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The Daily Dose is the world’s first sports nostalgia daily. Each day, readers receive an original profile of a history-making athlete or event. From Lebron James to the Little 500, we dig up details that surprise even the biggest and most seasoned sports buff.

It’s the “wow” factor we’re after – that incredible stat or inspiring memory that will make your day.

We call each story the “Dose” because it’s just what the doctor ordered – the cure for any less-than-winning day. Take five minutes to read your Dose, and then get back into the game. Share it with your sports-loving family and friends. Thanks for being on our team.


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Letter from the Publisher

My name is Jim Edwards. Thanks for coming to check out the Daily Dose.

I created the Daily Dose to entertain, to inspire and to remind us of the great achievements of athletes past and present. Athletes that have raised the Lombardi Trophy, won Olympic medals, and had their names engraved on the Stanley Cup. These individuals represent the best of the best and remind us what we are capable of. Those who have achieved the ultimate goal through strength and commitment and persevered through adversity stand as inspirational icons to us all. This makes for a Daily Dose of inspiration.

When I was a kid growing up in the Midwest, my bedroom was wallpapered with Sports Illustrated covers and photographs of my heroes Joe Namath, Dick Butkus, Johnny Bench and “Clyde” Frazier. I was bitten by the sports bug at an early age and fell in love with Hank Stram’s Kansas City Chiefs and, later, the Chicago Bears and Indiana Hoosiers. My passion for sports was cemented when my parents bought me a subscription to Sports Illustrated for my 13th birthday – a magazine I still read cover to cover each week. I absorbed the information and devoured other books, magazines and articles on past and current athletes, coaches and events that made sports history.

A few years ago, I devised a way to share my life-long accumulation of sports knowledge: sending daily emails to family and friends featuring classic sports moments. I hoped to invoke responses like “Oh, I remember him” or “I had forgotten how great that game was.” After a year of Daily Dose emails, I found myself with a cult following of passionate sports enthusiasts who looked forward to their next dose of sports history.

The emails reminded older readers about the still-remarkable accomplishments of vintage stars while edifying younger readers about the athletes who pre-date LeBron, Brady and Kershaw. The positive responses from young and old alike encouraged me to develop the endeavor into a website and mobile phone app called the Daily Dose.

I believe that sports help develop important life skills, including hard work, diligence, sacrifice and selflessness. Setting goals, working hard to attain them and being held accountable along the way are the keys to success. I appreciate how an athlete must rise to the occasion in the heat of battle in order to succeed. My mission is to help keep the stories of their greatness alive.

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  1. B Hooker says:

    August 1979- An undersized, yet passionate linebacker candidate shows up for tryouts on the IU campus. Things were good until he appears in steel baseball spikes. The coach sent him away. I can’t recall if the young man ever appeared in a contest or not, but this I’m sure of. The squad nicknamed him “Spike”. His real name: Greg Martin. A household name in one house only: Sigma Phi Epsilon

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