Here are the ten best players not in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Johnny Robinson

Jim Marshall

Jerry Kramer

Randy Gradishar

L.C. Greenwood

Roger Craig

Terrell Owens

Randy Moss

Brian Urlacher

Edgerrin James


*****     Update February 2018     *****

Congratulations to Jerry Kramer, Terrell Owens, Randy Moss and Brian Urlacher on being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2018.


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    1. Urlacher is borderline. He missed a lot of games with injuries. Never won to Super Bowl. He was pretty good in an era of professional football that was transitioning to more passing.

    2. Went to the Super Bowl didn’t win it,think it’s different if your a linebacker, if your a QB want to know if you have that Super Bowl,unfair to QB’S I think but it’s the way it is

    3. Which still makes him borderline.

      LT has 3 defensive players of the year. 1986 NFL MVP and won 2 rings. 140+ sacks.

      I knew that without looking it up.

      With Urlacher, you have To look up his stats as he is far less rememberable.

      Urlacher only 2 seasons of 100+ tackles. Only 41.5 sacks.

    4. Lol, hard to compare anybody to LT,did have 22 picks, I believe he should be there, hey I also believe Ray Lewis is the most overrated linebacker in NFL history and Willie Lanier the most underrated

    5. I agree with you on Ray and Willy. Willie Lanier is in the Hall of Fame.

      Ray Lewis was better than Brian Urlacher. Lewis has 1,500 tackles and 41.5 sacks. 2 rings. DPOY in 2000. 8 seasons with 100+ tackles. First team all pro 7 Times. He played 70 more games than Urlacher did.

    6. I lost respect for Ray Lewis ,he was miked up and Tony Siragusa and Nata the big Samoan were his defensive tackles ,he was bitching at them to keep the lineman off of him,he couldn’t make tackles, that was it for me on him

    1. You underestimate the importance of cunningham in the grand scheme of the qb position… He was very instrumental in progressing how qbs were looked at and viewed in nfl.. Joe namath is well below even cunninghams stardards..but he is in.

    1. receiving touchdowns ranked third all time, yardage, ranked second all time. Over 15,000 receptions, average yards per catch 14.8 yards per catch. Lead the NFL in receiving touchdowns three times , All Pro six times. It’s ludicrous the Owens is not in the hall of fame. Not liking someone has nothing to do with how well they did their job!

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