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Jim Edwards’ parents gifted him with a subscription to Sports Illustrated for his thirteenth birthday. Over the course of the next 42 years, Jim proceeded to painstakingly read every page of every new issue, cover to cover, with the commitment of a decorated sportsologist. Jim is not a sportsologist. He is, however, a man who possesses incredibly deep sports appreciation and knowledge, and one day realized that his knowledge might entertain family and friends.

What began as the occasionally emailed factoid blossomed into a daily email with hundreds of readers, amassed in less than one year. The Daily Dose sports publication was born.

Now sporting an impressive cult following, the Dose has expanded to include the Daily Dose website, the Daily Dose Facebook fan page, the DD Sports Community group and digital newsletter. Based in Arizona, the site holds no allegiance to any region or team. The Daily Dose is simply dedicated to greatness, in its storytelling and in the lives of readers.