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Ankle sprains are among the most popular injuries you could experience while playing basketball. Ankles are extremely important in every sport that involves using your feet, but all the sudden stops, jumps, and turns make them even more important in basketball.

On the other hand, once you develop an ankle sprain, you are 500% more likely to experience another one. Your ankle will develop some sensitivity, so recurrent injuries are just as common. With these thoughts in mind, it makes perfect sense to look for the best ankle brace for basketball.

Whether you want an ankle brace for injury prevention or to ensure your sensitive ankle is kept in the right position, there are lots of good choices out there. Choosing the right one depends mostly on your personal needs – nothing to worry about, I am here to give you a hand.

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Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace

Best Ankle Brace for Basketball Overall

Good injury recovery capabilities

Zamst A2-DX Sports Ankle Brace

Best Ankle Brace for Basketball for Superior Support

Three-way support

Jupiter Foot Sleeve

Best Budget Ankle Brace for Basketball

Suitable for multiple uses

Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer

Best Multipurpose Ankle Brace for Basketball

Bilateral design

McDavid Ankle Brace

Best Lace Up Ankle Brace

Breathable design

Vinaco Ankle Brace

Most Lightweight Ankle Brace for Basketball

Can be used for more sports

I have put together some of the best-rated ankle braces for basketball. I have used some of them myself, and I can guarantee their superior quality. The list is clearly longer, but these are among the most popular ones.

Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace – Best Ankle Brace for Basketball Overall

Ultra Zoom Ankle Brace

You can find this ankle brace in a few different colors and two different sizes – small/medium and large/extra large. As for designs, you will have to choose between black and white. It is aimed at all kinds of sports, from basketball to volleyball. You might as well use it for walking or hiking.

Its primary role is to prevent further injuries, but it will also protect the ankle against sprains. It takes a few seconds to set everything up. Once down there, it will provide all the support you need, but it will also last for ages – you will be surprised by how quickly you will get used to it.

Despite the tight fit, it will feel loose and comfy. Forget about stiffness – you can move freely, without feeling like your moves are limited. Besides, this extra level of freedom will not come with any injuries, so you can unleash your full potential on the court.

The brace is based on top-notch materials and features a hinged cuff construction – more motion and performance. It is built with a soft shell technology for a bit of extra adjustability too. You may need a bit of time to get used to it once you put the shoe on.



  • Quality materials
  • Soft, yet sturdy and solid
  • Durable construction
  • Comfortable to wear for hours
  • Secure straps



  • Feels like it restricts lateral movement a little

Zamst A2-DX Sports Ankle Brace – Best Ankle Brace for Basketball for Superior Support

Zamst A2-DX Sports Ankle Brace

If quality support is your top priority, I believe this is the best ankle brace for basketball, and let me tell you why. You can look at it and realize it is there for support. I would not try it, but I think this is the type of brace that allows you to play basketball lightly, even with an injury – this is how solid it appears to be.

Available in a bunch of sizes (it is a great choice for youth basketball) and a good-looking design, it is based on nylon. It has some medical recommendations, too – suitable for grade III high ankle sprains, chronic ankle instability, and other similar affections. Besides, it is great against eversion and inversion issues with sudden movements.

The brace comes with protective guards too. They are designed to stabilize the ankle by preventing too much outward and inward movement during play. Such issues normally affect the higher side of your ankle – no issues whatsoever with the brace on. Just make sure it fits perfectly.

You have a double X strap stabilizer in terms of fitting and comfort. Basically, there is three-way support for the lower part of the ankle – media, anterior and lateral. It is applied from the back and can be adjusted with no problems at all.

The design is specific for the left or right foot – you need to pay attention when ordering. Most braces are general – not this one, though. It is available in most sizes and a couple of colors – white and black. It is worth noting that you may need to get your shoes a size up.



  • Multiple types of support from all directions
  • Supports both the lower and higher parts of the ankle
  • Superior construction for harsh injuries
  • Prevents all sorts of ankle movements
  • Durable construction



  • Can get pretty hot in the summertime, so you may experience extra sweat

Jupiter Foot Sleeve – Best Budget Ankle Brace for Basketball

Jupiter Foot Sleeve

Jupiter might have designed the best ankle brace for basketball if you want value for money. It costs less than others, but you get a pair of braces, rather than just one. Sure, do not expect any innovative materials, but the point is it will get the job done.

Such braces will boost circulation, ease pain in various parts of your feet, and prevent stress and potential fractures, discomfort, and even swelling. In other words, they are not suitable for basketball only, but for all sorts of activities that put pressure on your ankles, Achilles, or feet in general.

The set is mostly aimed at those recovering after injuries or dealing with specific affections – such as osteoporosis or tendonitis. Each brace provides extra compression to prevent injuries. Plus, they can be adjusted, so you determine how much pressure you want.

The set comes with a 3D ergonomic design. You can wear them under socks with no problems at all. They are based on breathable nylon, which is also breathable. Plus, once on your ankles, they feel like velvet.



  • Soft and comfortable feel
  • Excellent value for money
  • Set of two ankle braces
  • A high degree of adjustability
  • Durable materials



  • May take a few hours or days to get used to them

Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer – Best Multipurpose Ankle Brace for Basketball

Med Spec ASO Ankle Stabilizer

If stability is your primary purpose, chances are you will use your basketball ankle brace for other activities too – even a long walk. This unit provides a complete figure to protect and support your ankle, regardless of your goals.

Based on ballistic nylon, it offers exquisite durability. It will not lose pressure and strength even after long games. You can keep it on for years, and it will provide the same high degree of support, regardless of what you are doing.

This ankle stabilizer has an elastic cuff enclosure to prevent losing pressure. Also, laces add to its stable profile. The bilateral design means you can use it for any foot – if both of your legs are fragile, get two of them, just in case.

Furthermore, the brace comes with a low profile, so it will most likely fit all types of shoes without looking bad. It comes in a bunch of different sizes. As for colors, it is only available in black or white – no differences in the design and quality standards.



  • Bilateral design to be used on any ankle
  • Plenty of sizes and a few different colors
  • Extremely stable, even over long periods of time
  • Comfortable to wear for hours
  • Support for all kinds of activities



  • Quite soft, so it is better to prevent injuries, rather than to support ankles after injuries

McDavid Ankle Brace – Best Lace Up Ankle Brace

McDavid Ankle Brace

This could be your best option if you are after a lace-up ankle brace. Not suitable for prevention only, this brace will also help you recover faster from ankle sprains. It has a flexible and supportive U design that brings in a stable profile, regardless of what sports you are into.

The brace comes with a ventilated tongue, which allows the skin to breathe, rather than soak in sweat. It fits both the left and right ankles. If you want to prevent injuries on both ankles, you will need to buy two of them. They come in five different sizes and just one color – black.

Given the superior comfort, you may need to size up your shoes, especially if your measurements are close to the maximum size. Furthermore, you have medical-grade sprint steel for reliable support – you can count on a solid game regardless of how your ankle feels.

Talking about the design, you have a two-layer mesh based on vinyl and polyester. Not only is the combo breathable, but it is also very lightweight. After a few uses, you will forget you are wearing it. As for sizes, keep in mind that the XS size is mostly aimed at children, so adults will require a larger size.



  • Suitable for left or right ankles
  • Built with breathable materials for comfort
  • Good fit – you will forget you even wear it
  • Can be as tight as you want
  • Multiple sizes to choose from



  • If your shoes fit perfectly, you may need a larger size to accommodate the ankle brace

Vinaco Ankle Brace – Most Lightweight Ankle Brace for Basketball

Vinaco Ankle Brace

When it comes to finding the best ankle brace for basketball, I usually recommend something lightweight, but also something suitable for both ankles, especially if you are just trying to prevent injuries, rather than recover. This set brings in two different braces – one for each ankle. What else can you ask for?

The brace offers support for both ankles, whether you are playing basketball, tennis, or volleyball. It is suitable for both men and women, and it works wonders for walking activities as well. If you feel like you have a sensitive ankle, this brace will work wonders on it.

Featuring crisscross reinforcement straps, you have excellent compression. Blood circulation will be improved, while pains will slowly fade away, whether you deal with issues with the heel, plantar fasciitis, or other similar affections in the area.

The set is extremely lightweight, so you can comfortably wear the braces throughout the day. It is based on durable materials with great features for breathability – after all, neoprene fabrics have a reputation for it. You can also wash the braces with no issues at all.



  • Great value for money – two braces in the set
  • Superior support
  • Breathable materials
  • Durable and easy to wash
  • Great for all kinds of activities



  • A bit difficult to fit if your ankles are swollen after injuries – great later on though

Choosing Best Ankle Brace for Basketball – Our Buying Guide

In theory, there is not too much to think about when trying to find the best ankle brace for basketball. However, as you can see, different ankle braces come with different features, so chances are you will need to pay attention to them.


Your comfort is one of the main priorities when choosing an ankle brace for basketball. You need to ensure the size is correct, but you also want the right material. Different materials come with different characteristics. The ankle circumference usually gives the fit.

As for materials, neoprene is quite common and very flexible, so it ensures a secure fit. It offers support, as well as heat insulation – excellent for painful sensations. It does not breathe very well, so it may heat up on hot summer days. Knit and fabric materials allow more breathability and comfort.


A simple browse over the above-mentioned products will reveal different types and styles. Ankle braces are quite diversified, and choosing the right type depends on the type of support you need. Some of them go higher, while others have different fitting mechanisms.

For instance, you could find sleeves, as well as braces with straps. Then, there are braces with lace-up designs. All of them work well, but they provide different levels of support and protection. Compression will also be affected by the type you choose.

If you are after preventing potential injuries, any of these types will do.


Many braces depend on the shoe size, so make sure you have all the measurements first. A bit of adjustability is mandatory because different brands have different standards for sizes. If the unit feels a bit uncomfortable, you can adjust it – simple as that. Make it looser or tighter.

When everything is set, you must feel like the brace is secure and supported. But then, it should not be too tight either or it can negatively affect the circulation.

Treatment duration

When choosing an ankle brace for basketball, you must determine how long you need it. Some people wear the brace for an hour or so – whenever they play basketball or other sports. Some others keep it throughout the day.

If you plan to have a brace on for hours without removing it, you will need to go for quality materials. You want these materials to breathe. Otherwise, your feet will soak in sweat. Even better, find a material that will wick away sweat.

When checking the support, try to stretch it. If it stretches too much, keep looking. Basically, there is no support.


Value for money is important for anything. The most expensive ankle brace is not necessarily the best one – just some extra bells and whistles. The cheapest one, on the other hand, is likely to be among the worst ones.

Opt for a middle choice and always hunt value for money.

Best Ankle Brace for Basketball – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When should I wear an ankle brace?

There are different situations that require an ankle brace – from basketball and all sorts of high-intensity sports to random activities, such as walking. If you go through regular pain or have been through an injury, simply wear the ankle brace whenever there is some pressure involved – even walking.

How tight should the ankle brace be?

You need a tight adjustment – go as tight as you can, but without causing circulation problems. Wear it for an hour and see how you feel – any discomfort or numbness must be addressed immediately. Simply make it looser. It may take a while to find the perfect fit.

Can I take my ankle brace off to sleep?

You can sleep with it – wrap it snugly. Make sure it is not too tight – no numbness whatsoever. It should be quite loose at night, or simply remove it.

Bottom Line

Deciding on the best ankle brace for basketball mostly depends on why you need it. Different braces come with different levels of support, as well as different features, bells, and whistles. At this point, it makes sense to put your priorities before anything else.

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