Francesco Moser

Jan 19 2017

Francesco Moser broke a cycling record that most thought was unbreakable. Born in Palu di Giovo, a small village in … Continue reading “Francesco Moser”

Julius Peppers

Jan 18 2017

Several NFL legends started as basketball players.  Most became tight ends, but one went on to become one of the … Continue reading “Julius Peppers”

Dwayne Wade

Jan 17 2017

Dwyane Wade is one of the most well-known and popular players in the NBA.  A 12-time All-Star and three-time NBA … Continue reading “Dwayne Wade”

A.J. Foyt

Jan 16 2017

“Super Tex” turns 82 today. In a driving career that spanned four decades, Anthony Joseph Foyt won 14 national titles … Continue reading “A.J. Foyt”

Joe Charboneau

Jan 13 2017

“Super” Joe Charboneau may have made the biggest splash of any athlete in Cleveland sports history. Joseph Charboneau [SHAR-bin-oh] burst … Continue reading “Joe Charboneau”


Jan 12 2017

Steeplechase is the coolest Olympic event you’ve never heard of. The duck-billed platypus of track and field, steeplechase combines distance … Continue reading “Steeplechase”