Today we reveal the best sweaters in the National Hockey League.  Logo is important and color scheme critical.

Not only the best in hockey, The Indian on the white sweater is the best jersey in all of sports.

Blue shirts, Original Six.

The league’s most iconic franchise sports an iconic look.

Best thing Hockeytown ever did was leave well enough alone.  This one’s a gem.

What is more Canadian than the Maple Leaf?

Home or Away, we love the B’s sweater.

Solid logo, Steel City color scheme.

The Blue Note makes our list.

Great colors and a rich history.

Part of the Next Six – the half-dozen expansion teams that joined the NHL in 1967 — the Sabers make the list.

The logo and colors still say Broad Street Bullies.

Stars stylized logo is lame but the colors are great.

The Hawks outfit is so spectacular that both sweaters – Home and Away – make our list


Agree or disagree with this list?  Let us know which you think.  Go ahead: Fire away.

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