George Brett

Jul 23 2015

George Howard Brett is the best player ever to wear the uniform of the Kansas City Royals. Born in Glen … Continue reading “George Brett”

Ron Turcotte

Jul 22 2015

Happy 74th birthday to the man who rode the greatest racehorse of all time to a Triple Crown. Ronald Joseph … Continue reading “Ron Turcotte”

Ray Allen

Jul 20 2015

Walter Ray Allen, Jr. may shoot the three point shot better than any player in NBA history. Born at Castle … Continue reading “Ray Allen”

Dan O’Brien

Jul 17 2015

The title of “World’s Greatest Athlete” is traditionally given to the man who wins the Olympic decathlon. It was first … Continue reading “Dan O’Brien”

Barry Sanders

Jul 16 2015

Barry Sanders in the most elusive runner in NFL history. Born in Wichita, Kansas on this date in 1968, he … Continue reading “Barry Sanders”