving pain, and reducing swelling.

There are also adjustable straps on this ankle brace that allow you to adjust the tightness and compression level on your foot. What’s more, the company offers a full refund if you are unsatisfied with the product.



  • Nylon and spandex mix so breathable
  • You can easily wear it throughout the day
  • The moisture-wicking fabric absorbs sweat and keeps feet dry
  • Anti-odor material prevents the ankle brace from smelling foul after use
  • Snug on your feet so they won’t slip off 
  • Adjustable straps let you control compression and tightness



  • Not sold in pairs

Crucial Compression Ankle Brace – Most Durable

Crucial Compression Ankle Brace

If you are looking for an ankle brace that lasts a long time, you need to get the Crucial Compression Ankle Brace. The ankle brace features top-quality double stitching, which makes it highly durable. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about getting a new ankle brace soon. 

This ankle brace also features a power support ankle stabilizer which, coupled with protector compression technology integrated into the brace, provides stable support to your feet. Furthermore, it also improves the blood circulation in your foot, accelerating the healing process. 

Unlike other ankle braces that are hot and bulky, this ankle sleeve is highly comfortable to wear. The nylon material of the brace makes it lightweight and breathable. Your feet don’t excessively sweat while wearing the brace, and you can easily play your soccer matches. The fabric is also moisture-wicking, absorbing excessive sweat, further aiding in keeping your feet dry. 

The ergonomic fit of the brace provides fast relief without cutting off your feet’s blood circulation. It also allows the sleeve to conform to your feet’s shape, providing relief to everyone, regardless of their foot style. The manufacturer also has a return policy, so you can easily return the ankle brace for a full refund or replacement if you are unsatisfied.



  • Double stitching makes the brace durable
  • Power support ankle stabilizer and protector compression technology provide support to the foot
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • The moisture-wicking fabric absorbs sweat and keeps feet dry
  • Ergonomic fit provides fast relief



  • The sleeve might roll up and bunch around the ankle

SB SOX Compression Ankle Brace – Most Affordable

SB SOX Compression Ankle Brace

If you are on a budget and are looking to get a high-quality ankle brace for less price, the SB SOX Ankle Brace should be your top priority. The ankle brace’s price ranges from only $6.95 to $9.95, depending on the size you buy (small, medium, large, or XL). It comes in the typical three colors – black, beige, and gray. 

The fabric of this ankle sleeve is exceptionally lightweight and breathable, which ensures you can comfortably wear this brace throughout the day and during every soccer match. The material absorbs any excessive sweat to keep your feet dry. Hence, you can rest assured that you won’t get any skin irritations from wearing this ankle sleeve.

The compression technology of the brace allows it to provide the right amount of pressure on your foot to improve blood circulation and accelerate the healing process. Improved blood circulation removes the lactic acid build-up in your feet muscles and decreases the pain.

This ankle sleeve features a no-slip top and a bottom cuff, which ensure the sleeve does not bunch up near your ankle and slip off. As such, you can easily play while wearing this brace without worrying about it being a hurdle in your movement.



  • Extremely affordable
  • Lightweight fabric allows you to wear this underneath shoes
  • Breathable fabric prevents skin irritation and itching
  • Moisture-wicking material absorbs sweat and keeps feet dry
  • Compression technology of brace improves blood circulation
  • No-slip top and bottom cuffs ensure a snug fit and no slip off



  • The bottom cuff might make the sleeve too tight

Choosing the Best Ankle Brace for Soccer – Our Buying Guide

An ankle brace for soccer is an essential item to have on your hands if you are a soccer player. The right ankle brace will protect you from injuries during the game. It will also help alleviate heel aches, sprains, and muscle fatigue after the match. 

However, choosing the right ankle brace for yourself is not an easy feat. Therefore, refer to our detailed buying guide to help you make the right decision. 


The material of the ankle brace you buy is a crucial factor to consider. The ankle brace will constantly be in contact with your skin, and if it is made of poor-quality material, it will cause irritation or itchiness on your skin. Here are the two most common types of material used to make ankle wraps:


Ankle braces made of neoprene are highly flexible. As such, they conform to your feet and wrap around all of the foot seamlessly, providing comfort. The flexible nature also allows neoprene ankle braces to fit almost anyone.

Neoprene ankle wraps also provide support to the foot and ankle. Additionally, it also retains heat and soothes the muscles by providing heat.

However, neoprene ankle braces are not breathable, so your feet will sweat in them. As such, they are unsuitable for wearing during matches or hot days.

Knitted fabric

Knitted fabric ankle braces are incredibly breathable and perfect for wearing on hot days and during your soccer match. They absorb sweat and release excess heat, keeping your feet dry and preventing any skin irritations from forming. However, as they do not retain the heat, they cannot heal and soothe your joints and muscles as fast as neoprene ankle braces.


Remember to check the fit of the ankle brace before you buy it. If it is too big, it will keep slipping off your feet or bunching near the ankle, restricting your movement and creating hurdles in your game. Similarly, if it is too tight, it will restrict your blood flow instead of improving it and make you uncomfortable during the match.

Refer to the company’s size chart to ensure you get the proper size for an ankle brace for yourself. You can also opt for ankle wraps instead of ankle sleeves, as you can adjust their size. Furthermore, if you go for ankle sleeves, try to get a sleeve made of a flexible material, so the size is not an issue.


Ankle braces come in different types, including ankle wraps, sleeves, and lace-ups.


Ankle sleeves are the most common type of ankle braces. They are made of flexible material, so they can easily fit on your feet. These ankle braces provide warmth and compression from all sides to ensure your feet heal faster. You can easily wear an ankle sleeve underneath your soccer cleats as it is lightweight and breathable.


Ankle wraps feature a few straps over the underlying sleeve. You can use the straps to adjust the brace’s fit on your foot and the compression level you want. Strapped ankle wraps further come in figure 8 or figure 6 configurations:

Figure 8

Figure 8 ankle brace wraps fully around your feet and compresses from all sides. Using the straps, you can adjust the compression level of the wrap. Figure 8 ankle wraps are suitable for a strained ankle, muscle fatigue, and a sprained muscle. They are ideal for wearing after a soccer game and not during it, as they might be difficult to fit inside your shoe.

Figure 6

These ankle wraps are suitable for when you need to move your feet. They are perfect for wearing during exercises (specifically lateral movements) before and during the game, as they protect you from spraining your feet or ankle.


Lace-up ankle braces allow you to adjust the tightness of the ankle brace from top to bottom. As such, you can adjust the amount of compression you want on your feet. However, a massive drawback of these ankle braces is that they restrict your feet’s movement because of their tight nature.

Best Ankle Brace for Soccer – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How should I clean my ankle brace?

Typically, ankle braces are not machine washable. Washing an ankle brace in a machine can damage and decrease its lifespan. As such, it is best to wash your ankle brace by hand. 

Wash the ankle brace with cold water and washing powder or detergent. Then, rinse the sleeve with clean cold water. Wring it to remove access water and let it dry.

How tight should my ankle brace be?

Your ankle brace should snugly fit on your feet. Your foot should feel locked in, so the ankle brace does not slip off or bunch around the ankles. However, the ankle brace should not restrict your movement or cut off the blood flow in your foot. 

A big advantage of ankle wraps is that you can adjust the tightness and compression level on them. This feature is not available on ankle sleeves.

How long should I wear my ankle brace?

If you are wearing the ankle brace merely for protection against injuries and preventing sprains during the game, you can take the ankle brace off immediately after the match. 

On the other hand, if you sprain your ankle, you must wear the brace for 2-3 days. In case of any significant injury, like tearing a ligament, you will have to wear the ankle brace for several weeks. 

In either case, it is best to consult a doctor about the recommended time of wearing an ankle brace.

What should I wear an ankle brace for?

You can wear ankle braces for every sort of foot ache and sprain. Typically, ankle braces for soccer are worn for ankle sprains, Achilles tears, metatarsal pain, plantar fasciitis, and turf toe.

Should I wear my ankle brace for soccer under my socks or over them?

Preferably, you should wear the ankle brace underneath your socks. This way, the brace will be in direct contact with your skin and will be easily able to provide the proper soothing effect and compression needed.


All in all, an ankle brace for soccer is crucial to have with you during and after your soccer match. It will protect your ankle from sprain and injuries during the game and will prove highly beneficial in healing foot aches and sprains after the match. You can choose the best ankle brace for soccer from the above-mentioned list.

However, if you do not like any of the products on the list, you can use our buying guide to help you make a wise purchase. Either way, you can rest assured that you will put your money to good use.

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