How Jim Edwards is focusing on the history of the game

By: Kelly Potts
Photos: Mark Morgan

Source: The Uptown | 18 | 2017

Longtime Arcadia businessman, youth sports coach and civic leader Jim Edwards has now taken on a new title: chief wordsmith.

Edwards’ latest venture Daily Dose Sports (dailydsports.com) is an online magazine that delivers one new article each day to readers, centered on Edwards’ passion – sports.

“When I was in elementary school, I would buy sports biopics and was always interested in the history of the legends or historic sports site,” Edwards says. “I’m not one to write about last night’s score, or who won what championship, but more of the history of the championship game.”

His ultimate goal? To remind die-hard fans of incredible athletes and moments that shaped their lives through sports.

The stories began as a simple daily email to Edwards’ close friends. With a passion for writing, Edwards knew this would be his next venture and could grow into something more. And that it did. With now over 2,500 subscribers (and grow- ing), Edwards says his hope is to be the best way his readers start their day – with sports and a cup of coffee.


When you are not writing, what are you doing?
When I am not writing, I am spending time outdoors with my black lab, gardening, or exercising.

What is your favorite thing about living in the Valley?
My favorite part about living in the Valley is its beauty, climate and opportunity to do so much outdoors.

If you had to pick one place to vacation, where would that be?
My favorite vacation spot is Coronado, California.

Favorite place to dine or play in the Valley:
[My] favorite restaurants are Craft 64 for thin crust pizza, Tarbell’s Tavern for a relaxing meal and good bottle of wine, and Daily Dose Grill in Old Town Scottsdale for an amazing breakfast.

UPTOWN | 18 | APRIL 2017

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